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  1. Well, I’ve had a plastic refill bottle as long as I’ve had the first two pens (which have now been replaced), and it brushes and airbrushes as well today as it did when I got it. You do have to shake it A LOT to get the proper effect when airbrushed, though. Two full minutes is what I give it these days... Not saying you’re wrong, of course, just YMMV... best, M.
  2. Mine have worked fine for ages with no issues. I occasionally zap the 1mm tip with Liquid Reamer; for the 2 and 4mm you can turn the “nib” around to get effectively a new tip... Essential part of my paintbox, for me... best, M.
  3. Wait ‘til you hear about the six different modes the fan operates in, from “virtual long tail” streamliner to maximum downforce braking where it takes 10m off the stopping distance from 150mph. Oh, and it provides about 50kg of jet thrust. The F1 had two fans, says Gordon “but nobody noticed them...” best, M.
  4. ...you just need a couple of figures of bohemian ladies chaining themselves to the fence for that final period touch... best, M.
  5. OK, so it costs the best part of $3m., but as Gordon says, for the people who are buying it, it's objectively a better car than the Mclaren F.1 at an 80% discount on what one of those costs these days... best, M.
  6. If you've got 50-odd minutes to spare, you won't find a better masterclass in 1:1 automotive design and engineering than this lengthy guided walkaround of the the new T.50 "hyper-GT" from Gordon Murray. Harry Metcalf is a knowledgeable car guy himself, but this is really Gordon Murray introducing his masterpiece. He never takes pot-shots, but you do end up wondering how much of what McLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari are doing is just "styling" rather than design... @Ace-Garageguy Bill, I think you'll appreciate this... best, M.
  7. Certainly looks like a Landy to me, and the colour is just right (full disclosure: my first 6 years involved riding around in a pastel green SWB... the family car) Good job, Geoff! best, M.
  8. You know, looking at that, I wonder whether the best thing to do would be to leave the "windshield" part off completely and just build up the A-pillars on the doors and the front of the roof a bit and add the horizontal scuttle panel from strip. Scaled 1/25 version of this drawing here. best, M.
  9. I THINK it means shave off the two bolt heads/rivets/nubbins at the inner edges of the injector baseplates (F4, F5) between the third and fourth intakes so that part B40 can be glued flush at the bottom of the supports. The “wiring of hi tension cord” diagram to the left shows how B40 fits from above (grey shaded piece with dotted outline). If you have a smartphone and download the Google Translate app and Japanese language pack, you can point a camera at the instructions and see all the text in Japanese translated magically into English. There’s often more in the original text than is translated in the instructions. best, M.
  10. Formula One: Drive to Survive is pretty good, IMHO... best, M.
  11. It would seem a bit odd to call out “antique pistols” in the press release if you weren’t thinking of selling them again. I’ve got a pair of duelling pistols in a Pyro box and they really don’t look like something you could hold up a bank with... best, M.
  12. Those Pyro antique pistols are pretty cool, as I recall... best, M.
  13. Thanks, guys! @Jim N I think flat out it would kill me..! That’s the trouble these days... there are cars at performance levels that would have won Le Mans a decade or two ago that you can walk into a dealership and buy for acceptably affordable prices, AND they’ve got training wheels. But high end motorbikes that could win a MotoGP race a couple of years ago are the price of a family sedan, and you don’t need any special training of license to buy one or take it on the road. Personally, I’d love to own a Ducati, but I think it would scare me; a Lotus Esprit Turbo, not so much... best, M.
  14. If you’re wondering what a large-scale pre-coloured no-glue Meng model looks like more or less OOB with a bit of TLC: best, M.
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