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  1. This is scratch, i used old monogram kit to built
  2. ...believe me, I would love to, unfortunately most of them were sold.Thanks
  3. This is my new built, this is one of my favorite mopar car. i planning to do in resin 70 and 71 Fury.Thanks
  4. I finally succeeded cast all wheels set, and suspension to the trailer,
  5. for me it's one of the coolest ford models in the 70 s.Thanks
  6. 1/24 , the trailer car its 1/24 franklin mint 42 Chrysler T&C. Thanks
  7. 1/24 , and this is my resin cast.Thanks
  8. Here is my first 2020 built, a 1/24 LTD II
  9. ...In the meantime, I cast suspension , this is how it looks.
  10. Yes, its my new resin body. Thanks
  11. Thanks, my next resin will be new yorker and newport
  12. ...after building m1070 truck, I decided to start work on Trailer. Here is I started with the construction of a loading platform..
  13. Thanks ,soon i show wip on the M 1000 trailer
  14. Great, i need some pictures and a tech info i send you PM. Thanks
  15. Correct, M 1000 trailer and want to put on it AAV7 ...
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