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  1. cjsbosox added a post in a topic NNL Milwaukee 23 - Sat. April 11th, Waukesha, WI   

    Any vendors?
  2. cjsbosox added a topic in Under Glass   

    Purple Murcielago SV
    Hello folks! I always forget to post here
    Well here's my latest. I have waited for this kit for a loooong time. I was really happy with the fitment until I glued to door panel to the doors. The hinge threw off the fitment on the driver's side a lot. Though I hated doing it, I glued the door shut. The other side is not perfect, but I can live with it. The hatch is ok I guess. I used turbos cast by a friend on the forum and wheels by Hobby Design to give the car a more modern look. Paint is acrylic from Createx with a DuPont 2k finish. I'm not a photographer so I used my Iphone.

    Well here we go

    Thanks for looking and please forgive the Iphone pics
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  3. cjsbosox added a post in a topic 2013 Camaro ZL-1 Full Detail   

    Off to a great start! I love the wheel design. What color combo ae you planning to use?