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  1. Did you have any problems with the Duplicolor paint? I had so much trouble with crazing that I had to throw away my first two attempts!
  2. Now with reference to the wheelbase difference, I know that the Star Chief was longer than the Chieftain and the lower models. So if the Star Chief has a 124" wheelbase, anybody know what the lower models had? Would they be the same as the Chevy's?
  3. Thank you! I just got word this morning that it safely reached it's destination. I'm pretty wound up about it, I can't wait to see this thing!
  4. Here's what I had: http://public.fotki.com/gpugh1976/contests-and-shows/gsl-xxvi-internatio/ And the National Model Car Builder's Museum tour also: http://public.fotki.com/gpugh1976/contests-and-shows/national-model-car-/
  5. A buddy and I vowed this last weekend to make it to next year's show. Can't wait to see it!
  6. Thank you! I hope it stops fighting me! Lol If you're referring to the lifetime build '40 Ford Pickup, here is the thread for it. Lol http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/40844-40-ford-pickup/?page=1
  7. I talked to him like a day or two before he passed. Such a tragedy! He was an awesome guy!
  8. Well, bad news is there was a couple of things on the painted body that I wasn't too happy with so, it's in the tank and we'll have to shoot it again. Good news is, I'm done with 95% of the detail painting. The little bit that I still have to do will be done while assembling.
  9. Well...I couldn't leave well enough alone. It's been driving me crazy that I was getting so close to the finish line and it was just sitting there. I'm going to continue on with my original vision but find a close match as far as paint goes and one that's styrene friendy. Stay tuned...
  10. Love the direction this is going. LOVE the color too!!
  11. Good Golly Miss Molly that thing is gorgeous!!
  12. Man, I sure wish I could see the faces of those that dropped serious coin on these here recently! Lol. I knew Revell would get this figured out one way or another. They know what a hit these two are!
  13. Herbie being a '63, would've had a fuel gauge. However, several cars were used during filming. Most likely, the interior shots were done with an earlier car. 1961-earlier cars did not have a fuel gauge. On another note, I love what you're doing with this kit. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.
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