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  1. Matt Bacon added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Fight back against the idiocracy...
    Buy every early-teen you know a copy of this book:
    (Use "Look Inside" to find out about Tiny bags of Water You're Made Of or Heavy Metal Power Building)
    It's fantastic...
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  2. Matt Bacon added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Scratch-building a Birdcage Maserati just got a lot easier...
    Not quite sure where to post this, but Albion Alloys has just launched a new line called "Connecto". It's all brass, and is made up of fine brass tubes and etched "star" connectors. The stars come in varying numbers of points. You slide the number of tubes you need to meet at one place onto the points of the appropriate star, add a few drops of superglue to fix them, and then you can bend them to the geometry you need. Bingo -- fine tube spaceframe with good joints without any tricky holding and soldering...

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  3. Matt Bacon added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Cobra 427 S/C, 1/24, Monogram/Hasegawa
    This is the Hasegawa boxing of Monogram/s 1/24 kit, with additional white metal parts by Fine Molds.
    First up, the body in Zero Paints Guardsman Blue, with Zero 2K clear coat. This is as she came out of the paint shop. There are a couple of minor blemishes to polish out, but other than that I don't plan on doing any more "added shininess"

    Here's a few of the engine in progress, to compare and contrast the original and Fine Molds parts:

    And this young lady will be popping in from time to time in this thread. She's a Master Box figure, from their new "Pin-Up" series:

    Loads more work to do on her as well, but she's very nicely sculpted... ;-P
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  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #182 FINISHED!   

    I cheated slightly -- my parents bought one last year... ;-)
    If you don't care about 0-60 times, feelsome steering, and chuckable handling, but are instead a nearly 80-year-old pair who still travel the most of length of the country (OK, only 400-ish miles over here) to visit friends, it's hard to beat as a comfortable long-distance cruiser with (genuine) good local MPG, and fantastically equipped. They bought a 60K mile diesel, top-spec with every option, three years old for about £7K... Depreciation's a killer for the original owner, but it's a bargain for the 3rd...
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    It depends what people mean when they say "the copy/paste" method...
    If your picture host has ready made BBCode tags, you can copy/paste those. If you hand type the IMG tags, and "paste and match style" a copied URL from the web between them, it works.
    But you can also copy and paste a picture directly:

    ...and if you do that, then the picture is uploaded to the forum servers...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    I'm not sure the forum's "owners" will like the copy/paste method when they discover that they are hosting and serving gigabytes of pictures. The URL method leaves the pictures where they are and lets your browser fetch them and insert them in the forum page as it renders it. Copy/paste transfers the image files to the Automotive Forums servers...
  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    It gets thinner! You can fly non-stop from Australia to Brazil or Chile, or New Zealand to Buenos Aires. What's the "stopper" that they believe prevents people flying from Australia to Argentina, and why shouldn't it apply to those existing flights? My guess would be the lack of flights direct from Australia to Buenos Aires has more to do with whether you can find enough passengers to profitably fill a 777 on that run...
    I know logic is wasted on them...
  8. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    New FIAT 124 Spider

    It may be an MX-5 in pretty European dress, but it is a VERY pretty dress. And you get one of FIATs rather excellent MultiAir engines under the bonnet...
    I'd like a new MX-5. I'd LOVE one of these...
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  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA, Tamiya 1/24   

    Thanks for the very kind comments, guys. I was amazed when I got back to the table after judging and found that it was a medal-winner. One very useful thing that it has taught me is that a certain amount of wiring and plumbing etc is allowed in the "Standard Kit" category, rather than having to go in the "Standard Kit Detailed" category. I'd entered the XJ220 and EB110 for that category, but they didn't stand a chance against various 1/20 race cars with all the body panels removed, or the odd MFH kit, impeccably executed. (In the IPMS UK Competition rules, while the AIrcraft Standard Kit rules explicitly say you can add things like rigging wires, aerials or seatbelts, the Car class just says standard kit, built with the contents of the box.)
    Thanks again!
  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Anybody into rockabilly?   

    See, this is what passed for Rockabilly over here. It was big for some reason in the early 80s...
    ...don't ask me why these guys suddenly appeared in the charts and we had Stray Cat Strut as No.1 for a few weeks!
  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    Nah... the photos clearly show it's flat. They don't deny that it's circular as well... ;-P
    And of course, never mind that flying to the moon and back is entirely based on physics that accepts that planets are spheres orbiting the sun (and moons around the planets...)
  12. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    They look great -- it'd have to be a blue and yellow one, I think!
    I don't suppose it comes with the parts for a cowl and a Wright engine, does it? I'ld love to do one of these:

    I've met Vic Norman, and spent a very enjoyable day at the airfield where these hang out. It's also home to Nick Mason's car collection: that was a guided tour to remember!
  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Revell Stearman PT-17   

    From what I've heard, this is a lovely little kit, and a real labour of love by the designer. I'm looking forward to getting one when it makes its way to Europe. You're doing a bang-up job on it, too!
  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    ... I stopped at 1m32s. The assertion that Copernicus was the first to propose that the world was a sphere, and the technology didn't exist to prove his theory. Since Ptolemy had figured it out least 1500 years earlier, and all you needed to prove it was a stick, I decided that I'd had enough...
    The terrifying thing is that anyone might believe this drivel.
    edit: OK, now I checked out the Flat Earth Society. Quarks, magnetic monopoles and dark energy being used to support Flat Earthism? Funny how SOME bits of modern physics are true because they come in handy, but it's OK to ignore the foundations of classical physics on which they are built...? Give me strength!
  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    After that, it's just turtles all the way down...