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  1. I've read that "Pontiac Engine Blue" is a good match for Mecom Blue as used on the Lola T70 spider that's on the bench. The Testors version looks way too pale to me... were there several versions of the colour? Is there a better match to the darker metallic blue seen here: which looks a lot more like one of the Cobra metallic blues I already have... best, M.
  2. There are more parts in the box than are used, and a bit of scratch building goes a long way... Best, M.
  3. That looks great! Whose decals are they? I have an UT Model 911 GT1 missing its decals, hence the bargain price I paid for it... best, M.
  4. I think given what Bill posted about being locked out for a period it must also have some kind of user “risk assessment” model, which makes it more sensitive after it’s “caught you” once. Maybe after the first “attack” is detected it thinks “we might have a wrong’un here” and ups the sensitivity, hence you either get locked out like Bill, or have to tiptoe past like you did, David. The question it would be good to hear an answer to from our hosts is whether this is a big or a feature? Is it doing what it’s meant to, but rather too enthusiastically, or is it actually malfunctioning? If the “404 not found” turns into “Sorry, Dave, I can’t do that.” we’d better start worrying.... best, M.
  5. Thanks, Pete... it was your answer that triggered the the thought: s e l e c t f r o m xxx w h e r e something is classic SQL which means choose the entries from the data table called xxx the ones that have the feature something eg s from addresses w state is Michigan... best, M.
  6. What it’s trying to protect us from is what they call “SQL injection” where the text entered by a user is interpreted as commands in the database language that sits behind the site pages. There’s a full list of SQL code terms here: https://docs.snowflake.net/manuals/sql-reference/sql-all.html As you can see, lots of common words, and a good number we might use, like a l t e r and j o I n. Combine this with the way SQL uses punctuation marks and an innocuous word and an old school smiley can look like an attempted hack... best, M.
  7. Yep... I thought it had got better, but now I’ve got the “window blind” thingy at the top covering the navigation and coming down again at random after I’ve closed it, ads amongst the run of posts, AND occasional full page “takeovers”. As others have said, most of them aren’t even relevant, so whatever it is that makes Google-powered advertising so scarily knowledgeable on other sites doesn’t seem to be working here... best, M.
  8. If it's any help, Evo magazine's video comparisions are: 959 and F40 F50 and Carrera GT 918, La Ferrari (and McLaren P1) 928 and 550 Maranello Porsche 997 Carrera S and F430 best, M.
  9. Now why would you do that? It’s like trading a Stradivarius for a Stratocaster... best, M.
  10. Thanks, Dave... it seems a lot better now... best M.
  11. So, since the poll is closed... yes I find the advertising on the site intrusive and annoying. bestz, M.
  12. From my experience, it seems that ads have got much more “in your face” than they used to be... a few weeks back, if memory serves. On the mobile site I now get a pop down ad at the top... which covers the navigation, and a whole lot of rubbish at the bottom. Is it just me? Maybe the site is finding a way round my ad blocker... best, M.
  13. On the other hand, I never thought I’d see an injection moulded Metro 6R4, and yet... I’m not finding any difficulty finding new tool kits to spend money on. Mind you, I have zero interest in 30s - 70s Americana and hot rods or dragsters born thereof, so I’m not missing out... best, M.
  14. Thanks, all... I enjoyed this one as a quick, simple build. The only addition was that I used some strips of black foam sheet glued to the wheel arch edges to stop "see-through." They flexed as the body went on and then popped out to fill the gaps... best, M.
  15. No build thread for this one, since it's a really simple kit, intended to be motorised: it probably originates elsewhere than Gunze (Eidei-Grip maybe). That said, it's well-shaped and the detail on the body is fine and crisp. The inspiration for this speedy build: Octane from a couple of months ago... Paint is Humbrol Bronze for the body, Brass for the wheels. Another quirky 70s shape to add to the shelves, and the beginning of the line of "baby" Lambos of which the Huracan is the current iteration... best, M.
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