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  1. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Maserati Birdcage Tipo 61   

    Now that's a beauty!!
  2. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic The Great race   

    Thanks for the info!!!! huge fan of Fords involvement in this series ......even though I am a Ford man,Ben I have to agree with you that it was awesome to see the C7R doing so well,always was a fan of Pratt & Miller and Ron Fellows .....they too had a rough beginning like the GT when they first brought out the C5R and second year they were knocking on the Vipers back door and third year dominated ...... nothing like seeing these thoroughbred race cars of beauty run 24 hrs.
  3. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Rockford Files trailer   

    Tom what a cool project!!! ...Rockford Files was/is my all time favorite show of all time,have the complete box set and never tire watching have captured this so perfectly as usual ! ,I for one will be watch this work of art in process!!!
  4. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Post your "Snap" kits.   

  5. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic ......She said "Yes'   

    Hey thanks everyone for the congrats!!!! ...... I feel real good about this one   ....she even got her first resin conversion kit last night .... It's all good
  6. Badluck 13 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    ......She said "Yes'
     .....Some here may or may not know that I am a single dad to the most awesome lil' girl a father could ever ask for and that's part of a huge reason why I haven't really dated seriously or anything because at my age (now 53) and having a daughter still at home (she's now 14) makes it kinda difficult when most people at this age has grown kids , don't get me wrong,I wouldn't have it any other way having Baby Girl still at home,even for the next 20yrs lol ......I did however met a girl who is around my age that not only understand my issue but she has 2 sets of twins still at home 2 16yr boys and two 19yr old girls.
    We been dating for a while and it just amazes me I could find someone that has pretty much the same likes,wants and desires as I and the kids ALL get along and their real dad doesn't have much to do with them for reasons I wont get into and the girls already call me dad and one especially we have become very with the help of the girls including Baby Girl helped me with sizing and ring hunting and so last night I asked this wonderful woman to marry me and she said "YES".......just wanted to share this and Ohhhh she is into model building as well!!!!!!
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  7. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017   

    Leaf springs?!?!?!?? ....Harry you musta got one of those "Super Retro Package" s197's......
    As far as the "new" '15 up Mustangs go ...we see veeeeeeery little problems with the car here at the dealership which is somewhat unusual when a new design is released,the customers who had purchased the '15 up loves them compared to the s197's ....a real good friend of mine has both a '06 and '15 and he loves both and says that there is great qualities on both but what he finds impressive is the fact his '15 is quicker than his '06 GT and the '15 is a 4 banger....I personally don't see getting rid of my '08 for new Mustang,from the windshield back I love the car,its just I cannot get past the front end,but that's just my opinion.....Cameron just hang in there and reach for your goal as I too went through financial hard times but I did finally get my 'stang.....I am hoping for ya!!!
  8. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Hey! has anyone else seen this?   

    This saddens me a whole lot....I know we must all go at some time but Paul was one of those I really enjoyed and loved his work......many of his writing has help me through the years,in fact my first "rock" song ever introduced to was my sisters 45 "Somebody to Love" in '68 and loved his work ever since......the Heavens has many greats now for one heck of a performance.....R.I.P. Paul......
  9. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Rolex 24 2016   

    ......Two races a year I will not miss...Rolex 24 at Daytona and  24 at Le Mans......
  10. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic I'm Back   

    Hey Dave good to see ya back here......
  11. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got this last night....,had to open it to see what it was like,I passed this up may times back in the day when they were on the shelves....from what I can see it looks to be a nice kit.

  12. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Show your Built JoHan Models   

    Ain't that the truth......
  13. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic Why would anyone do this to a new car?   

     Jussssss what I was thinkin'...........
  14. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic What kits,etc.did you have once and wish you could find another..?   

    Ertl 4070a
    Any of the Vega's
    Any of the Pinto's
    '75-'76 Firebird
    .....and many more.....but the above are the main ones I love to have...
  15. Badluck 13 added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    Mine was back in '75, a Chevrolet Titan I got when I was 12 and all I painted was the cab Testors metallic blue and the engine Testors bottled green,I remember having a heck of a time getting the cab glued to the hinges......then it all started from there.........