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  1. jedimastergary added a post in a topic 1979 Camaro Z28   

    It is krylon pumkin/saftey orange I am thinking of adding some black racing stripes
    when I get my stuff from storage. It has a 2 tone flat black and flat gray interior and
    from the photos of under the hood I see I missed some detailing will have to fix that.

    I also need to either repaint it or find a way to get the little spots ofglue and paint off
    the body so it can be polished.

    But for the first build in 3 years I like it now just if my second build would go this easy
    I am trying to do a mild custom 1971 Hemi Cuda with some parts from a 1955 Ford
    F100 Street rod pickup so far have the steering wheel, Rear axle, Wheels and tires
    going on it from the F100.
  2. jedimastergary added a topic in Under Glass   

    1979 Camaro Z28
    This is my first completed build in three years finally got back into models after being away.
    I cut the molded exhaust off because it looked to small and want to add dual exhaust to it.
    Still needs exhaust but with my limited budget and not having my parts bin it will have to
    wait until either the first of next month or I get my stuff out of storage.

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  3. jedimastergary added a post in a topic '95 Chevy Blazer sedan/delivery with kicker   

    Looks Great
  4. jedimastergary added a post in a topic Chevelle Hobby Stock W.I.P.   

    looks like a great start and has given me a idea which way to go with next build
  5. jedimastergary added a post in a topic Orange Blossom Special Redux Finished   

    cool good save killer ride would like to build one like that it just looks like
    something I would drive down the street with a machine gun on the back
  6. jedimastergary added a post in a topic 1970 Ford Mustang "Hidalgo" updated 9/16/2013 Independant Rear suspension   

    nice one looks great and sounds like it will be a cool one when finished
    makes me wish i had bought something I could build a custom out of
  7. jedimastergary added a post in a topic A little something I've been working on   

    Cool looks great I have been thinking of building one when and if I ever get my things from storage
    have a messed up F250 Pickup with good frame.

    it is a diffrent build and I really like it
  8. jedimastergary added a post in a topic 1964 Chevy 4X4 pickup   

    Nice it looks great IO like the colors looks like something you
    would see out on a trail
  9. jedimastergary added a post in a topic 1970 boss mustang 429   

    Looks killer Love the color and the wheels are great to
    nice work on it
  10. jedimastergary added a post in a topic lifted 70's chevy truck   

    Nice one so far like how it is coming along I like lifted trucks
    with big tires. hoping to get back to model building soon got a bit of money
    so can finally build something to keep me sane and give me something to do with my free time
    got to much right now.
  11. jedimastergary added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Just found this while doing research for a new build finally going to try and do something again.

    Saved up a bunch of electronics parts from cleaning up where I am staying and got a El Camino missing the hood, glass, interior tub, and axles but have idea for replacements for now. Also got the car I was working on cleaned up enough to work with now.

    I have some questions and was wondering if any one can help me
    1) where do I look for post Apocalyptic motors any picture sites

    2) when doing stowage do you fold a sleeping bag or use one layer?

    3) what kind of junk is common stowage on these vehicles?

    also any other sites where they are building these kind of models?
  12. jedimastergary added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Well I went to far with the damage and the El Camino body is now a bunch of parts
    so I am working on a plan to use what is left and make a diffrent idea for it just waiting
    to get the right stuff to rebuild the body then I will see how it goes. Gives me time to
    scrounge up all kinds of junk to use on it.
  13. jedimastergary added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    My paint is some old water colors I found outside and I did not get enough water mixed in when I painted it
    I thought I was done when I painted it that is why i painted it. and as for the burn I smelled the paint powder
    and think the paints may have been exposed to gas is why they are burning.

    as for how I am painting it i either use a old cotton swab or a small stick and put it on then spread it out
    I wish that i had my tool kit so I could do better work. Missing xacto knie set, hobby saws, rotary tool, paint
    brushes, files, etc. using a pocet knife and lighter to do all my work.

    I think that I am going to just build this one as a junker and do anoter one better as I have got a few ideas after
    I did this one want to do more of a traveling salesman type vehicle with a hommade wood box or racks on the back
    covered in all kinds of junk.

    Ths is just to help pass time until I find work and can go get all my kits out of storage and do some real builds again
    and no big loss on this kit I got it for $3.99 at a thrift store.

    I added a few more dents to help it look more junk yard find.

    as soon as I get glue I will move on to putting it together.
  14. jedimastergary added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Did a little work today dented the right front fender, added a motor and transmission sized dent to the bed floor
    added a second dent to the right rear of the bed. Bent the hood a bit more and added a couple of small holes
    for small caliber bullet look.

    I am trying to to decide if I want to use the tailgate or build one out of some wood strips also thinking of building
    either a covered wagon style bed cover or some kind of wood bed deal like racks or a hommade canopy where
    so I can hang all kinds of junk on the sides. Kind of a nomad type vehicle is what i am thinking.

    any suggestions?

    dulled interior today so i waited to get pics until it is dry but it got dark before paint dried so maybe tomorrow.
    and might also take some of the new damage
  15. jedimastergary added a post in a topic post apocalyptic community build   

    Athe dark spot on the front of the drivers side fender is one of the dents i had to cover it back up after the watercolor mixture i used for rust chipped and burned while heating the dents.
    thedent i am not sure about is behind the passengers door where the roof meets the bed. I think from what it looks like I may have added a few more dents to it since I took pics.
    I broke the lower half of the drivers fender off to make more damage. I have a blured interior shot and close ups of the dents when i get time and good weather I will take some better pics
    of the interior. the black tub on the axle is just there for now to cover the metal axles that are bent. It fits the tires so I used it. may leave it and scratch build my own axles.

    Not sure if it will stay 2 wheel drive or be a 4X4 later on using what I have for now. want to get weapons to add to it have some stuff to stow in the bed.

    See what you think of the damage is it to much or could I maybe do a bit more want to dent the bed floor like something got dropped in it.

    The Blue in the pics is the interior i was painting it blue when build was more street machine. Need to dull it down more I see used muddy color on it.