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  1. Autoquiz 378 - Finished

    Only reason I knew this thing even existed was because a episode on Wheeler Dealers had one lol....I never knew,I always thought they were 911's...
  2. "Not For Hire" question

    Yeah I have to run them on my "Bobby Big Rig" so I don't get pulled over for random checks etc...The truck is just used for shows , charities etc.
  3. Hubley 1960 Ford wagon for trade

    Sure wish I had a '60 Merc in my stash,I so would love to have this....Very nice!
  4. Ollie's strike again

    .........and this part of Ohio had a second wave of these including the 1/12 Fiat and B-17 bomber.
  5. pets.....

    Actually my daughters "pets" ....both are rescues ...... "Lassie" and "T"
  6. 1980 Ford LNT 9000

    Holy WOW!!!!! in the right setting this could pass for the real thing....Fantastic!!! ...Love the under hood detail.
  7. Finally finished Pete Tridem Heavy hauler

    Man Gator,you could have washed the ole' gal before the photo shoot ....She looks like one serious heavy haul Pete,love the weathering especially the wheels n tires....Them old snap kits sure have a lot of possibilities .
  8. Sour Kraut's model truck parts

    http://sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com/ but most of the items listed are sold out and have been for quite some time.
  9. Autoquiz 374 - Finished

    Don't know what it is but I kinda like it.....
  10. 50 chevy 3100

    I flat out just love it!!!... Your "aged" metal work is dead on and diggin' the seat cover.
  11. X'2 .... I have done something close to this and worked quite well........and hey Al,don't you have something "red,white,and blue" you should be workin' on ?!?!?!
  12. Rebuild or leave it?

    My son did the same thing,last year he built his dream car '69 Nova and said the same thing that he wanted to re-do it and I convinced him to buy another and build it and compare his work and which he did and he is now glad he did so I glad you made the right choice!
  13. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    HAHAHAHA....If I would sit down and build what I have now,I would still not even finish what I have .... even when I retire in 7yrs and work triple time on my stash.....
  14. Not to hijack ismaelg;s thread, What's YOUR 1;1 Dream car ?

    Either two I would love to have ...from one extreme to another.....The Camaro was at a local show last summer and I tell you if the good Lord himself asked me how I would want a Camaro,this thing would be exactly how I would want it,the one and only thing I would change on this car would be the name and address on the title!!
  15. What Irked You Today?

    ......Hot water tank dumped allllllllllllll over the basement floor at 5:00am ........