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  1. Mine are kinda all over the board.....
  2. I do know the '71 Camaro promo had the wires,had one and lost it in the fire we had years ago,found this picture on the web of one....quite pricey today just to rob the wheels....
  3. You ain't a kiddin',I place a order on Thursday and Saturday the package was waiting in my mail box and talk about quality at a low price,these two grilles are BEAUTIFUL !!!! Hoping to see the GM step bumper and GMC caps because when all become available I will be ordering the whole conversion,bed sides n all and looking forward to the diorama pieces!
  4. Being I am a huge Ed Roth fan including his music "Mr. Gasser And The Weirdos" I jumped at the pre-order when I got the news of this release and it jussss showed up on my doorstep 😊
  5. Holy Cow Wow,great no scratch that,beautiful looking stuff and I just place a order a lil' over a hour ago and already received confirmed shipping!!!
  6. ...It isn't just you,I have not got the 2 I ordered from them as well....
  7. Not a bike/trike fan however I am a huge Ed Roth fan so that's why I could not pass this up for my collection and I don't think I did too bad, un-opened $8.00 ....
  8. ......Maybe it was the white paint James ran out of ..... Seriously as always beautiful work !!!
  9. To one of the nicest members of the forum "Happy Birthday Rich !!"
  10. In Memory Of Ron "The Ghoul" Sweed 01/23/1949 - 04/01/2019

  11. The man wasn't only just a legend but a man who truly appreciated his fans,we seen him twice,pictured here with my daughter in 2011 and 2012 seen him again and he honestly remembered Baby Girl and stopped playing for a second and asked how she been since last year and handed her his pick and continued to jam on.... heaven just got louder ....thank you Dick Dale..
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