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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic British Racing Green?   

    Well, if it's a Jaguar E-Type you're looking to paint, then you probably want to get close to the BRG that Jaguar used for the E-Type:
    Oddly, most Jaguar racing cars (C-Type, D-Type, XKSS and even the XJ-13) were actually painted a much darker shade of green (when they were green at all, obviously)
  2. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Retromobile, Paris, Feb 8th   

    A bit of "car art"...

  3. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    Retromobile, Paris, Feb 8th
    Of you like classic, mostly European cars, this is a must-do show if you can get there. I happened to be working in Paris last week, and the show opens late on a Wednesday night...

    I guess this one sets the tone...

    ...and this is what it's all about: some of the cars consigned to the Artcurial auction

    This one looks a little familiar ;-P

    You don't see one of THESE every day

    Among all those desirable cars, this is the one I'd REALLY love to own...

    I'm sure I've seen one of these somewhere before...

    Unique Ferry Porsche 928 "estate"

    There was _some_ representation from over the pond...
    More here:
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  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Harry's current condition   

    Something that we can all do, if we haven't got it already:

    It's a fantastic showcase of Harry's models and design talent, , and since it's on print to order, you have to hope he's getting a good share of the money. Share the link with anyone who's interested in car models or auto history...
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1992 Jaguar XJ 220   

    When you think about it, £300K for a honest to goodness 90s supercar (about 1/3 of what you'd pay for a 959 or F40) that's also the essence of Jaguar, seems like a steal...
    I'd much rather have one than pay twice as much for an XJR-15! Though on my real budget, an XK-R for £9k is the only remotely credible option...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1992 Jaguar XJ 220   

    A great build, Jurgen... every now and then, you have to build an "almost perfect" kit, because you love the car, and you don't have the time  or inclination to battle a mule into submission. I like a challenging build very now and then, but I guess for me, modelling is about a balance between enjoying the "challenging" experience and placing something I want in the cabinet (not so much that I'd buy a die-cast, mind you).
    The XJ220 is a storied and good looking beast, though, so I wanted one, and I paid my dues making my life harder by "plumbing" the engine bay, which is the only place the Tamiya kit is really lacking. Put it in your cabinet, though, and you can really see how cool (and how BIG) the thing is! It's a couple of years since I built mine, but it was nice to see this on sale:
    which at least confirmed the colour! (Is yours silver, or is the pale violet colour _I_see in the images a reflection of real life?)
    Fabulous Jag
  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #307 Finished   

    Close, I think, but no cigar this time!
  8. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic I am creating a website about models and I want input!   

    Well, that's me told... Just to speak up (briefly) for what I do, marketing isn't (or shouldn't be) advertising or sales. Nor is it just about asking customers what they want and building it, no matter how it turds out (see what I did there...?). Marketing should be about understanding what matters to customers, what problems the are trying to solve, or what needs they have that need meeting, and creatively, with passion, coming up with products that meet those needs. To take an example close to what we do, WingNut Wings is NOT only a product of passion. They looked at the WW1 modelling fraternity, which was previously served by small-scale kits, vintage Auroras, and a few 1/32 kits from Roden, mostly, and figured out that the kind of people who would model WW1 aircraft would want large scales (1/32), state of the art, made with love, and presented with a certain style...and actually weren't too bothered about the price, because the value per building hour was high. Add to that a USP in the shape of Peter Jackson, his 1:1 collection, replica chops, and Weta Workshop and you're onto a winner. On a different but 1:1 angle, the original Mustang was ENTIRELY a marketing-led product, driven by executive corridor guys, and their secretary, telling "engineering" what they could sell...
    Don't knock marketing (to death, anyway). If you've ever sat down with some customers, heard what they think they want, and thought "I could do that, but it would be better if...", then you've done marketing!
  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Maserati 3500 GT, 1st out of the gate   

    Great job... and I know how challenging it is! Very nice colour combination, and it is such an achingly stylish car to have on the cabinet...
    Time to do the DB4 next? ;-P
  10. Matt Bacon added a topic in Under Glass   

    MattB's 2016 : a poor (half) year...
    Started good, but when I went back to work full-time in April, it went down hill pretty quickly...

    ...must do better in 2017!
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  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Revell RoG 2017 releases: Panamera 2 and Porsche Junior 108   

    There's a 1/24 Aston Martin DB5 in the list as well...
  12. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #305 Finished   

    I don't remember the details, but I have a feeling it was a result of a short-lived period when there were possibly going to be EU regulations about the average fuel economy of all the cars produced by any individual manufacturer. I think it became clear that this was pretty silly, pretty quickly, and these days I think there are exemptions for "low-volume" manufacturers, which is why the Cygnet is no more. I also remember that one of its "selling points" at the time was that it could be easily craned aboard the luxury yacht that serial Aston owners would have, and function as an "on-shore tender..." I guess someone also figured out that it would be cheaper to hire guys (me! me !) to drive your Rapide and V12 Vantage from London to Monte Carlo than buy a whole new over-priced, body-kitted iQ...
  13. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    Mazda MX-5 RF
    Maybe it's just me, but the new MX-5 RF looks really cool to me... a mini 599 GTO!

    With a red body and black roof and flying buttresses, I think it would look fabulous. An at £33k for the top spec, it's a tad more affordable and available than a 599 GTO, and probably 95% as much fun on normal roads in daily use!
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  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 2016 Revell Germany, new releases   

    I don't know why "if they get kits from model companies they'll give good reviews" keeps coming up. I regularly read a number of 1:1 car magazines including Evo, Top Cear and Car, and I read Car & Driver online pretty regularly. All their cars are provided by the press offices of the car companies for long and short term tests (with the exception of Ferrari, which doesn't like have a LaFerrari tested head to head with a P1 and 918, so that review required one borrowed from a friendly owner...). I don't see any sign of writers and reviewers pulling their punches or ignoring the defects that they find. And those magazines get a good chunk of their money from car company advertising. Why would it be any different in the world of hobbies, where the stakes are, let's face it, rather lower...?
  15. Matt Bacon added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Tomy/Hasegawa 1/32 Jaguar SS100
    ...anyone built one of these? I just snagged one for a very good price, and it looks exquisite in the box. Any build guidance much appreciated!
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