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  1. That was always the plan. I had only had a chance to hang the front end on and rough it in in the earlier pics. I spent some time yesterday finishing it up a bit. Still some work to do but it looks so much better now.
  2. The original wheels and tires were too far gone, so in keeping with the original builders vision, I went back with chrome reverse wheels and thin whites, courtesy of Pegasus. I didn't have to do much to get the ride height dialed in as it was already set up "just right". I just had to make sure all four tires were on the ground this time around.
  3. Not sure how I missed this but I'm here now!
  4. An Olds!? Are you feeling ok!? Lol. JK. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with here!
  5. Also, don't forget that the engine lid is flat. There is no protrusion/flange that comes out above the license plate.
  6. I followed along with this build on Facebook but I might as well tell you here too....GREAT job on that!
  7. Even though not 100% complete, here's the process on the Passenger side:
  8. I recently got some progress pictures from my friend that's doing the mural work. I gave him full run of the leash in regards to creativity. He decided to do a reaper scene. Here's the Driver's side:
  9. I know this isn't that exciting but I've been so busy lately, that any progress is exciting to me! I was able to get the interior tub, the tonneau cover, and the chassis plate painted yesterday. I'm hoping to have some more spare time in the next few months so I can get back going on this.
  10. Looks awesome! Did you mean to leave out the vent window chrome?
  11. It was starting to become difficult seeing where I'd been and where I needed to go so it was time for it's first coat of primer. Boy oh boy, I've got a lot of work ahead of me! This baby is rough! Lol
  12. Ya know John, I think this is why I love your work so much. We think a lot alike. Lol. I was staring at the car and the roof scoop quite a bit yesterday and I had this same thought. I think it would make a huge difference to lower it's height. I think it would flow better. Great idea!
  13. Started pecking away at this one again. I got the wheels and tires assembled and ready to tear up the track last night.
  14. I'm definitely going back and forth on it. But, it was something I was originally drawn to and the original builder used it so I think it'll stay.
  15. Another Goschke masterpiece in the works! I LOVE IT!! You have impeccable taste when it comes to traditional rods and customs!
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