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  1. Thank you all for the kind words..
  2. The valve covers are from an AMT dirt modified kit..
  3. Latest build using a resin body of unknown origin I picked up at a show about 8 years ago. Polar Lights frame with a parts box engine. I scratch built the fuel tank and modified the tin . Front wheels are resin copies of those in the Miss Deal kit, decals are Slixx and the paint is Testors Icy Blue one coat lacquer. Thanks for looking.. Mark
  4. Front fender says"Prepared and Tuned By JOE CLEMENT"
  5. Jack, Great job on the engine detail. Mark
  6. John, Very nice build, great paint detail, what type of wire or tubing did you use for your fuel lines? I've been looking for somthing to use on some up coming builds. ...........Thanks. Mark
  7. Jim, The Butch Leal Cuda became the Baltimore Bandit, it was not purchased by Schumacher. Mark
  8. Ok Bruce, since you won't answer my question on another forum, I'll ask it here also. I just wanted to know why the Tasca Ford sheet you offer looks nothing like the real car? I've attached a pic of the sheet as it is advertised on the ModelExpress website with an attachment of the real car as it is posted on the "Decals by Lucas" website. The differences are quite obvious, from the "Tasca" lettering to the real differences in the lettering heights of the word " Cobra Jet". At $15.oo a pop these should be dead nuts and in my opinion they aren't even close. In all fairness I'll let the other forum members decide what they want to buy, but to ignore your potential customers is not a good way to do business. Thanks, Mark
  9. I have models in display cases that were painted with Tamiya white, and Tamiya clear over 12 years ago and they are as bright as the day I painted them. As far as clearing over decals, I've had some BAD results clearing over Slixx stuff. I simply don't clear over them anymore and make sure the clear has gassed out for some time before applying them. BTW Bob nice build. Mark
  10. VERY nice Aaron, what did you use for the interior tin? Mark
  11. Bob, You are correct about the Johan chassis being wrong for the Grove car, but the body is actually a pretty good match, being a flat hood Mustang. If you still plan on doing the M/T mustang and are a little short on funds, I have a spare set of decals that you can have ,just hit me off the board with your address and they are yours. Mark mbail_04@yahoo.com
  12. Bob, I agree , your Garlits build IS a well detailed build, I even saved some pics for when I get to that build in my long list of projects. I found another Grove pic showing the rear of the car. Mark
  13. Bob, Probably should have chosen my words better. The '69 stang ran a 427 S.O.H.C . The white Mustang also never ran a Ford engine according to the "70's Funny Car" website.If you have some hemi heads and valve covers in your parts box, I woud just put them on the Ford block. I have attached a couple of pics that may help you with your builds. Good luck Mark
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