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  1. After a long absence I have returned to the model car world. I see a lot of great new post's I'm going to have to catch up on.
  2. GEEZ, stay away for a little while and see what I miss. That is a really nice kit bash - scratch built model.
  3. Interesting topic, as I was just telling my wife last night I have lost ALL of my motivation. I don't know why either. It seems to come and go for some reason. I just recently ordered some models on line, and I'm hoping that when they arrive it'll all come back. But to get back on topic, I generally use older build up's, on line photos, and he builds of my fellow modelers, when things are going good .
  4. Hello, and welcome. I'm also a Buckeye. From the Southern part, down by Cincy.
  5. Very nice job. I like the chrome pin stripe as well. Neat idea.
  6. The model looks great. But what I like the most in this post is what you said about kicking your habit. AWESOME MAN. Let THIS HABBIT take over now. You'll have much better results.
  7. Nice, I like those altered wheels. Was it easy to modify those?
  8. Here are a couple picture's of the engine installed. Radiator wall and fire wall are next to be put in, and then I can start running all these wire's to the correct place. Thanks for looking,Dave.
  9. Thanks guy's. I've just finished painting the frame up, and installed the engine. I'll get pics tonight after work, but I'm kinda done till I get the resin body and interior.
  10. Going to be a nice one Wayne. I'll keep my eye's on this one.
  11. Thanks for the compliments guy's. Tom, I have a few saved pic's of those Boston cars. I've wanted to do one myself. Although after I went over my stock on hand, I don't have anymore 'Biscayne" scripts left. She may just go together as an Impala wagon. Time may permit trying to order more?
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