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  1. Favorite Car

    What models did you have? I always loved these things especially Starliner in this very color but I would take any model and color....
  2. Favorite Car

  3. Locking Threads

    Okay it's the dreaded bad moderator locking another thread....Joe I do to a point agree that some threads get locked in the past when they steer away from the subject which does really happen in just general discussion even but it sooner or later goes back to the discussion....Dann,Thank you for defending Mike and explaining reasons of why it's been locked and Steve also thank you for explaini g as well but this "he said" stuff needs to stop and enough is enough,take it up in a pm or better yet just let it go...its a hobby!!!... No matter what a mod does or says will never please everyone and it's not like we jusssss love to lock,block and give out warnings on members and it sure isn't a job that we just love to do....there are four moderators to watch,monitor and yes sometimes babysit a huge member count on here so my suggestion to anyone who does not like what I or any other moderator do here then apply for the job next time....remember when you all signed up to this forum you agreed to the rules and guidelines but I guess that too is a mods job is to remind....
  4. ModelTruckin'.com

    Jerry is a great guy to deal with,I have purchased his decals for several years now and his decals are second to none.....He is a single man operation with a ton of "life" things that keeps him very busy .... he is very honest and he will and does fill his orders .....
  5. 48 Years and Life To Go

    These are the stories I like to hear....48 years of marriage !!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  6. ...We all can sit here and bench race all day about the fact should he or should he not retire but we are not the ones that is strapped in to this rollin' wheels of thunder and fire that shuts down in a blink of an eye,only he knows and it's apparent he knows he still has it in him and quite well at that and I say "Why not!" .....Young drivers have been in some serious explosions/crashes and unfortunate some didn't make it but John has always ended suited up and ready for the next pass.....As Ron said above Good luck John.....
  7. Chevrolet Corvair The Beginning and end

    Nice set of 'Vairs,I am partial to the Gen 1 being I own a '61 Monza with a '65 140hp, well actually it's my daughters now,she's been wrenchin' on it for the strip..
  8. Like Husband,Like Wife...

    I have a wife that not only supports my hobby and my passion for 1:1 cars/trucks cars/trucks and cruise ins but also she is heavily involved with them being she grew up around all this so when we were on vacation this past week going to some antigue junk stores we stumbled across this lil' doober on our way back home and immediately she fell in love with it. Later that evening we were at a local cruise in with the '66 and next thing I know she is calling the guy who was selling it and the next morning she asked if we could just go look at it and so we did and the guy threw us a ridiculous low price on it and she said "we have to think about it" .... well later that night she threw a even lower ridiculous offer back at him and he said okay!!! ..... so knowing she has always wanted a cruise toy of her own we went back yesterday morning and I bought the car for her. It's a '76 Maverick with 44,000 original miles and has spent it's whole life here in northern Ohio by the original owner until he recently passed away....
  9. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    It’s time to lock this thread. It has strayed far from the original topic. It became a thread for finger pointing and accusations. Not to mention listing your resume and credentials. If you wish to continue this conversation I suggest you do it in private message. That way those who care about the original post are not subject to this As a final Note I feel I must address the comment about the moderator. As a moderator it is very time consuming and difficult. As moderators we need to read every word looking for anything against the rules and guidelines. When things get out of control like this it makes it even more difficult. In my opinion Mike does a great job!
  10. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    ...okay then.....back on topic....$21,000 for a oil change? And to think I complain paying $75 for a oil change on a PowerStroke .
  11. Celebrity Crushes?

    I believe that's Donna Reed....
  12. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    It's about time to lock this thread because it has went and ran it's course,I get it and understand to many that don't like the fact the kit has many issues and then there are others who are just happy to have a "new" kit but it has become a bash thread not only about the design and research of the model but to the members who don't or do like it.
  13. Junk.

    If it wasn't for your finger/thumb in the last picture I would have called you out on a imposter.....MAN everything looks so real,I have vintage Pepsi machine in my garage that looks just like the way you weathered it....
  14. Sequins used as CD's

    Wow something so simple but so cool and useful.....would have never thought of such...thanks for sharing.
  15. Harry's beautiful Mack.......

    Yes Amy knows how much I loved this particular model and sent me quite a nice email and a lil' note with the truck which stays with it in the case....