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  1. Got the majority of the hood knocked into shape. I still have a few pinholes and some final sanding/priming to do but overall I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I had to add some styrene strips to the hood sides so it would gap out better than what it was.
  2. Never tried the foil under the paint trick before. Does it work pretty good?
  3. Yeah Roger, throw up some pics if you get the chance. I'm also looking for a good/realistic Ford blue.
  4. That's hot! Really hot! I dig the rubber up on the quarters too!
  5. EXCELLENT!! Amazing job!! I love your frame jig idea. I'll definately be stealing that!
  6. The resin hood showed up so here's the next installment in "The Chevelle From Hell" series. So as you can see, this baby needs some work. Good thing is, I was able acquire this through a trade with a member of this board and I'm into this hood for the great price of NOTHING! Here are the "before" pics. I'm going to work this baby over today. So here we go...
  7. Nice looking truck. I just picked this kit up yesterday actually.
  8. Very nice. I've always liked the '66-'67 B-bodies. I really like the white and black interior in those cars too. Sweet job!
  9. Yummy! I like that one alot! I just picked this kit up today actually. I hope can have similiar results! Very nice!
  10. Cutting, grinding, sanding and buffing mainly. It is by far, hands down the most used and most loved tool I have. I don't know what I did before I had it.
  11. I sure do like me a '60 Impala!! Lookin' forward to watchin' this one come together.
  12. Dude! You move FAST!! You're making me look bad. My '69 is going to end up taking me almost 3 years to complete!
  13. Me likey!!! I knew I was gonna like this when I saw your powerplant!! Turned out awesome!
  14. Richie, I use Duplicolor #1199 on all of my builds. It sprays out nice and smooth and you can paint ANYTHING over the top of it. It shrinks up to the body nicely so you can see any flaws in your bodywork. It's available anywhere and is reasonable. A clear coat will make a nice shine on your finished paint job.
  15. Man! You move fast! What are your thoughts on doing a street rod?
  16. Nice wheels!! I like those alot! Your mock-up shots look great!
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