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  1. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic What Did You Get Today?   

    Just brought this ol' Girl home last night.....Always wanted one,my dad had one in the early 60's thatwas modified to left hand controls being he lost his right arm in Korea,and my best friends dad restored a beautiful '46 which I loved and wanted one even more....unfortunately Roy passed away in July and and Ed called me and said "Mom's selling the Cushman,know anyone interested?"..... and now you know the rest of the story.....Thank you Roy for saving this beauty and I promise "Lizzie" will have a good home and will be loved and cared for.....

  2. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Question for those who work in the 1:1 auto world   

    On my 9N I have had good luck with http://www.tractorpartsinc.com/ also http://www.9nford.com/ for help and info as well as the N-Newsletter as mentioned along with New Holland for mechanical parts.....I have been off and on restoring mine as well ....not saying I have all the know how or answers but I would be happy to help out in anyway that I can.
  3. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic RESIN PARTS   

    One of the best resin people I have ever done dealings with and parts are super clean.....
  4. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Wish me luck guys...   

    Everyone in my household has positive thoughts and praying for ya my friend!
  5. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Rockford Files Diorama   

    You are correct on the colors being custom especially later in the movies,I too have the formulas and also had the paint mixed by a friend who has a paint shop and both are different from each other as the later color was a bit darker......yeah I know I am just a James Garner fan and loved the Rockford Files and have some props and scripts and photos from the show and again I think what you done is the most brilliant work of art ever done in honor of the show!!
  6. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Rockford Files Diorama   

    WOW that is fantastic,I remember you were looking for info on the color of Jimmy's Firebird,what did you end up with because it looks like you nailed it!!!! Everything is caught in perfect detail , Ihave to say this is my favorite dio ever of my favorite show....
  7. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    A bittersweet gift you might say,My best friend Ed from alllllllllllllllllll the way back from high school days (Class of '81) gave me these that his mom and him found from his dad Roy in his stash,Roy passed away last month and he will be missed for sure by his wife and his son Ed but also by me as well,Roy was a true car guy and model/promo collector and when he would tell you about his street racing days with his '57 Olds J2 you could picture it perfect in your head as he told it because he told with such great detail.....Now Ed didn't want these as he is strictly a promo/die-cast collector and he know how much I love plastic so he and his mom bundled up what they have found and gave them to me and they are all complete except for the Galaxie,it's missing front and rear bumpers and tail lamps because Roy gave those to ED to re-do his Galaxie promo.....Roy I know you are in a better place and you probably got that ol' '57 olds tearing up the golden streets up there and I will cherish these kits!

  8. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic 1937 Ford pickup   

    Now that's a super great tip!....that would look more convincing than using just a dab of blue paint which I have done in the past....Thanks!
  9. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Oliver 1850 1/16 custom   

    HOLY COW!!!!! I had no idea you started off with a toy ERTL,I thought this thing started life as a SpecCast  with a few refinements done to it , you knocked this thing right out of the corn field!!!....truly amazing work and as I said before I am a "Red" man myself but if it's gotta be Green then be a Oliver,keep them coming!
  10. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Where should this be posted?   

    I prefer "Red" but that suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure is a nice "Other Green" , I too collect some 1/16th tractors and I like how you took the "toy" look from it with the extra work you put into it,would like to see more of it.
  11. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic 7400 White Walk Around   

    I always like these in the ol' Mclean Trucking Company livery.....
  12. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic ACME club challenge (Hot wheels inspried builds)   

    Night fever, night fever,We know how to do it,Gimme that night fever, night fever,We know how to show it....and speaking on know how to show it,this thing turned perfect!!!! from the color and the Hot Wheels style graphics and the real thing/things that just really make it that Hot Wheels look is the yellow tinted glass and pot metal interior/chassis and the display just sets it off  in fact the shot with the car with its "wrapper" looks like a 1/64 Hot Wheels....I enjoyed this one all the way!
  13. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Undertaker!   

    Kinda creepy as you say but in all the right ways , I love this thing color and all and the diorama just adds that much more to it.
  14. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic ACME club challenge (Hot wheels inspried builds)   

    The burnt orange color looks great just as it would in my kitchen but I have the Sunrise Yellow in mine and what?!?!?!?!? when men wore polyester suits?!?!?!?! what do you mean when? I never got the memo that they went out of style......dangggggg next your gonna tell me my kitchen is outdated ......Seriously I am loving this creation every step of the way and it to me is capturing the Hot Wheels theme/look all the way.....
  15. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic ACME club challenge (Hot wheels inspried builds)   

    Thanks for the tip on the tint,never even thought about the Tamiya clear colors to tint glass even though I have all the colors and use them for lenses etc. ...big duh on my part lol.....
     As far as the engine over size I too remember some of the Hot Wheels having "Monster Cubic Inches"  like this lil' one.