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  1. Airfix VW Beetle?

    It looks the part, for sure. The potential issue you might find is that these Quickbuild kits are constrained by the dimensions of the “studs”. They are defined by being “compatible with the market leading brand”, ie Lego. Basically the proportions are defined by being X studs by Y studs by Z studs at the core, and they all have to be whole numbers. The outer curved layers can take up some slack, but only so much. The McLaren is something like 1/26 in one direction and 1/22.5 in the other, for example... best, M.
  2. Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Aoshima, 1/24

    Well, finally got to make some more progress... this is what I'm aiming for: And this is where I've got to.... Well, I'm happy... best, M.
  3. Autoquiz 414

    Me, too... best, M.
  4. A couple of goodies picked up at a local show: The Heller kit I know... maybe not as crisp as the Fujimi, but it has a complete engine (and three different types of spring to wind on the provided jig), so I was glad to get it for £20. The T-70 is a nice production and very well presented. But I don't know much about it; the "Union Memorial Collection" kits are often Heller, but this one isn't. It's nicely detailed, and has a driver. Anyone know what plastic is in this box? best, M.
  5. I don't know if they do this in the US, but the local window tint suppliers in the UK will send you samples (to decide exactly how black.grey/gold you want) for a few quid. I ticked a few boxes and got 6x 4"x6' pieces of tint, which will do quite a lot of 1:24/1:25 cars... best, M.
  6. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    Those pages that don’t link are always the most interesting ones! best, M.
  7. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    It was the gullwings that opened the door for me... I found a list on Wikipedia, thinking it was the East German gullwing sports coupe, found it wasn’t, and then looked at the other German cars on the list I didn’t know, and there it was... best, M.
  8. Ace-Garageguy, so long

    I’ll miss him... he certainly knows his stuff. That said, he also liked flying close to the line, baiting the mods, whether he intended to or not, and had more than a few sense of humour failures. I guess someone will be along to tell us whether he finally went too far for the mods, or has taken his bat home because someone crossed HIS line... I’d buy him a beer, if ever we’re in the same neck of the woods. best, M.
  9. Autoquiz 411 - Finished

    And for those who are wondering, the answer to my additional question “what ISN’T it?” is a Ford Capri. According to Steve Saxty’s new book “The Cars You Always Promised Yourself,” a history of “Ford’s Coupes and High Performance ST, XR and RS cars”, in 1965, Ford started work on a small coupe to emulate the success of the Mustang in the US. Work started in the International Studio at Dearborn. The GBX concept was shipped to the UK, where the British team started developing it further. In Germany, the local Ford design team were working on their own alternative coupe design based around their V6 engine. As the GBX evolved, Ford decided it couldn’t justify having two similar sporty coupes in Europe, so decided to launch the British version as the Capri, with the Cologne V6 as an option eventually. The Ford Germany design was passed to Officine Stampaggi Industriali (OSI) to produce, but even with Ford sales support, the OSI version was too expensive for large scale success... best, M.
  10. Autoquiz 411 - Finished

    ...and a small clue from me: there's a very well-known ("cult" in some circles) car from a mainstream manufacturer that was the winning proposal in an internal design competition that this design lost, which is why it ended up being used elsewhere. The winning design is the thing that this isn't... best, M.
  11. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    ...I wish some vendors would realise that Facebook is not the only communication channel in the world, and that some of us have consciously chosen to get off that platform, or never got on... That said, there's a lot of Beemax stuff I'll buy when it actually arrives at SpotModel or HobbyEasy. best, M.
  12. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    Probably better off praying that Academy starts selling the 250SWB in Korea as an unlicensed “European Sports Racing Car” like they do/did with the California Spider as European Sports Car... All you need are some aftermarket Cavallino Rampante’s... best, M
  13. Tamiya: Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans 2018

    It’s an interesting historical artefact; with the rule changes for Le Mans next year we’re unlikely to see its like again... although the cars we DO get promise to be pretty cool looking, if a bit more familiar than the exotic LMP1s... best, M.
  14. Mini Cooper Tires

    Renaissance do some 13” Minilites intended for ‘70s Escort rally cars, which might do. Sadly, 12” ones are harder to come by... there’s a set in the SE Finecast white metal Mini kit, but it’s out of production (and an expensive kit, when you can get Revell or Tamiya kits for £15 or so...) best, M.