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  1. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic 70 Oldsmobile 442 W30   

    Nice job! It looks great!
  2. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Whats your work area like?   

    Here's mine. I still need to put up some shelves for my not-yet-started kits as I don't like having them stored in about four different locations throughout the house. I have a hutch-like thingey with shelves that I keep my finished models on that's to the right of me (and out of camera's view) in this picture. It's still a work in progress but it's the best set-up I've had yet.

  3. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic '40 Ford Pickup   

    I'm sorry to report that there were a couple of setbacks today. I have the engine about 85% completed and found out that it is too wide for the frame with the exhaust manifolds on it. I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out a way for it to work and without some major surgery, it just isn't going to happen. Which, really sucks because the engine was really starting to look cool!
    The other issue I ran into was, I was starting to mock up the box and rear fenders so that I could figure out my placement of the rear axle (so that the rear tires were centered in the wheel well). I'm not sure why, but the tires/wheels looked great when I held them up in the fender loose in my hand but once the cab, frame, box and everything was all together, the tires looked way too small. Putting a bigger tire under there really isn't a big problem but getting an order from The Modelhaus right now kinda is as they're so backed up with orders. So it'll be a while before I can get the rolling chassis completed.
    Anyways....not the end of the world but a bummer nonetheless. On the bright side, I have a really cool looking engine for a future project all ready to plug and play. Lol.
  4. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery   

    I got the front end ready to go. I had to strip the paint off...which, by the way, was a huge PIA! I don't know what they paint these things with but I started out with a 24-hour soak in brake fluid, followed by commercial paint stripper, and eventually had everything soak in lacquer thinner for 12 hours before everything really started loosening up! I still ended up having to scrape the paint off with a toothpick and my X-acto knife!! Anyways, once that was finally done, I filled in the recessed areas and holes where the chrome trim and antenna were. They will be shipped out in the morning for resin casting.

  5. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic 1970 TAG TEAM Chevelle   

    Wow! That's sharp! Probably my favorite color combo for one of these. So what did you do and what did the Mrs. do?
  6. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Official '29 Ford thread   

    I would've left it alone. I still SWEAR that the body is too long on this kit!
  7. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic 1906 Bianchi WIP   

    Nice work here Harry. Interesting subject too.
  8. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Henry J Kit...... Can it be built Stock..??   

    I've seen it done but it looked like a LOT of work!!
  9. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Le Mans winning '69 GT40   

    Looks fast!!
  10. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic "Not another General Lee?! **11/24/15 ENOS STRATE AUTOGRAPH**   

    Without a doubt....the BEST General Lee model I've ever seen! And I know this is an old thread but....Nice Job!!
  11. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    Holy COW!! This thing is going to be awesome!!
  12. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic 1957 Chrysler 300C   

    Very clean!
  13. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic How to get your Christmas tree home   

    Wow! That's SO cool!! Great job!
  14. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic 87 Buick   

    That's awfully slick! Nice job!!
  15. gpugh1976 added a post in a topic Stage Coach "Wheelstander" finished pictures   

    Geez-Lou-EEZ!! Another fantastic build John!