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  1. Hey I opened for more insults

    I'll keep this short since our friend from the Netherlands can't read & Dave wants to come over. My email is public you want to insult me go right ahead! There did I spell everything right I'm sorry I went to through the NYC school system PS 128 sos wezz never tauht to spull!
  2. This is crazy!

    I can not beleive this really I mean most of the cars I build are Chevy Gassers so decals are a part of that. I take the time to make them on my Alps as Slixx caters to mopars (why I have no clue) I learned & boy did I learn on here that Clear Coats will harm the decals. I have read a lot on the net. the same thing. You need to wait this long no this long Ok the body was painted three months ago I think I'm safe there I put the decals on 5 Days ago not sure there!. Here comes the clear no matter how long u Waite watch out Tamyia is hot ok found out what that meant. One person I know says use Testors it looks the same to me. So now I have to learn to use a air brush & Future don't even know what kind to buy I can just see problems coming. Now I read Grunz Mr. Topcoat will not hurt decals GREAT no cause u can't get it in this country anymore. I just can not beleive that in this day & age that they can not make a clear that does not hurt decals!. I mean I don't even know how to polish & have used Tamyia over decals no problem but now that I know I'm worried to use it so now I am going to use Future & I pray that I get this right & with an air brush I never picked one up before let a lone using it on a model that I spent time & money on. Why do they sell this clear if they know it hurts decals or I have even read paint if u don't put it on in a time frame. I mean I might as well go out in my garage & paint my Chevelle SS mist it no don't mist it wait no don't wait. What the hell someone has to be making a clear that does not ruin decals. Why do I have the feeling that when I get the air brush & if I buy the right kind of Future after all this the model will end up in the garbage. And why cause of lack of knowledge on my part I really belevie the less u know the better u are. Thank you Will,
  3. I don't get this

    Hi Jody, I did not get your email could u try again I would like to get this in motion. My email is chevelle70ss@verizon.net Thanks Will,
  4. I don't get this

    I had to check if u would like u can email me I guess u just have to click on my name I see I have my email it's up to u but you have made my night as I do not want to ruin this model. Will,
  5. I don't get this

    Hi Jody, Yes I'll buy it. Let me know how we can work this & I'll buy it. Does it come with some kind of instructions? as I have been looking at diffrent ones & I just want something cheap to get my feet wet then maybe move up. Let me know cause I will buy this off you. Thank you very much! Will,
  6. I don't get this

    Ok here is the deal the decals are on the model it's been four days. I did not use solvoset as I have never heard of it. The car was painted Tamyia Pearl White & always thought you put the decals on then spray the clear coat (Tamyia) over them. This is how I have done it in the past. But have not built as many cars as you all have now I'm really worried about spraying the Clear see I never heard of this before so I guess it's like what you don't know can't hurt you. Having said this should I buy a air brush & use Future I have never used an air brush before. So if this is the way to go what is a good air brush & how easy are they to learn to use? Also what else would I need to get & if so how do you thin out the Future? Any info on this would be great Thank you very much!
  7. I don't get this

    No I have no problem waiting I do not have an Air Brush so I would have no way of spraying on the Future plus I would like to do that on a junk model first. So my only alternative is to use the Tamyia Clear Thank you for explaining hot. I'm just worried now as I have used Tamyia Clear many times in past & once had the decals crackle so it sort of puts the fear of God in u. I will Wait 3 days then do as you all said maybe someday I will buy an air brush & try that Future. Please wish me luck!. Thank you all! Will,
  8. I don't get this

    I'm sorry but maybe it's my Brooklyn attitude or that I'm just stupid but I read somewhere on here that spraying clear coat over the decals can make them crackle. This happened to me once but did not know why. I read that clear coat is HOT I have no clue what this means but OK so much for that. I know I will not get very many replies on this but I just killed myself putting decals on a model I'm doing.So what I would like to ask is do I have to wait before spraying Clear Coat over the decals? & is there a secret to spraying Clear coat over the decals? Thank you Will,
  9. Clear Coat

    Evening, I just got done putting decals on a model I'm building. I would like to ask a question. I use Tamyia clear coat (i have no clue on how to polish the model once I do this) But my question is, IS THERE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME I SHOULD WAIT AFTER PUTTING THE DECALS ON BEFORE I SPRAY THE CLEAR COAT ON?. Only once have I had the decals crackle under the clear coat did not know why until I read it on here. A friend says I should wait 3-4 days!. Thank you! Will,
  10. Ross Gibson Engines?

    I guess there is no right or wrong if one finds $25. for just an engine a good price great. I think it is far cheaper to buy the 57 flip nose off ebay for $10. I can then ether sell the model with no engine as I have done in the past or keep it for other parts I know I will use. It all boils down to my lack of experience in resin not to say I would love to build one, one day but I build only Chevy's so none of the others interest me. I did buy a BB resin engine cheap & will try that first I also thought these came with wires & fuel lines but heard diffrent. So Thank you all for your inputs u were all very helpful. Thank you Will,
  11. Ross Gibson Engines?

    Well I have made up my mind about these engines & after reading all this I believe I did the right thing. I'm sticking with the BB that comes with the flip noise 57 by model king I got some good prices on them & to me they look real for what I need them for. As far as resin goes I have a bid on a cheap BB to see what it's like I think those R.G. engines are to much. I mean sending parts out to be chrome plated I don't even do that with my real 57 Chevy I buy from Danchuck & I would rather put the money into my real rides. I do love This hobby but find it's getting a little to expensive. Thank you all for your help I really apreciate it very much! Will, this
  12. PE one more time

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon. I'm going to try to get to the hobby store today so if I can use those water based paints I would feel more comfertable I just needed to know if they would work on the PE parts. Thank you!
  13. PE one more time

    Sorry for this post as I know u are getting sick of me. Well the time has come (And I'm going blind) to paint the Photo etched parts. The only colors I need are black red & white. What I would like to ask is CAN I USE WATER BASE ACRILIC PAINT? & for the black THE DETAILER? I guess it's ready to use washes I use it for grills!. The only reason I ask about these products is it seems to me if I get it on the CHEVROLET on the PE part or the rim around it, it would be easy to just scrape off. I also have artist pens that you use for cartoon drawing they are very fine tip but not sure they would work I would love if the would. Anyway can anyone tell me if any of these would workI don't think I'm going to polish them as I tried with the first set & they went flying, Thank you Will,
  14. Ross Gibson Engines?

    I am working on a 65 Chevelle I alterd the rear wheel wells as I love 60's period drag cars well everything seems to fit & just got done priming the body don't see any lines ok four coats latter. I can not find a Big Block Chevy that I like so looked at some Ross Gibson engines the one I'm sort of pulling toward is Rat Trap Great right! WRONG a friend told me these are resin engines NICE!. Ok having said that & not really liking the price I never built a resin engine is this something I should try & are they nice engines? Thank you Will,
  15. Chevrolet what other car is there!