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  1. Before the upgrade, I could click on Unread Content and it would give me pages of unread content to go through. Now, it will pull it up but I have to click at the bottom to "Unload More" (or something to that effect) to keep seeing topics and conversations I missed since my last visit. Is there a way to get back to the pages? I liked that way better than the scrolling down option and trying to figure out where I left off.

  2. I found an old Dentist's Cabinet on one of those local Facebook classifieds pages. I sanded the drawer faces to "antique" them and then painted the rest white. Added some new knobs and voila! Anyways, what I like about it is that it has 22 drawers and they're in various depths. More than enough room for spare stuff I have. I keep my tools in my desk drawer.




  3. Got the interior finished up this afternoon! Not too much trickery here. I removed the horn ring from the steering wheel because it was way too thick. I entertained making a new one but saw the base models didn't have one and I kind of liked the clean look so...no horn ring. The instrument cluster and radio face came way of Best Model Car Parts. I cut the shifter and turn signal levers off and added my own. I purposely installed the shifter low so that it looks like a 3-on-the-tree dropped in 1st gear. The shifter lever was made from a pin, bent to shape and I added a knob using putty. The turn signal lever is .010" wire. I used embossing powder for carpet and then painted it. A combination of foil and Molotow handled the chromework. 




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