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  1. I finally succeeded cast all wheels set, and suspension to the trailer,
  2. for me it's one of the coolest ford models in the 70 s.Thanks
  3. 1/24 , the trailer car its 1/24 franklin mint 42 Chrysler T&C. Thanks
  4. 1/24 , and this is my resin cast.Thanks
  5. Here is my first 2020 built, a 1/24 LTD II
  6. ...In the meantime, I cast suspension , this is how it looks.
  7. Yes, its my new resin body. Thanks
  8. ..a lot of work is still ahead of me, thanks
  9. Thanks, my next resin will be new yorker and newport
  10. ...after building m1070 truck, I decided to start work on Trailer. Here is I started with the construction of a loading platform..
  11. Thanks ,soon i show wip on the M 1000 trailer
  12. Great, i need some pictures and a tech info i send you PM. Thanks
  13. Correct, M 1000 trailer and want to put on it AAV7 ...
  14. ....it was quite difficult to built, thanks
  15. Thanks, this is not end, ii still planning a trailer...
  16. you can show your broyher this one.Thanks
  17. as far as I remember it is one of my most difficult models, thanks to you liked
  18. ....the most important thing was to get documentation to helpful built this.Thanks
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