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  1. Short lived band "Swamp Angel" featuring in my opinion one of the best bassist and vocals, R.A. MacLean (from Deadbolt, Flak Bait)..... "Voodoo Doll"
  2. Saweeeeet!!!! I have always been a fan of Steven Kilbey especially his earlier stuff ,before so called voice lessons...
  3. Social Distortion Gotta Know The Rules done slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  4. Point taken but there just more than adults here and some adults can find some types of language offensive and there are rules posted and agreed upon when joining the forum and as adults we need and should follow rules .....
  5. Just a quick update as to why there was no more post on this build and she never got much further on the car.....Shortly after the holidays Lisa started getting sick and by July 2020 she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away Sept 8th 2021 ......My plans are to complete this once all has settled down,Lisa is my wife....
  6. Thank you all for your concerns and positive thoughts ..... with much regret to say my wife passed Sept. 8th 2021 but not without a fight as she fought till the very end.......
  7. Super slick "Slick" as you captured perfection with the 4X4 with the factory "Wrong Bed"..... beautiful!
  8. Back when Harry was doing this he told me in a pm that it's a almost impossible thing not to do as he also a time or two did repeats .... Don't be so hard on yourself...... Your doing a fine job!!!!
  9. My wife has been struggling with her health since October and was originally diagnosed with pancreatitis and got some better but came June she got worse and thats when the test came back at the end of July as cancer of the pancreas so a appointment was made at Cancer Treatment Center Of America in Zion Illinois.. After spending a week at Cancer Treatment Centers Of America where we were just kicked like a stray dog and told flat out "Just go home and live your life as best and normal as you can with what time you have left" because the was no surgeon there that could do this type of work because of the mass was on a artery and this was given to us from a doctor with a bed side manner of a cardboard box ….. That was a week ago Thursday we got this unacceptable answer and I remember the walk back to the hotel I told Lisa to call Cleveland Clinic because they are not only in our back yard and they cut arteries and aortas all day flippin' long and she did and within 12 hours after the call we had a appointment for today to meet with the doc and surgeon.... First Both my wife Lisa and I understand and realize what we are up against with cancer of the pancreas but for the first time in the past month of the news of the "c" word but we actually got very , VERY encouraging news from Dr. Shapiro and even more encouraging news from surgeon Dr. Simon and they both had bed side manner of true angels..... While the doc said there will be more chemo treatments before surgery can be done because they have to make sure they "c" stays where it's at and if so then he said she would be a candidate for him to go in there and kick this demons ass!!! As we are not out of the woods yet but we have found a pathway that we can see some light at the end and Lisa has to keep fighting and we have a battle ahead of us but there is hope....and I want to say a special thank you to Cleveland Clinic for hope …….
  10. After a trying time here as of late we have been trying to be back to the norm with some of the cruise in scenes opening back up and the wife is feeling up to take her Maverick and me with the '66 and lastly back in November I picked up this roach which Baby Girl proudly takes.....like the song goes "She'll Have Fun Fun Fun Till Daddy Takes The T-Bird Away" ...Here's a Shot of her having fun.. 20200523_213016.mp4
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