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  1. Moebius '65 F-100 Flareside Pickup!

    Being '65 was the first year for the all new Twin I Beam I would say it will be just that....
  2. Mike,

    I'm unable to send a message to you. This forum has constant problems with the message function and apparently no one capable of diagnosing and correcting the problem. I do have a response for you, but you'll have to send me your email address if you'd like to read it. Sorry. Nothing you or I can do about a broken website function.

  3. Nose to the sky gassers

    This thread is locked,it has got to the point it is flat out ugly and it will not get anywhere with this kind of responses,I too have opinions,fact and quit sure possibly some misleading info but instead of trying to prove who is right or wrong and who knows the most , I decided to just try to enjoy the pictures of what the post was intended on ,instead it's basically giving the forum a black eye.....
  4. Nose to the sky gassers

    Yeap.....I am aware and I was not claiming them to be as such,jusssss showin' some great stuff to go along with Steve's pictures....
  5. Moebius '65 F-100 Flareside Pickup!

    ....Ohhh I plan to get the kit but just not quite sure how I want to build it yet
  6. Nose to the sky gassers

    There is a quite a few here in my area that run the Gasser circuit and most is headed by Don Moyer, a guy that lives , breaths Gassers and has a few of his own and one being a legend from the past.....here is a awesome vid of a group I am proud to say I follow and keep tabs on "Scottrods AA/Gassers",they are a true first class act and I am a huge fan of Martin Stead Jr. in da' green '41 Willys which puts on a awesome performance @11:32 mark.....Enjoy...
  7. Moebius '65 F-100 Flareside Pickup!

    Mine is a '66 Styleside and if this is being ripped to shreds elsewhere is a bit much,it looks purdy dang close too me...
  8. My Lindberg 67 Olds 442

    Oh Oh Oh and Oh !!!!!! What a beauty,love the color and this has to be one of nicest done of this kit....
  9. Chad Hiltz : "Green Goblin" on the Workbench 3/6/18

    MAN-O-MAN-O-MAN!!!! this is the slickest creation ever but the color and graphics are flat out killer!!!
  10. My son's first paint job

    I love when you see the younger generation get into the hobby and as far as his paint work goes "Fantastic!!!" ....I wish I could get that kinda turn out yet today!
  11. Chi-town Hustler

    I love it,you sure did a sweet job on one of my favorites from days gone by.....
  12. I think the Off-Topic Lounge should stay.....

    This statement just sums it up perfect,couldn't agree more.......... just like anything else.nothing stays on subject...example: Last week went to a swap meet with a friend and while we were talking cars n such but we also talked family etc.....I went through a rough'ish divorce 10 years ago with the fear of having my then 6 yr old daughter moving out and I knew I wanted her to stay with me and with this section I had much encouragement to help me emotionally ....so yeah it is in my opinion a great part of the forum.........

    Gosh Bill,here's one for Thursday.....Again this too is a word definition ...
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    Sounds like a good day Dave,enjoy!
  15. Bigfoot

    One of the nicer ones I have seen done,looks like a ton of work was done on the wheels and tires alone.