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  1. i built ltd 2 as a S&H car.
  2. this is my resin kit.Thanks
  3. This is built for my friend...
  4. Present another Buick from my collection...
  5. ....work continues, the most difficult element for me, hudraulic winch
  6. That is awesome!!!!!!!, links you sent to me, i can build on them 1;1
  7. ....let's move on. wheels. i make my own resin wheels, this is for comparison with a normal size wheel from 1/24 truck....
  8. thats will be great!I most need the middle part of truck , I mean a set of winches. It seems to me that this is the most complicated part to built. Thanks P.S. i send to you PM
  9. ...i wish i want, but its very comlicate scratch..
  10. ... so far, i make a cabin, there is a lot of grinding...
  11. ...I know, I hope I can do it.thanks
  12. I want built in 1/24 scale this Oshkosh M1070 truck. it will be a 100% scratch, i use styrene sheet and casted parts like wheels etc...
  13. yup thats me, thanks to you liked
  14. ... i have old matchbox mercury wagon on that color, thanks
  15. Here is my new project, a 2x ltd II wagon. I use my resin cast LTD II sedan body.
  16. thanks, no are sold all over the world.Thanks
  17. Here is another buick from my collection
  18. I wanted to do something, that was not yet done. Thanks
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