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  1. I used my 81 LTD as a starting point.
  2. ...and "" are you sain , its scratchbuilt "" Thanks
  3. i wanted to built this Ltd for long time
  4. exactly, I had one too, thanks
  5. This is my product,thanks
  6. I'm glad I regretted your memories, thanks.
  7. This time i present buick from Kojak movie , in the tv series used Buick models from the 73 , 74 and 75 .
  8. apropo Kojak, already soon i show Savalas staff car, thanks
  9. his is what I have done so far, I noticed that the wheels are too small, i have to do make a new one....
  10. this is scratch i used old monogram ramcharger kit, thanks
  11. Thanks, next will be Kojak verion.
  12. since I was building M1070 , I decided to make another model, this time i want to built 1/24 HEMTT M1075 A1 PLS (paletizet load system) full scratch
  13. This time i built this , one of best looking car of the 70s
  14. and put into trailer,thanksthis is not done yet, i want to built AAV
  15. yes ,overall lenght its a 27,5 inches.Thanks
  16. im thinking about franklin mint 1/24 abrams,maybe I can buy it at a reasonable price. But from the beginning I wanted to make AAV7(scratch of course)
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