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  1. MCM Feb/March 2010

    OK, thanks. I was not sure if that was up to date.
  2. MCM Feb/March 2010

    I missed this issue and cannot seem to find it online or at my local hobby shops. Anyone have any idea where I might get it? Thanks
  3. Y-City Scale Modelers Show

    I am going to make the trip Bobby, working midnights tonight. Talked the wife into driving me up though so I do not fall asleep and end up in a ditch or the median somewhere. See ya tomorrow.
  4. y-city

    No info on this years show yet at least that I have, but it is always mid september time frame. Here is the link to the club's site. Y-City Scale modelers
  5. Dale Jr's 2008 Bud Shootout Winner

    Amazing work, Jay that is my all time favorite of your builds. I can't wait to see it in the magazine.
  6. Does anyone have a date for this show this year? I can't seem to find any information on it. Thanks
  7. Dave Reutimann's 2004 CTS Toyota Tundra

    I was hoping you would dig this one back out Dave, amazing job on the conversion like has already been said you make it look so simply. Looking foward to this one, and hopefully it will get this section going better. I have a few WIP I could post to, not your caliber of builds but the more the merrier right.
  8. Marines Decals

    Here is the #53 I built back when the decals came out, not one of my better builds but I keep it around simply because of the sponser.
  9. Marines Decals

    Slixx produced the first to, I still see them on ebay occasioally. I think winscals did the fed ex decals,but I am not for sure. Are you stationed in Beaufort with Macs-2? I spent 3 years down the road with Mwss-273. Semper Fi
  10. Y-city Modelers

    Try this Bobby, no info on this years show. You could try to email one of the club officers http://www.ycsm.org/
  11. Cincinnati Challenge 13

    I went last year, it's a great little show. I'm not sure if I am going to make it this year or not.
  12. Finished: Dale Jr's Elvis Impala Ss

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the kind words. JohnII to answer your question the resin body was great. Very clean cast, no problems you see with some resins. Like I said before my biggest hickup was making the front and rear windows, but only because I had never done it before. The body comes with templates for them I just wanted them to fit perfect so it took me a few trys. Otherwise a very enjoyable build. Thanks agian.
  13. 1995 Ward Burton Pontiac W.i.p. Pics

    Looks amazing, I got to see the real car at Bill Davis Racing a few days ago and I immediatly thought of your build when I saw that car. You nailed it great work, I can't wait to see it with some paint on it.
  14. Finished: Dale Jr's Elvis Impala Ss

    Well I finally got this one finished up, seems like it takes me forever to get anything completed with the 10 month old crawling around the house. (not that i am really complaining, I would'nt trade either of my kids for the world) just not producing much these days. But anyways those of you that have seen the WIP know that I used a Mike's scale speed shop resin, powerslide decals, and a donor chassis from the kit. All and all not to bad of a conversion, making the windows seemed to give me the biggest fit. Scratch built a tack for it and did a little wiring inside the cockpit, some other minor detailing nothing to crazy just somthing to spruce it up a bit. Thanks for looking.
  15. Finished!! 1983 Bobby Allison Miller Buick

    Great build, I ust ordered the powerslide decals for that one the other day.