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  1. Best Sites For Used Car Reviews?

    Assuming that the US models aren’t significantly different from UK ones: https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/volkswagen/passat-b8-2015/ Is it the 2 litre diesel he’s looking at? If so, do you know if it’s the 140 or 170 horsepower version? I’ve got the VAG 170 hp diesel and 6 speed DSG dual clutch auto box in my Skoda, and it’s a great combination... economical and quiet, but with a great surge of power when you need it for the 30-70mph overtaking dash... best, M.
  2. Citroen

    Brilliant! Great colour choice and such a cool subject. I see the mobile “Creperie” version has just been re-popped. I MUST get one... beat, M.
  3. Autoquiz 432

    Whatever it is, it's a pretty terrible example of design... those long front and rear overhangs, a wheelbase barely big enough to fit the door in, and that horrible fudge with the sidestrake detailing at the front edge of the door... eurgh. best, M.
  4. Honda NSX

    Don't lose heart on the paint... with Zero Paints the transformation when you finally apply the clearcoat over the matt basecoat(s) can be dramatic. I used the Liquid Blue Pearl on my LFA, and it looked pretty uninspiring with the base colour and blue translucent topcoat on, but when I hit it with the 2K clear all the richness, depth and subtlety of the colour appeared, as if by magic! best, M.
  5. Honda NSX

    Does this help? Best, M.
  6. Aoshima instructions question

    Yep... it's definitely a paint mix or colour ... there'll be a recipe either with the paint listing, or sometimes on the painting/decal placement guide for the whole car. It's usually one of two things: A mix of black, grey and possibly a clear matt or satin coat, which is what Aoshima uses in places where there is carbon fibre on the real thing or alcantara fabric (a different mix, obviously) Where you have to paint something the same colour as the body, and there are several choices for the body colour... though now I think about it, maybe that one actually says Ph[BODY] Looking at the picture you posted, this one is probably Alcantara, so look at @Dann Tier s recipe here: best, M.
  7. My 50's GP & Sports Racing Cars

    What a fabulous collection! Very cool cars, all of them, and great examples of how older (even “Classic”) kits can be turned into beautiful replicas by a skilled modeller who’s prepared to put the time in. I’m not going to pick favourites, but with a Merit Lotus XI on the go myself, yours is an inspiration. I must check out how much Herb Deeks wheels would be posted to the UK! Great stuff... best, M.
  8. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Nice haul! I’d love to know what’s in the Revell GTO box... the old Aurora/Monogram one, the Italeri or the Protar? That Italeri 250SWB is a bit of a “grail kit” for me, as was the Cali spyder until I discovered it new in an Academy box without a Ferrari license... best, M.
  9. Really?? $6,000?? For a Tamiya 934

    I think it's clearly a real, and unusual, thing. But it looks like it's of that vintage where they still gave you a motor, so it's a big toy car. With the normal scale model versions running about 1/10th the price, I suspect the ONLY people interested would be Tamiya "completists." And in that market, as you say, it depends how much silly money they have, and whether a couple of them get into an ebay bidding war over it. For the rest of us, it's not remotely "worth" that asking price... best, M.
  10. Molotow chrome

    If you do find that the tip on the larger markers has dried up, you can recover it by spraying it with a spritz of airbrush cleaner/liquid reamer, pulling it out, flipping it round and doing the other end as well if necessary. Just make sure that you get the ink flowing through and rewetting the tip by drawing on some scrap paper before applying it to the model, otherwise you'll be applying airbrush cleaner to your topcoat... best, M.
  11. "1957 International Catalogue of Automobiles" nostalgia fest

    Here you go David @Anglia105E : That "Silver Wraith" looks a bit odd, doesn't it, with the invisible window pillar at the back.. a bit hearse-like. best, M.
  12. Porsche 904 GTS Carrera

    That looks absolutely fantastic, Bernard. Amazing quality and detail throughout... it’s a shame so much is hidden at the end, but I guess we’ve all been there with some kit or other. This’ll be vital reference when I finally come to build mine. Brilliant! best, M.
  13. Aston Martin DBS Tamiya

    My build is here: The biggest problem was the metal transfers for the engine, which would not stick to the matte finish engine cover. After destroying one and recovering with some difficulty, in the end, I applied all the rest to decal film, and then applied them as water slide decals, which worked fine... It's a great kit generally, with excellent fit and very nice detailing, along with Tamiya's usual trick of getting a lot of detailed parts combined into single mouldings. best, M.
  14. Picked this up in a local charity shop for £2, and was surprised to discover that it's almost an "Abe-whack": a book that has only one copy on AbeBooks. There are two. It seems that 1957 edition is the only one there ever was, but it's a treat... especially if you chose 1957 as your favorite year for American cars. I've photographed a few pages below (I'm nervous of scanning them flat in case the laminated binding starts falling apart). There are quite a few candidates for the Auto ID quiz, which I'm keeping under wraps, but if there's a particular 57 model or range you'd like me to look up and post up, just holler... Quite a stylish cover... This is what each spread looks like... photos to the right, key data and vital statistics to the left... And now, on with the 1957 Car Show... There are 210 pages in all (105 picture and data spreads), so this is just a small sample, but it's a real blast from the past, and some of the photography is super cool... in a kitsch sort of a way. It's clear that, for example, Buick put the effort in on their location photography, whereas Pontiac... not so much) best, M.
  15. What diecast did you get today?

    That does look very cute, and colourful! I love the exotic sunroof style... very chic. It looks like something one of the many young ladies that Bertie Wooster has been engaged to might drive around Town and down to Totley Towers in... best, M.