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  1. ...this is my second version after coupe.
  2. Thanks, this is one of my favorite car for 70s.
  3. this is very interesing version, Oldsmobile, didn't it produce too much?
  4. no, this is scratch from my 77 caprice sedan.
  5. ... i do my best thanks
  6. soon will present wip from my new resin.Thanks
  7. I want to built 997 ambulance version, using franklin mint humvee,thanks
  8. Hello, this is my last 2020 built. Painted in mica silver and gloss pearl.
  9. Here is my scratchbuilt , i use 1/24 Franklin Humvee, i always wanted to built M 988 version, painted in model master us gulf armor sand.
  10. I'm glad I'm the first with this Toro. Thanks
  11. Here is my new built, i use my resin 82 eldorado as a starting point.
  12. ..here is my another Diesel? Seville...
  13. ...soon more to come, thanks.
  14. ...Especially for the Mopar guy, Thanks Sir!
  15. This is my product .Thanks
  16. I love such non-obvious projects,thanks
  17. Here is my new 1/24 Seville.
  18. yes as you see this is not 3D model, its 100% handmade, I know that there are several things to fault, but such not quite correct ,can be found in every resin cast. Anyway thanks
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