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  1. '68 Firebird 400 Stock wheels/tyres

    Thanks, guys! The trick now is going to find me someone who can sell me some without charging half as much again for the postage as the actual wheels... best, M.
  2. Hi, all...unlike the Revell Foose Impala kit, which has the regular wheels in the box as well, the Foose Firebird 400 doesn't. I don't like the Foose wheels and rubberband tyres at all, soooo.... Where can I get some regular stock wheels and tyres for a 68 Firebird 400? Many thanks for any advice... best, M.
  3. Autoquiz 383 -Finished

    The Singer was as far as I got... couldn’t decide if it was a real 30s speedster or 70s kit car, and ran out of time to look... best, M...
  4. Celebrity Crushes?

    "What was wrong with the black one?" I give you the first five minutes of Alias Season 2, Episode 13, "Phase One"... NSFW, probably... best, M.
  5. In case it escaped your attention, this weekend marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Die Hard, which is my all-time No.1 action movie. Not a wasted moment in the whole film: as someone much more knowledgeable than me about movies said: "Every moment is either setting something up or paying it off." And McClane might lose in this one. "If Schwarzenegger gets on the bus, the passengers are gonna survive. Keanu, who knows?" The same's true of Die Hard, back then. Curmudgeonly sidekick in Moonlighting playing a part written for Sinatra back in the day... it could have gone either way. Support to die for: "No, I am an EXCEPTIONAL thief..." "We're gonna need some more FBI guys, I guess..." So, enjoy your weekends. This Sunday, I'll be watching the best Christmas movie ever released in July... best, M.
  6. To save typing it all out again: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956647-matts-tips-for-painting-cars/ best, M.
  7. 3d printed wire wheels

    Amazing! They look absolutely fabulous. Can you do smaller sizes? 18"s are too big for the classics I'd need them for, which are 15" or 16" at most... ...and I don't suppose you'd consider making up some of the unique Campagnolo's for this: In 1/16th scale? There'd be quite a few of us out there with the otherwise rather nice Fujimi kit who'd buy a set! All the best, Matt
  8. I've seen some beautifully finished models where the main body colour wraps round the underside edges with primer or sealer colour on the rest, others that are body colour over the whole underside, and still others where the underbody area is all black.... Are there any "rules" to which you should choose for what cars and eras, os is it a case of "whatever looks right"? best, M.
  9. Isdera Imperator.....98% scratch built!

    Well, the C111 at least doesn't need a full scratchbuild: Still for sale for about $15. It's a starting point, being an old, formerly motorized kit, but you'd have make a choice of engine anyway... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10038872 best, M.
  10. Fully detailed Airfix James Bond Aston Martin DB-5

    Well, it depends what you want to build. The Monogram 1/24 DB4 is not at all bad, if you want to build a DB4, or a DB4GT. If you happen to have easy access to a later Airfix "DB5" (the Doyusha kit in another box, and not SO hard to find or expensive) then you can use the front end for a late DB4 and GT (with faired headlights) on the Monogram base kit. The Airfix "DB6" isn't, because they didn't deal with the roofline and the extra length properly. It's do-able, though, with good scale plans to see what you really need to fix (basically free up and lever higher the rear g;asshouse slope, while inserting an extension at the back by making a Z-cut and sliding the Kamm tail backwards then back-filling. Someone (me, if wishes were horses) could fairly easily tool up a state of the art 1/24 early DB4 through to late DB6 with the help of some clever swappable slide-mold elements... @djflyer is your man if you want info straight from the horse's mouth, since he has the kits to hand... best, M.
  11. Want to trade Ship model for Aircraft

    For anyone who's interested in that kind of thing, the "Captain Kidd Pirate Ship" is a pretty good and detailed model of a late 17th century 50-gun warship, a two-decker, probably based on the "Wappen von Hamburg" of 1667. See build diary (not mine!) here: http://www.shipsofscale.com/WVH/WVH01.html Worth trading a 1/72 Osprey for any day, if you're ready for the challenge of building and rigging an Age of Sail ship model, and a pretty low entry cost if you're not sure but want to dip a toe in the water... best, M.
  12. 2017 Acura NSX in Valencia Red

    Lovely build of a seriously cool car. Great job. as for the colour "popping" I think you're doing yourself no favours with your photo setup. Although the black floor and white backdrop seem logical, because it's like your house or a dealership, it makes it much harder for the camera to take a good picture. If you put the model on a single colour background (a sheet of thick paper on the bench and curving up the wall), then the camera will give the whole dynamic range of lighting to the car. As it is, the large areas of black and white are "compressing" the colours in the middle (non-technical description ;-P). You can use white, light grey or black as the background colour, but unless you have a tonne of lights and and ultra-flat material, I'd steer clear of black... I don't want to hijack your thread, but you can see the richness in the three-layer paint on the LFA much better with the grey background... best, M.
  13. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    Looks like the Fujimi GT3R might get some way towards the front valance and splitter, and a diffuser for the rear, but it's a central exhaust... best, M.
  14. 1963 Jag XKE - Monogram old 1989 stock kit

    This is the 1/24 Monogram kit, right? Not the big 1/8th scale one... It's beautifully finished, but that kit doesn't really do the shape of the real thing justice... the front end of the hood looks more like an XKSS than an E-type... All the best, M.
  15. Porsche 911 SC/RS

    I've definitely caught the bug: I even bought the SP '73 RSR specifically for the body of a Singer build (I got a nice email from a lady at Singer saying that although, no, she couldn't give me scale drawings or 3D model files for their cars, and that the Singer is not EXACTLY like any other Porsche body, the 73 RSR was the inspiration for the look, and is the closest.) Just a shame it's only available as a "not cheap" resin transkit! best, M.