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  1. Anyone having issues with a thread loading..?

    I started having the problem Saturday evening which I thought it was a issue on my end with out cable provider until it happens twice today at work,this is something Dave will have to check into
  2. Still at it

  3. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    It's not poison

  5. Umm Ford,What's going on?

    This was brought up at one of the last Ford meetings I was at in February, the sales show that the car line is just not what most of the public wants and like already said most manufactures are following as well.....
  6. Willys COE Truck?

    Yeah I am sorry about that,read right past where you wrote 1941....
  7. Willys COE Truck?

  8. Playmate Mustang

    The Playmate Mustangs were pink,Ford Dusk Rose, Donna Michelles was a custom pink color but the ones available to the public was a standard if you will pink,there is a '66 Playmate Mustang in N.E. Ohio and it is non metallic/pearl pink. This car picture below is excellent representation of a Playmate Mustang that and my eyes have had the pleasure of seeing this car at the annual Mustang vs Camaro Showdown I attend every year and yes this car has the luggage too
  9. BTTF nativity

    now that's funny....
  10. Was shocked the last time I went to Willoughby late this past October how the selection on kits had vanished,still like dealing with Stewart's....if ya don't mind what's the name of the one in Geneva?....Boardman Hobbies in Boardman(naturally) is pretty decent with new kits and supplies.
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    and condiments dispenser
  12. Photo downloads

    Hey Bill,first your post is not taken as criticism at all in fact I am glad you asked and me personally wouldn't ban you if you did "criticize" me. As you know there have been issues from time to time that when trying post pictures you may get a "error" and if gets quite frustrating to the member trying to post and them come here for advice or help and then suddenly comments come in that has no help to the person asking for help,sure when the picture was posted it did prove "yes" it is working...for some but not in this case for this case posted and the few that are having issues are in fact experienced uploading pictures "ignorant" is how it looks to the person asking for help by treated with these comments. Not once was it mention that anything posted was a violation or offensive ,just useless for the help asked for,sure there is some humor in the comment but this is where the "juvenile" comes in,it keeps going and going and before long it is totally off track and soon you have a thread that is totally meaningless and useless and can be a recipe for a locked thread or deleted and then you are right back in the beginning no further ahead. You and I have had a little history of ummmm how would you say it? not seeing eye to eye but I will say this Bill,you ALWAYS try to help those here when they have a issue with a part,model,or posting issue and you are quite respected for that by many here including,yes,me,I can't say I have seen a time when someone was asking for help/answers where you chimed in and gave off the wall responses.... like others you have asked for help with a issue or two and hoping to get a "answer" and not the garb in between. Hopefully this answers to some degree of understanding .....For the sake for peace of mind for you Bill,I am quite sure you have nothing to fear of running afoul of any rule............
  13. Photo downloads

    Knock it off with the juvenile comments that have nothing to do with the original post,again yes some of you have no problem uploading which that's just swell but there are those who are having issues and they are not the ignorant ones.....If you don't have any helpful comments or input then go build a model.
  14. Photo downloads

    Apparently there is some sort of a issue on the the board that is giving both David and Jeff this problem,not the fact one needs to read how to use the board or the fact someone else can upload,because I know both have posted pictures here before .... heck I have received these error message last week too