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  1. Starvazer, I clearly didn't think it through the other day. Gas is expensive in California! The trip would be a rough one. Look into those senior computers that are easy to operate that you can video conference with him. That's a lot cheaper than driving the 960 miles both ways Sorry for the stupid answer I gave. It was before morning coffee!
  2. Yea, Jeff MInks ,( HOMERS) I buy my dad books from the Salvation army, or Goodwill cheap,2 for 99 cents. I load him up and he can read for hours on end . He is like a kid in school again. He loves to read and we have a discussion on what he read. Things from the past are still in his mind you just have to dig it out for them!
  3. My dad is 92 and has Lewie Body Dementia, Mom is 91 and has Alzheimer's. Spend as much time as you can with Dad now so you will not feel as though you have neglected him when he is gone. Remember you have a thee day weekend coming up= Fourth of July= 3 day weekend. One day to drive up , one day to spend with Dad, One day to drive back! No guilt , but now is the time to do it and ask questions about family history etc! (I forgot you said you didn't drive anymore)Also family medical leave act is there when you need to take it also. Try to combine your vacation days with a 3 day holiday weekend to make it a 4 or 5 day weekend! God Bless you. If you need to talk privately just PM me. Hang in there, and don't give up on him!
  4. 1972 coronet(john shoe) Exactly what I was talking about. You got it right on the Money. ON Saturday nights they would play for an example " Ted Nugent live, or Dave Mason concert from somewhere, etc. We would hook up our 8 track tape recorders( cost 69.95 back then from Radio Shack) ,put in a blank 90 min 8 track, and record it for playing in our cars when cruising. I think I still have the tapes in my closet. All cool stuff that you would never hear on top 40 stations. Iggy pop developed his fans that way! Free publicity w/o paying the promotional fees. Brilliant!
  5. It has to be the Cosma Ray Corvette( MPC kit released 1966 or 1967 , never reissued), or ( I'm going on out on a big limb here) Carl Casper phone booth "t" by MPC. I just looked at my show rod book last night and this is what I speculate it would be!
  6. Yeah Tim K with the "Streaker Vette " coming back, didn't the MPC Cosma Ray use those underpinnings? Only have to tool the non-stock body, interior, wheels then and copy the engine and chassis. I think it is the "Mission Impossible' Coronet convertible though
  7. Joe Z, we lost a cat that we loved a year ago! We know what it feels like to lose a loved one. They are part of the family. They help us Humans with our nurturing skills , then they are gone! May God bless your pet, Fmeep and send healing graces down to you and your family.
  8. WABX in Detroit played the songs on the albums that you didn't hear on the top 40 stations . The "alternative" Rock station that catered to the people into mary jane.
  9. Thanks Tim Boyd for showing us this one. I wouldn't have guessed that kit proposal in a million years. Dennis Doty has aged well after 50 years. Take care!
  10. Do not buy any used ford truck. The undercab pinch welds are not sealed with any sealer and the cab corners and wheel wells rust out when dirt gets in there then gets wet from snow and rain. The rockers rust out at 100k miles. I know this because I own one. 2011 ford f-150 , not aluminum body.
  11. welcome back Snake45(Richard). Hope all is well and you are on the road to recovery! God bless!
  12. Justin Porter, I recall when the 1963 Chevy II wagon kit was out, OH how you raved how they were flying out of your shop at the time! And you reordered and sold another case! What changed your attitude? When I worked in retail , when our competition was blowing out a certain product for a certain price ( lower than us) we were supposed to price match it!( no profit in that, and the competition usually didn't have it in stock anyway!) (bait and switch? I don't know") So if Walmart has the Sand Shark for 25.00 retail, just don't put it on the shelves , or order it! For your customers walking in your shop, they have to take home "Something" for you to keep surviving.($$$$$$) Now Back to the regular scheduled programing " the fabulous 1/25th MPC 1968 Dodge Coronet convertible" with trailer that has never been reissued since 1968. Thank you Round 2 for this kit offering! Now I don't have to buy the SMS resin body at 45.00 I can get a complete kit with Chrome, Glass, trailer, and kit enhancements for that price! Justin, you better order for your for your customers right now ! It is going to sell out its 5,000 kit run fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It must have been Dennis Doty! as far as the car, I'll guess the Jordan Playboy, Muntz Jet or a Hudson Jet?
  14. AFX, don't be shy, go knock on the door and ask permission to go look at it and take pictures. give him a copy of you drivers license to make him fell at ease.
  15. Alison, if that was you at the club meeting last week Friday, then welcome! Hope all is well, look forward to the next club meeting on June 17th,2022 at the DISC. Theme is muscle cars! see you then!
  16. Welcome Joe I'm a little southwest of you in Highland!
  17. MisterNNL ,IIRC, I think someone said this car actually ran in the movie"Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow" from 1959. I haven't watched it yet on U-tube.
  18. Hey Snake45, get well soon! Now you'll have time to catch up on all those Snake-fu projects you have been wanting to do. Remember there is no one who can fill your shoes like you do ,Grasshopper! Model on and get well! Or vise-versa? God Bless
  19. Yes ,he does have SKILLS! Also persistence and determination! Excellent video!
  20. That 61 Pontiac Ambulance body would be cool to 3-d scan and print in 1/25 scale. I wonder if Robert Burns will/can do it? He is on Facebook as (Too many projects)
  21. Reminds me of a Bad Chad build on Utube with a L'Universal GM show van flair! I like it!
  22. I am reading/ looking on page 112 of 697 in that thread. Only 585 more to look at! Excellent period photos gentlemen!
  23. Johan has licensed all it's kits to STL. files that we can now download and print off our 3-d printers for a small fee ? Any obsolete Johan kit is now available? That would bring JOHAN into the 22 century, now wouldn't it? Just think the company wouldn't have to resurrect any tooling . Just scan an old mint kit , lay it out in a nice printable file , collect the money . give out a password and Print ! No packaging, no tooling ,( no China production) Direct ship to the end user via computer and his 3-d printer!( I am just guessing here , Please don't repeat this as fact!)
  24. They are reissuing the BF Goodrich promo truck by reverse 3-d printing? The 35 Mercedes street rod is finally coming out? They found the molds to the Testor's run of the 4 Prostreet Models? Come on Tony tell us already!
  25. Also in the "Out of Sight" movie on U-Tube, at 1:07:16, is Jim Lytle's" Quad Al" still on the trailer! ( Look for the chain around the rear double slicks!)
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