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  1. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    Thanks, guys!!! Much appreciated... @Dann Tier much as I would love to take credit for sophisticated weathering, that’s just the normally entirely invisible carrier film catching the lighting in the photo booth! It was only after I’d done the front spoiler that I realised I needed to trim every carbon piece at the edge of the black area to get it to fit successfully... Also, as I mentioned, the metal decals are brilliant up to a point, and fragile beyond it... don’t bend any too sharply as you’re cutting out other bits. And also take careful note of the decal numbers on both the carbon and metal sheets. The layout kinda mimics the car but with some “gotchas”, like the rear duct decals sitting alongside the front clam striping while the front fender panels are with the rear window outline. My hard-earned advice would be to use some of the “spare” carbon or metal decal that Tamiya thoughtfully provide to get a handle on how both behave before using them in anger, rather than for patching up afterwards! bestest, M.
  2. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    A fantastic kit from Tamiya, with the as-expected stellar fit and engineering. I made it more difficult for myself with Tamiya's own etch update set and carbon decals, and lots of coloured wiring. This is one kit where you absolutely DO have to follow the instructions... all of them. Paint is Tamiya TS-86 Mica Red over metallic gold. Those silver decals are challenging. Don't use any decal solvent on them and they stay tough as well as thin and flexible. Getting them INTO the scoops on the engine cover rear is no fun at all. You can probably see I also messed up one of the rear tire decals. I think they should give you one spare for newbies to the weird method of laying them down to stuff up before doing the real thing! Still, one of the very best kits I have ever built. Now for something simpler ;-P best, M.
  3. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    Thanks, all... I think i'm on the home stretch now. One thing that I have learned is that whilst on other kits, sometimes "the instructions ARE just someone else's opinion", in this case, you really have to follow them, all of them... With a bit of luck, we should see this done tomorrow... All the best, M.
  4. Mercedes Benz 300SLR

    That really is lovely, and having built the Uhlenhaut coupe, I know what the starting point for the underpinnings was like! Great job. best, M.
  5. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    It's taken a while to make significant progress, but here we are: These seat belts were a monstrous PITA, and only do-able with the help of my crafty daughter...I have no idea how you could make them with only one pair of hands! There's a lot of carbon fibre decal settling down in the airing cupboard, and still more to do after that! best, M.
  6. Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta' 1950

    You could check out the Donington Historic Festival May Day weekend: http://www.doningtonhistoric.com It's only about 35 minutes drive from Mallory Park according to Google, so should be reasonably accessible for you! And there's a whole lot of the sound and smell of the exhaust and oil going on... https://cmatthewbacon.smugmug.com/Cars/Donington-Classic-Festival best, M.
  7. Hi, all... I'm on the hunt for a Porsche 911 964 kit, mostly for the chassis. Ideally, it would be one with a full engine. So far I've found the Fujimi kit, which comes in Carrera 2/4 form (which I have) and Carrera 3.0 RSR, which I don't, but the chassis in both kits is exactly the same, with a very simplified rear end. I have a Revell (Germany) Carrera Cabrio '93, which has more detail, but is going to be a lot harder to fit into the Fujimi-sized body shell that it is destined for. Anyone know of any other 964 kits with a decent chassis, or am I doomed to trying to hack the back end of the Revell kit onto the Fujimi Carrera 2/4 chassis? Thanks! best, M.
  8. Porsche 911

    I have the Fujimi 73 Carrera RS "Rally Version"... I'll take a look and see if that has different rally bumpers and if so still has the originals included... best, M.
  9. Jaguar Mk. II Saloon

    If you want to learn more about the biggest robbery in English history, then this: http://a.co/hqYFI4f If a very enjoyable lightly-fictionalised version! As for the Mark 10, I'd have to agree, it's a pretty ungainly beast. Though why no one has kitted is successor, the XJ, which was out of this world in its day, and remained Jaguar's flagship for an astonishing 24 years 1968-92. All the best, M.
  10. 1963 Apollo 3500 GT

    I would have thought a bash of a Ferrari 275 GTB and a 240Z would get you pretty close! best, M.
  11. If you have a gaming shop nearby, Citadel’s washes... Nuln Oil (black) in particular... are very good, and come in assorted colours which can be used for more subtle panel lines on coloured vehicles... best, M.
  12. WTH! Someone paid $2600 for a pre-built model. Why?

    I sold off a bunch of built 1/48 airplane models on eBay when I moved house. The standout success was an Aeroclub (somewhat obscure limited run manufacturer) Chipmunk (aircraft flown in by many Air Training Corps cadets). They were all built to the same (reasonable but not genius) standard. What made the difference was the fact that it was unusual and that it meant something to a wider audience. Still, it barely paid minimum wage for the hours I’d spent! best, M.
  13. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    Thanks folks. I think I've now done all the engine detailing I'm going to: And I'm glad to confirm that the engine cover will still close around all that wire: best, M.
  14. Stephen Hawking has left the building...

    Well, I certainly won't dispute the brilliant mind, but let's give thanks that we had him for _50 years_ more than the doctors thought possible when he was diagnosed. And maybe the failing body is part of what drove the mind to be so brilliant: "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up." RIP Prof. Hawking best, M.
  15. Ferrari FXX-K, Tamiya, 1/24

    http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/tools/brevecosinglebladenipperreviewjh_1.htm They're GRRRRRREAT! best, M.