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  1. Agreed with all the above statements. This will be one of my favorite builds to watch this year
  2. That's a cool kit! I hear ya. I added time for stuffing boxes but did not add time for creating masters. In this case, the master pattern cost was repaid in the first run. This is the second run but the master was modified, which was listed. I'll be adding master pattern cost in the next two project posts. Included would be research, correspondence with vendors, etc. One was 3D printed and the other modified from a kit. I'd really like to get more of your input (and other casters here) because my costs (and ways of adding them up ?)will be different from yours.
  3. Thank you. Yes, my rates are low in the model car world. It's based in what I think I can get for the kits. In the Sci Fi genre, I'm able to go a lot higher. I've sold small kits for $400 and large kits for $1250 so it all equals out. If I only did car stuff, it probably wouldn't work out, but the Sci Fi parts make it worth it It's all good. I get my fill serving the communities I love by making cool stuff.
  4. Thank you Bob for this and your earlier comment. Yes, moving right along
  5. seems like a round about way of saying the same thing I did. I still have to keep track of my hours and put a monetary value on it. Only, in this case add it up at the end instead of the middle. Anyway, thank you for your comments
  6. thank you. But I still don't know how I would know how I made a profit if I didn't quantify my hours spent making one kit. Also, what if I trade it to other resin casters (I've done it in the past) What if I spent 100 hours making it? can you you please give me an example using my numbers in the previous page?
  7. thank you Pete and yes that's a good point. You're right that time is undervalued. I look at it this way: My hourly rate at work is slightly above this rate and I do almost the same thing (but without the project management part of it) I don't do this as my primary income, and don't wish to. If I did, I would have to charge more, but do to car modelers buying habits, I would sell less and have to make more range of smaller kits to compensate. $50 per hour would make it out of reach for most people. I do it in my leisure and is my part of the hobby Artists rates, as you said, are almost always undervalued. I accept this as a fact to deal with. I see it as good practice to learn business and project management skills. For me that's a cheaper education. Your post brings up a great point for others others wanting to get into resin casting. Ask yourself Why you want to do this: Learn, make a living, have satisfaction, have a hobby, or a little of each? Knowing these questions and answers will help determine your experience
  8. how would I know if I made a profit if I didn't quantify the hours that I spent making it?
  9. Good question. In my case, my work has a molding and casting department where I'm allowed to work off the clock. As long as I bring my own resin and silicone, I'm allowed to use the equipment and small consumable supplies as a perk of the job. Really good deal as this process uses a lot of those. Thank you for the question
  10. Is it scaled up equally or is the center the same as the one you have with a larger rim?
  11. Now that the costs are out of the way, I'll share the benefits: Making someone happy with a one of a kind model Taking pride in making a kit Knowing someone will build and display my work Having fun while creating something out of nothing Making a new item available to the community Serving the community Learning about engineering and problem solving Learning about marketing and sales Keeping my hands on skills sharp Donating to a good cause. The next case study will be a regular sized car model, so the expenses will be more in line with average resin kit makers. Thank you for reading
  12. Total invested - $1027.57 Resin $400 Silicone $367.57 Master Prep $260.00 Kit sells for $165.00 Costs $102.63 Master Prep $2.60 Silicone $10.74 Mold prep $4.80 Casting prep $1.20 Resin $13.55 ebay $16.50 Pay Pal $5.09 Shipping $16.65 Donation $16.50 Handling $15 Total cost to make $102.63 (profit is $62.37)
  13. Misc expenses not listed above: Supplies & materials like latex gloves, resin tint, safety equipent, tools, boxes, shipping packaging, shipping tape $N/A Ebay fee $16.50 per kit Pay Pal fee $5.09 per kit Shipping $16.65 (included but I can charge for this if I need to) Donation to Doctors Without Borders $16.50 (optional through eBay) Handling (packaging, shipping, and time on eBay) 1 hour X $15 is $15 per kit pressure pot, vacuum chamber, maintanence, etc $N/A Master pattern research, blue printing, CAD model, 3D printing, scratch building, etc $N/A (paid with proceeds from previous run) Note: These numbers are based on selling at $165. I sometimes take a Best Offer, so some of these numbers may change)
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