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  1. RIP Dick Dale

    The man wasn't only just a legend but a man who truly appreciated his fans,we seen him twice,pictured here with my daughter in 2011 and 2012 seen him again and he honestly remembered Baby Girl and stopped playing for a second and asked how she been since last year and handed her his pick and continued to jam on.... heaven just got louder ....thank you Dick Dale..
  2. What diecast did you get today?

    Another priceless piece for my "Jungle" collection,This guy was/is truly my hero of drag racing,never ever got to see him run but alllllllllllways followed him and his stats in the magazines or by someone who ~was~ lucky enough to see Jungle Jim Liberman run........ain't no other like him................
  3. Name that movie quote

    "Do you sell hubcaps for a '72 Pinto hatchback? Oooooooh, Mini truckin" magazine! "
  4. Name that movie quote

    Great flick? Lol ...One of the best especially if you ever worked retail lol....so many great lines..37?
  5. National Love Your Pet Day

    When my daughter was 3,she picked out a Black Lab 14 yrs ago from a shelter that had been abused from previous people that had her,she was always skittish but watched over Baby Girl like a hawk up until Dori died 4 yrs ago..
  6. National Love Your Pet Day

    I know I posted a picture earlier but my daughter just sent me this one she just took her buddy in her PowerStroke yesterday afternoon...
  7. Name that movie quote

    "Cute cat,what's it's name?" ....... "Annoying customer"
  8. Jungle Jim

    Thanks!!! ......yeah I always liked your avatar,sure wish I still had all my stuff from the day,I had a friend who got me into in '73 when it was pretty popular still and I can remember my first AFX car,yellow n black '55 Chevy.We would go to the local hobby shops,we had 4 in the neighborhood in the day and one had a tracks,one for HO's and one for the 1/32,nothing like buying a new car and lettin' her rip right then and there.............fun times!!!
  9. Jungle Jim

    Yeap,Purdy much,she is at that,wouldn't have half the toys I have including my '66 F100 if it wasn't for her 😉
  10. Jungle Jim

    Thanks for the tip,I have just done that
  11. First snowfall of the seaon

    That and when it's in someone else's backyard .....
  12. Reveal your user name origin

    Mine came from a song by Social Distortion "Bad Luck" which was a favorite of Baby Girl's (my daughter) and on of my favorite lyrics to the song "Thirteen's my lucky number,To you it means stay inside.Black cat done crossed my path,No reason to run and hide." and being she is the one who got me back into this hobby,hence Badluck 13
  13. Jungle Jim

    For my past Birthday my wife got me the Auto World Route 66 slot car track just because the week before I was telling her when I was 10-14 I was into the AFX slots and had a ton-o-stuff that I ended up loosing all when we had a house fire and being the sweetheart that she is got me a started set all well knowing it would get me back into the hobby and since then I have picked up a few items here and there and this was the ultimate!!!,Auto World "Jungle Jim" set. Being a HUGE Jungle Jim Liberman fan from back in the day and have many Jungle items and even got to touch,Jungles car at the Garlits Museum which for me was a thrill and very emotional one at that as I miss Jungle dearly...... Yes I have a picture of me touching Jungles car but don't want to incriminate myself ...and yes it looks like I got the HO slot car bug again .......
  14. Everyone Bring In Their Brass Monkeys???

    A public service announcement to my fellow snow belt cruiser friends.....