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  1. Could they be Whoopie cat decals? or Dave Van's artwork?
  2. Oldmopars, (Scott Solomon) thank you for that update! Maybe some stores are finally putting out the displays from last year, or the stores are in thinly populated areas where stock doesn't get turned over faster?
  3. Hobby Lobby had the 1964 Olds Cutlass in stock, in the store, at 40% off . So I bought 3 between 2 stores!
  4. Walmart in Novi, Mi still had Coca- cola model kits from the Round 2 display. They were moved into the toy aisle instead of the end cap. Just waiting for the clearance sale price now ! Still at regular price! Patience grasshopper !
  5. Yes Robberbaron, I also picked up three 1964 Olds Cutlass hardtops from two different Hobby Lobby's last night . At 40% off you can't beat the price!
  6. happy grumpy(Mario T) that car looks like you cut out the doors then put them back on the model? or is it the black panel line technique? Nice job by the way! Nick's Garage( On UTUBE) in Quebec, would be proud of that model, since he build a real replica of the Kowalski car!
  7. Mopar Muscle, welcome to our Plastic Playground once again!
  8. The last issue of the Johan 1965? Marlin has sunset colors on the box! Someone please post a picture of it. Can't get to mine is right now!
  9. Casey's ad sounds just like Columbia House buy x- amount of 8 track tapes for 2.00 + postage. You only have to buy 8 more 8 tracks at suggested mgf retail price plus shipping and handling per package. Address seems to be pretty close to the Columbia House addy.
  10. Deuce's Wild , you have a p.m.
  11. That car and the story should be on the cover of the next issue of ModelCarsMag! editors take note of this!
  12. What Snake is refering to is the Revell issue of the 1969 Corvette in the 1990's? It had that error on a few boxes when it first came out. It was later corrected to say 1969 427 Corvette on the box . The error boxes are not worth more ( unlike error postage stamps{inverted jenny})
  13. Yes Casey is right!. 1st and 2nd Issues of Little Red Wagon by IMC had the crate in it. (my brother had the kit when we were young lads in 1968-1970ish?) How do you tell the second issue ?The $2.00 Price was punched out with a hole punch on the IMC boxes. I think the prices jumped to $2.25 at that time? Mark B. or anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here! Remember that's 52 years ago!
  14. Checked Novi, Mi Walmart, still had lots of the coke car and truck branded kits on the end cap in the toy section. Waiting for the clearance sale price now!!!!! Then time to buy!
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