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  1. you really have a knack for weathering! i can almost smell the engine compartment of that model, if you know what i mean. i dont know if you build aircraft or not, but those weathering skills would come in handy there too.
  2. classic camaro in a classy color. looking fantastic.
  3. nice job!!! thats an odd kit. i didnt undestand why they put those small slicks on the back.
  4. very cool. big daddy is one of my favorites. cant wait to see the body on it.
  5. nice idea with the tackle box for storing parts. what a great way to keep unbuilt models stored!!
  6. Well now you know. I dont think it takes away from your model. Along with your building skills, your posting skills are great too. The little Arrows and things like that rock.
  7. this is a great looking model. super clean with nice paint. i see very few people correct the "ss/bn" class designation to read ss/b or ss/ba. why is that?
  8. really cool! where did you get the moroso valve covers
  9. love me a chevelle with fat slicks. looks good.
  10. Sharp! 200s wheels look good on any muscle car.
  11. wow. i would like to see your shelves at home. you must have row after row of cool drag cars. nice job. especially on the caliornia charger and detroit tiger. they really pop.
  12. this build is really cool. i love the dead stock look. i also love a build with a little story behind it. you should build one now that represents the same car 10 years later. A few owners down the road, and now a highschool kid has it and puts fat tires, a monster tach with shift light, Off road H pipe, upper intake, drag shocks, cowl hood etc..
  13. this thing is so cool. i love the glasspacks and the motion valve covers. Bad machine for sure.
  14. really clean man. fantastic color, fantastic interior. for 100 accuracy next time, the Tonowanda engine sticker was only on the R valve cover.
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