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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic New Jaguar D-Type from Profil24   

    Beautiful, for sure, but at €200, I think I’ll use the pictures as detailing inspiration for my from-the-stash Revell XKSS/Lindberg D-Type cross-kit...
  2. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell Ford GT wheels question   

    You mean this one?

    ..or the 2005 GT? I only ask because I know there is a 1/25 2005 Ford GT out there with big pimped wheels (edit... and can-Con found it, above), which I had to avoid while I was chasing down a Johnny Lightning kit of the same to do this:

    For either, I think the kit wheels are OK...
  3. Matt Bacon added a topic in Under Glass   

    1930 Alfa 8C 2300, Airfix, 1/32
    One of Airfix's excellent 1970s new tool 1/32 cars (not to be confused with the Highway Pioneers style brass-era oldies, or the slot-car derived 60s racers)...

    Left to right: the Airfix M K3 Magnette, another one of those mid-70s vintage sportsters (along with a Bugatti 35 and Vauxhall Prince Henry); the Alfa; and Matchbox's Aston Martin Ulster.
    Now, on with a Jaguar SS100 and MG TD from Matchbox...
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  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Aston Martin Ulster, Matchbox, 1/32   

    Thanks, all! The scale isn't so odd when you consider that the only direct pocket money competitors were Airfix's 1/32 offerings, which included a number of kits first offered as slot racing models. 1/32 has always been the dominant slot scale in the U.K.
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Another Russian retro-classic-sports limited production piece   

    It looks rather like one of the less successful coach builder's efforts at a Ferrari America... lots of nice individual details, but for me they don't quite "gel"... and there are too many of them in one car!
    For an alternative example, Google "Maserati 5000GT." Mostly hideous, especially the Frua. And then compare with the Touring 3500GT coupe. "Less is more" applies in car design, too...
    On the whole, it seems to me you should never let the client get too involved in coachbuilding. 
  6. Matt Bacon added a topic in Under Glass   

    Aston Martin Ulster, Matchbox, 1/32
    Another of Matchbox's excellent 1/32 car kits  -- 30s sports cars are a big theme in their line-up.

    I did a bit of plumbing and detailing under the bonnet -- particularly adding the steering column, without which it looks very odd under there. The only flaws I can see with the kit are that the engine should really be a bit longer and closer up to the radiator, which would give more room for the ancillaries around it, and it doesn't quite capture the low, wide stance of the real thing. I think if I was doing another one not out of the box, I'd try and taper the bonnet down to a slightly shortened radiator...
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  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic New MasterBox 1/24 figures   

    This one of the earlier ones painted up:

    It's true that the kit parts don't always quite match the illustrations, but they scrub up pretty well all the same...
  8. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Classic Car Show, Burley in Wharfedale, 2017   

    The whole album (70 or so pictures) is here:
  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Classic Car Show, Burley in Wharfedale, 2017   

    Details, details...

  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Classic Car Show, Burley in Wharfedale, 2017   


    MG TF

    Lotus Elan

    AM V8


    Pair of Jensens, 60s and 70s style

    Jowett Jupiter flat four: these you don't see every day...

    Lotus Carlton

    Lancia "Testa Rossa"

    ...and the Mustang version.
  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Classic Car Show, Burley in Wharfedale, 2017   

    190SL, beautifully presented...

    Fabulous Lancia Fulvia. If I can't have the E-type, I'll have this...

    Another not-so-common type: the Jensen Healey.

    One of a few hot rods...

    The Sammio Spyder, whatever that may be.

    The only Ferrari on the field, except it's not, of course...

    Great colour scheme on this Elan.

    356 Super 90. Lovely and timeless...
  12. Matt Bacon added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Classic Car Show, Burley in Wharfedale, 2017
    This is a fun day out -- an enthusiasts show with no competition and no entry cost for owners or visitors. Just people who like cool cars getting together on a Yorkshire afternoon. There's a pretty eclectic selection to be found, including some rarities...

    MG TF -- one of several.

    Nippy little stalwart of the UK scene...

    Less well-known outside these shores, but this Jowett, and the others here were built locally, well into the 50s.

    As it happens, I'm finishing one of these at the moment, so some 1:1 reference for the AM Ulster was appreciated.

    Needs no introduction, but a beautiful example.

    Classic in every way

    This is a rarity -- the Jensen GT

    And so's this: a Borgward Isabella

    The forgotten hot hatch - Sunbeam Lotus.

    Classic perfection...
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  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 2016 Toyota GT86   

    Very nice, Jonathan. Aoshima, I guess? Nice and clean and a very zingy red, for a change. Most all the GT86s round here are black, though I have seen the special orange/copper colour once.
    Great job!
    All the best,
  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Autoquiz 336 - Canceled   

    Doh... now do I feel stupid?
    Guess who posted the previous Auto ID which featured the Ford Facel Comete...?
    No wonder it looked vaguely familiar, but it does make me wonder about the state of my brain in my advancing years... ;-(
  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked   

    That really is beautiful, Jurgen. I can see why the original would have inspired you to want to get it right, but it looks like a truly mammoth task, with a stellar result at the end. I don't suppose you took some moulds from the final body before building the rest did you? ;-P
    Good to see you back again!
    All the best,