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  1. Looks great -- very well executed. I'm going to pinch the deepening with the drill bit idea for my next one! best, M.
  2. Don't get me wrong.... I _love_ the orginal CX-75 concept. But the power-train was far more clever and less Batmobile than it sounded. The microturbines (scale ups of model RC flying engines) were there as a "sustainer" where they ran constantly at the same speed, generating power into the electric propulsion system battery, while super-sophisticated disc electric motors to drive the wheels provided throttleable power and all the torque from zero revs. The real value of the turbines was massive simplification and increased reliability over a reciprocating engine. IIRC, there are only about 10 moving parts in each turbine (if you count the turbine/compressor spool as one, which it is...). It didn't happen because the engineers couldn't figure out how to get enough air into the engine room to feed and cool the turbines for sustainable use without making the frontal drag of the car impossibly high. Realistically, the CX-75 is comparable to the BMW i8 (although slightly less practical) as a pointer to the future. The power pack is still my bet for the non-commuter sports car, where suburban charging networks are dense enough to sustain pure electric, but to get out on the open road requires something different... unless the Mr Fusion pack means where we're going we don't need roads... best, M.
  3. Scribe along the line with a scriber or back of a knife blade, roll some 5amp fuse wire under a steel rule until it’s completely straight and use thin superglue to fix it in place in the scribed line to make the trim. You can either scribe the line and paint, then fix the wire, or fix then paint and finally run fine wet and dry or a sharp knife along the top to re-expose the silver metal… best, M.
  4. If you're not worried about the shape being perfect, the Revell coupe, and the Revell roadster. If you want a coupe body that's correct, then the Heller, because the Revell coupe windscreen is too shallow, which makes it look slicker but isn't actually right. If you do decide on the Heller, then grab a copy of the Revell instructions or look at online reviews and chop up and reassemble the Heller kit parts until the body breakdown is the same as the Revell kit, because Revell have figured out how to engineer the coupe to hide all the seams when you put it together... best, M.
  5. That looks excellent -- very realistic finish and colour is spot on. Spare tyre on the bonnet is a lot better than on the roof! Oddly, that raised plate on the back door is also a mount for the spare wheel (check the spacing of the raised nubbins top centre and bottom corners vs 3 studs on the rim), but it's way too low. You could shave it off and mount the wheel near the top of the solid panel. There's no recess in the door for the wheel, unlike the bonnet which should be dished for the wheel to sit lower in... where's that aftermarket resin copy of the Esci bonnet when you need it? best, M.
  6. Au contraire, mon ami… the 70s Classic cars (Delahaye, Hispano Suiza, Bugatti), F1 (McLaren, Lotus, Brabham) and sports cars (Ferrari 512, 917, 908) plus oddballs like the hotel bus and Delahaye fire engine are, IMHO about as good as it could have got in an era of analogue design and old-school prototyping and tooling… best, M.
  7. ...anyone looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, a more restrained (and chic) alternative to the usual Rosso Corsa/Giallo Fly examples, might want to consider this elegant Burgundy and Tobacco scheme: https://www.ultimatecarpage.com/chassis/4136/Ferrari-LaFerrari-214218.html best, M.
  8. Physically, no... but I'd be mighty hurt and upset if I stepped on any of the models that are currently in my display cabinet! Personally, having built all three of the big Lego Technic cars (GT3, Chiron and Sian) I'd say they are fascinating and enjoyable to work on, cool things to look at when they are finished, but most importantly I've built them as as a family activity over a few months each around the dining table with my wife and kids, and THAT time is priceless... best, M.
  9. Credit where credit’s due: don’t forget these guys: https://www.ulalaunch.com/ Currently doing most of the _serious_ US space activity… best, M.
  10. Still my favourite line from any Star Trek… “Are you from outer space? No, I’m from Iowa, I only work in outer space.” I’m glad Bill got there in real life… .. not convinced that it has much to tell us about further exploration and exploitation of space, though, and it’s going to be a long time if ever before space becomes a net source of resources for Earth rather than a drain on them. A self sustaining Mars colony would probably cost as much blood and treasure and scientific breakthroughs as a safe reliable fusion reactor, and I know which one I’d rather mankind had… best, M.
  11. Looks fantastic… I bought one of these because the original is just bonkers. Not built it yet, but if I get it half as good as you have, I’ll be very pleased. I only regret that Tamiya didn’t do some transparent cowls so you could see the amazing engineering with the bike completed… best, M.
  12. Maybe they are machine reading the labels for bulk mails and the system can’t cope, but First Class is still sorted by real people at a critical point… best, M.
  13. Gregg asked me to hold off publishing these Under Glass pictures until MCM #209 has landed, but now it's swum ashore here in the UK, I figure it's reasonably safe... best, M.
  14. My #209 just landed in Yorkshire, UK, and very nice it looks as well. Just starting to read it properly... best, M.
  15. One I’d forgotten: “Night Without End” about a plane crash in the Arctic is another that’ll give you frostbite… best, M.
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