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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    Got my shipping notice from Hobbysearch this AM...
  2. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic how to make black interiors nice   

    Here's a couple of examples of the technique Tom's talking about. If you look around, there are any number of "blacks" that you can use for different parts, which, coupled with surface finishes from dead flat to super shiny give you loads of options to "busy up" an "all-black" interior. Look for Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black, Rubber Black and NATO Black, Vallejo German Grey, Black Grey and Basalt Grey, Revell Anthracite, Testors (?) Tire Black, Citadel (Games Workshop) Adeptus Battlegrey and Charadon Granite...

  3. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    Still testing it seems to work if you manually type the IMG tags at either end. Still wish "insert Image from URL" worked -- it's a pretty big screw-up on Invision's part to miss that they've broken such a basic function while testing an "upgrade"...
  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24   

    Thank you very much, one and all! Sorry there's not more to see and read, but it's a condition of doing the article, sadly.
    Allan... yours looks excellent, and I can see we're very much "on the same page". I think Heller did the wheel spat components in different colours to give the two tone effect, but I chickened out of masking them. You didn't!
    Skip... you're too kind...
    Charlie -- it's Tamiya TS-23 Light Blue and TS-55 Dark Blue, mostly out of the can (I had to touch up the front right spat with the airbrush after the darn thing split as I was trying to get it to fit...)
    Geoff -- it'll be in Airfix Model World, not sure what issue yet.
    ..and yes, I do wish someone did a Saoutchik or Figoni and Falaschi bodied version...
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Bugatti 100P - Stunning Aircraft from the 30's   

    ...and if you want to build one in 1/24 to go alongside your Heller T50, head over to Fisher Model and Pattern:
    Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a FANTASTIC kit in the box...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24   

    Thanks, Bruce! The good news is that Heller is back in production, and a lot of these classics are now being re-popped. Should be available at Squadron or other imported kit stores now -- it's already at HLJ, and that's the other side of the world from France!
  7. Matt Bacon added a topic in Under Glass   

    Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24
    No WIP for this one, since it's destined for a magazine over here. Very nicely, if over-ambitiously, engineered kit. I added some wires under the hood, but that's about all.

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  8. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Car modelling in the UK   

    I can't say I find any difficulty in sourcing all the kits I want, via UK retailers, eBay UK and (still cheaper for most Japanese kits than official UK imports, even with postage and customs ransom when it gets applied). But I'm no great fan of Detroit iron, hot rods or customs. There's definitely at least one trader at Huddersfield Model Show every year who has NOTHING BUT boxes and boxes of US import kits available, and I think he has an online store. I'm struggling to find him at the moment, but a post on (or in the Model Cars discsussion on Britmodeller -- I know he's buddies with a couple of regulars over there) might track him down...
    And try the IPMS UK Hot Rod and Custom SIG: Lee Croden is the SIG leader: E-Mail:
  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic kit help   

    Condolences on your father's passing. There may be someone local along to help you any minute. But if not, you might try getting in touch with your local chapter of the IPMS (International Plastic Modellers Society), which seems to be in Tacoma. They might have members with the expertise to help you, or contacts who can. According to the IPMS web site The Tacoma Green Dragons (Les Sundt memorial chapter) contacts are 
    Mark Aldrich 
    Clay Ching
    If you are on Facebook, searching "Tacoma Green Dragons" should bring up their pages with news and events.
    Good luck!
    All the best,
  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Is there a difference in Revell Ferrari 458 kits?   

    ... 'cos the US one has pre-broken parts that have to be glued back together before you can use them? ;-P
    Seriously, I don't know WHY they are different, but you can see the instructions including sprue layouts for the Revell AG one here:
    and the Revell US equivalent here:
    The stages of the instructions are identical, as are the diagrams.
    The US one doesn't have a sprue diagram, but has a named list of part numbers which only runs to Part 111 (the Cavallino for the front, in both cases, in case you were wondering...). Revell DE doesn't count the tyres in their 111 parts.  I guess if you count the tyres, the decal sheet, the instructions, the warning sheet and the two box halves, you get to "118+"
  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Is there a difference in Revell Ferrari 458 kits?   

    The plastic is identical, so the etch will work equally well with either. I'd look for the box that's least likely to have broken parts in it -- or check inside before you leave the shop! Unfortunately, it's hard to know which one that is: my RoG box had a cracked main windscreen, and I've heard of other builders who found the same. But I've also heard lots of criticism on this board of the way some of those Revell Germany originated kits are stuffed/shoehorned into the standard US Revell box resulting in crushed and broken parts, especially fragile A-pillars.
    If you can possibly buy it in the real world, I would: remember, your retailer is the first port of call if there IS a problem, so it's in their interests to let you check the kit before you pay for it...
  12. Matt Bacon added a topic in All the Rest   

    SNCF 241.P "Mountain" steam locomotive, Kitmaster, OO Gauge
    Another nicely detailed early 1960s kit of a big and impressive original! These beasties were the flagship steam locomotives of the SNCF (French Railways). Unfortunately, unbuilt complete kits are pretty rare, and command high prices on eBay, so to get this most unusual and impressive Kitmaster model on display, I had to resort to buying a built-up model. It was only missing one set of cab steps (and seeing how easily they are knocked off by the swinging rear bogie, I can understand why!), which I scratch built. It had been pretty reasonably painted, albeit in silver and olive green rather than the more prototypical steel and Brunswick Green:

    Anyway, aiming for an "in service" but not "uncared for" look, I weathered it as though someone took an oily rag to the green bits every now and then, as befits a locomotive hauling Blue Riband expresses.
           ... yes, it is a big so and so... This one really brings home the issues of OO/HO Gauge: the track suits 1/87 scale prototypes, but is really too narrow for 1/76 scale. On a big loco like this it's clearly noticeable that the body is really too wide for the chassis, and it would certainly look better with the wheels more outboard. The difference is 19mm in 1/76 versus 16.5mm in 1/87, which is pretty significant. Not much I can do about a pre-built model, but I have a few for which I have kits, and I might see if I can do them with a 3-4mm increase in track width... it's not as if they have to run on any layout! bestest,M.
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  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Album Art   

    None more so than this one, right?

  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Album Art   

    Wel, that first one is the Roy Cross box art for the 70s Airfix 1/72 Superfortress kit. I hope they paid Roy (and Airfix) his dues.... ;-P

  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1966 Lotus Elan S3 (Emma Peel's Car)   

    Lovely job, Jurgen. It looks perfect, especially the interior. I have the kit, too, so I know you don't get a whole lot to work with!

    Have you got a Heller Bentley to convert to go with it, in memoriam Patrick Macnee?

    All the best,