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  1. as of today coupon is still on my phone! I think DAVE Van said there would be a two-week grace period before they refuse them. My coupon on my phone expires on 3/6/21 and you cannot use it on "your price" items.
  2. Dave Van, you said the 40% off coupon will go away, but will the 40% sale in the hobby category away? When H.l. ran the 40% off sale the last few months the shelf were always empty at my stores!
  3. Another Masterpiece Claude T! Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! Take your bows now!!! (are all your model builds done on a coffee high or some other substance? Legal or illegal depending on where you live). Or is there something in the water in Quebec, Canada???LOL Excellent build! I bet that car would give a 2020 Vette a run for its money!!
  4. Yes, Casey , All American Models (Art Anderson) did this resin body! I picked one up in the 90's from the Toledo show from him.
  5. If you look at those tires real close and then look at one of those Goodyear, Firestone or Bridgestone ashtrays 1/1 scale, maybe they used the rubber tire ashtray for the 1/10 master to cast the tooling from?
  6. Now correct me if I'm wrong , but I think those were also in the AMT 1953 Studebaker "Salty Dog" Bonneville version one time?
  7. Tulio, If you hit rock bottom there is nowhere to go but uphill! Now put on you modeling shoes my brother modeler, and show us your stuff again! We are your (modeling?) family. Good luck and God bless! We need our Brazilian Ford informant to be active once more!
  8. yes , you need to put soiled solvent-laden rags in a sealed metal bin covered, so the fumes won't self-ignite when your not around.(please don't ask me how i know this!)
  9. martinfan5 . It looks good , it doesn't qualify for" Gluebomb" status! LOL .Imagine in 20 years a listing on E-bay ." glue bomb cup of noodles" model kit not complete, just missing all the shrimp!
  10. as long as you credit the original owner for photos or work it is not a copyright issue. It is when you reproduce something for "'personal" use and try to sell it without permission from the copyright owner then it becomes an issue. Please fell free to correct me if I 'm wrong here!
  11. Excellent kit-bash, excellent paint, excellent build quality. Very clean build style. The "Clifford Read" of plastic modeling ? Lol. Is the gas tank off of a Revell 55 Chevy older kit(1960's-1970's)?
  12. Cliff, all those great diecast rebuilding skills transfer here. Excellent as always. love it, love it, love.it!
  13. Claude, What is in the water in Quebec city? no seriously, This is a Kool and clean build and with scraps from the parts box? I can see you in the Mancave all winter long with many projects. This is truly a creative work of modeler's art!
  14. This should be built as a 1:1 vehicle for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Chip Foose are you listening?
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