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  1. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Hey I opened for more insults
    I'll keep this short since our friend from the Netherlands can't read & Dave wants to come over. My email is public you want to insult me go right ahead! There did I spell everything right I'm sorry I went to through the NYC school system PS 128 sos wezz never tauht to spull!
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  2. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    This is crazy!
    I can not beleive this really I mean most of the cars I build are Chevy Gassers so decals are a part of that. I take the time to make them on my Alps as Slixx caters to mopars (why I have no clue) I learned & boy did I learn on here that Clear Coats will harm the decals. I have read a lot on the net. the same thing. You need to wait this long no this long Ok the body was painted three months ago I think I'm safe there I put the decals on 5 Days ago not sure there!. Here comes the clear no matter how long u Waite watch out Tamyia is hot ok found out what that meant. One person I know says use Testors it looks the same to me. So now I have to learn to use a air brush & Future don't even know what kind to buy I can just see problems coming. Now I read Grunz Mr. Topcoat will not hurt decals GREAT no cause u can't get it in this country anymore. I just can not beleive that in this day & age that they can not make a clear that does not hurt decals!. I mean I don't even know how to polish & have used Tamyia over decals no problem but now that I know I'm worried to use it so now I am going to use Future & I pray that I get this right & with an air brush I never picked one up before let a lone using it on a model that I spent time & money on. Why do they sell this clear if they know it hurts decals or I have even read paint if u don't put it on in a time frame. I mean I might as well go out in my garage & paint my Chevelle SS mist it no don't mist it wait no don't wait. What the hell someone has to be making a clear that does not ruin decals. Why do I have the feeling that when I get the air brush & if I buy the right kind of Future after all this the model will end up in the garbage. And why cause of lack of knowledge on my part I really belevie the less u know the better u are.
    Thank you
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  3. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic I don't get this   

    Hi Jody, I did not get your email could u try again I would like to get this in motion. My email is chevelle70ss@verizon.net Thanks Will,
  4. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic I don't get this   

    I had to check if u would like u can email me I guess u just have to click on my name I see I have my email it's up to u but you have made my night as I do not want to ruin this model.
  5. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic I don't get this   

    Hi Jody,
    Yes I'll buy it. Let me know how we can work this & I'll buy it. Does it come with some kind of instructions? as I have been looking at diffrent ones & I just want something cheap to get my feet wet then maybe move up. Let me know cause I will buy this off you.
    Thank you very much!
  6. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic I don't get this   

    Ok here is the deal the decals are on the model it's been four days. I did not use solvoset as I have never heard of it. The car was painted Tamyia Pearl White & always thought you put the decals on then spray the clear coat (Tamyia) over them. This is how I have done it in the past. But have not built as many cars as you all have now I'm really worried about spraying the Clear see I never heard of this before so I guess it's like what you don't know can't hurt you. Having said this should I buy a air brush & use Future I have never used an air brush before. So if this is the way to go what is a good air brush & how easy are they to learn to use? Also what else would I need to get & if so how do you thin out the Future? Any info on this would be great Thank you very much!
  7. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic I don't get this   

    No I have no problem waiting I do not have an Air Brush so I would have no way of spraying on the Future plus I would like to do that on a junk model first. So my only alternative is to use the Tamyia Clear Thank you for explaining hot. I'm just worried now as I have used Tamyia Clear many times in past & once had the decals crackle so it sort of puts the fear of God in u. I will Wait 3 days then do as you all said maybe someday I will buy an air brush & try that Future. Please wish me luck!. Thank you all! Will,
  8. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    I don't get this
    I'm sorry but maybe it's my Brooklyn attitude or that I'm just stupid but I read somewhere on here that spraying clear coat over the decals can make them crackle. This happened to me once but did not know why. I read that clear coat is HOT I have no clue what this means but OK so much for that. I know I will not get very many replies on this but I just killed myself putting decals on a model I'm doing.So what I would like to ask is do I have to wait before spraying Clear Coat over the decals? & is there a secret to spraying Clear coat over the decals?
    Thank you
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  9. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Clear Coat
    Evening, I just got done putting decals on a model I'm building. I would like to ask a question. I use Tamyia clear coat (i have no clue on how to polish the model once I do this) But my question is, IS THERE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME I SHOULD WAIT AFTER PUTTING THE DECALS ON BEFORE I SPRAY THE CLEAR COAT ON?. Only once have I had the decals crackle under the clear coat did not know why until I read it on here. A friend says I should wait 3-4 days!. Thank you! Will,
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  10. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Engines?   

    I guess there is no right or wrong if one finds $25. for just an engine a good price great. I think it is far cheaper to buy the 57 flip nose off ebay for $10. I can then ether sell the model with no engine as I have done in the past or keep it for other parts I know I will use. It all boils down to my lack of experience in resin not to say I would love to build one, one day but I build only Chevy's so none of the others interest me. I did buy a BB resin engine cheap & will try that first I also thought these came with wires & fuel lines but heard diffrent. So Thank you all for your inputs u were all very helpful.
    Thank you
  11. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Engines?   

    Well I have made up my mind about these engines & after reading all this I believe I did the right thing. I'm sticking with the BB that comes with the flip noise 57 by model king I got some good prices on them & to me they look real for what I need them for. As far as resin goes I have a bid on a cheap BB to see what it's like I think those R.G. engines are to much. I mean sending parts out to be chrome plated I don't even do that with my real 57 Chevy I buy from Danchuck & I would rather put the money into my real rides. I do love This hobby but find it's getting a little to expensive.
    Thank you all for your help I really apreciate it very much!
    Will, this
  12. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic PE one more time   

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon.
    I'm going to try to get to the hobby store today so if I can use those water based paints I would feel more comfertable I just needed to know if they would work on the PE parts.
    Thank you!
  13. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    PE one more time
    Sorry for this post as I know u are getting sick of me. Well the time has come (And I'm going blind) to paint the Photo etched parts. The only colors I need are black red & white. What I would like to ask is CAN I USE WATER BASE ACRILIC PAINT? & for the black THE DETAILER? I guess it's ready to use washes I use it for grills!. The only reason I ask about these products is it seems to me if I get it on the CHEVROLET on the PE part or the rim around it, it would be easy to just scrape off. I also have artist pens that you use for cartoon drawing they are very fine tip but not sure they would work I would love if the would. Anyway can anyone tell me if any of these would workI don't think I'm going to polish them as I tried with the first set & they went flying,
    Thank you
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  14. my 70 chevelle ss added a post in a topic Ross Gibson Engines?   

    I am working on a 65 Chevelle I alterd the rear wheel wells as I love 60's period drag cars
    well everything seems to fit & just got done priming the body don't see any lines ok four coats latter.
    I can not find a Big Block Chevy that I like so looked at some Ross Gibson engines the one I'm sort of pulling toward is Rat Trap Great right! WRONG a friend told me these are resin engines NICE!. Ok having said that & not really liking the price I never built a resin engine is this something I should try & are they nice engines?
    Thank you
  15. my 70 chevelle ss added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Ok so I'm cheap
    Good Evening, So now you know I'm cheap but not really just put a lot of money in my Chevelle & 57 Gasser. Now that I got my bragging rights out I need to ask you gentleman a question. When you cut a chrome piece (plastic) off a tree & some of the chrome comes off how do you touch it up?. Having said that I do not have an air brush & am not the best with BMF like around air cleaners well I guess that is the only place it shows the valve covers really don't & I do not like to much chrome under the hood but anyway any tips on this!
    Thank you!
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