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  1. I see we have a new "Gerald Wingrove "modeler here . Awesome stuff more photo's please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to meet Tim Haugland!!!!!
  2. Welcome Bruce , keep reading and watching here and your skills will improve in no time at all. These guys are the best!!!!We sincerely welcome all our worldwide friends from everywhere in the World , especially Australia! Good day Mate!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ace/ Bill it has tire/ fender clearance. I think it measures out to1/100 of an inch! LOL!!!
  4. Chris(fat 50) , sometimes the dollar stores have them in diecast about 1/24th scale in the toy section. Try Dollar Tree, or Dollar Castle on Ford road in Garden city, Mi . They get in some weird closeouts sometimes!
  5. I think they are Cycolac plastic? Starting in 1962,1963, or1964? I think the AMT Turnpike slot car set used that plastic for the bodies because it is stronger?
  6. Thank you round 2 for bringing this one back! On the hanger shot picture, everthing is there except the body. I think they retooled a body for it. The awb olds was on the hanger shot also! That is probably coming as well!!!!!!!( down the road)
  7. I have a boatload of 53 ford p/u parts ! What do you need for that bumper? please p.m. me
  8. Againmikewins, Jimmy does make this one .I think its not in his catalog yet? It is a little more $$$ than his regular castings. He will be at the Macomb DAAM show on March 29th, 2020 if you need one!!
  9. Sorry guys, My money is on Luc Janssens , that's probably why the Supernatural 4 dr was delayed . They added wagon parts to the mold? Also the station wagon version could be a Coke delivery version, stock, tow car, taxi , police, drag car , ambulance, and a low rider? Now they will get the money out of the tooling costs!!!!!!! Also could be the tow car for the Indy drag car combination II, instead of the Nova wagon.
  10. I had the book 'Hot Rod Road' , excellent read. My brother had "Road Race' I think we got them from school -Scholastic books would solicit from all the school members. Then the teacher would put in a group order. Then we would wait for them to ship! Ah, the days of 50 cent books are gone!!!
  11. Dodge power wagon from the ''Simon and Simon " television series
  12. dave van -nice build , daddyfink I got a good laugh from all the pics!!!!!!!!!!
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