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  1. Thank you very much! It was fun.
  2. Scratch built roll cage & seat belts for the interior. Added fire bottle & computer as well. Decals from Pattos Place. Paint is Tamiya acrylics with a 2 part urethane clear.
  3. Added scratch built roll cage, seat belts & shifter to the interior. The rest is built from the box. Kit's translucent decals were replaced with decals from Pattos Place. Paint is Tamiya acrylics with a 2 part urethane clear.
  4. Thank you all very much! It sure was fun!
  5. Started with an old FDS white metal kit. To build it stock was going to take a lot more work than I wanted to do. I thought about making a vintage style race car for SCCA racing. Interior is from scratch except for the resin seat from the parts bin. Driver's side door was removed & a new one was made from brass. Wheels are also from the parts bin. Figure is from Denizen & my first attempt painting him with acrylics. Paint is Tamiya acrylics with a 2 part urethane clear.
  6. Cut the back half of roof & the rear deck off of the body. Followed out by hollowing out the inside of the body for a scratch built interior. Seats & steering wheel are from the parts bin. Etched & metal parts from Detail Master. Wheels are from Fujimi with Pegasus brakes. Paint is Tamiya acrylics with pearl powders from Pearl-Ex. Clear is Axalta 2 part urethane.
  7. Really nice work on the BMW! Really like that Alfa as well.
  8. Very cool, Safak! I really like what you have going here. Very imaginative & well done.
  9. Like where this is going. Nice start & good plans.
  10. Looks really cool, so far! Like the new wheels & the paint choice.
  11. Very nice clean work, so far. Really nice kit, too.
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