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  1. Restored Lambo

    Beautiful! Hasegawa Jota SVR kit is still reasonably available on that well known auction site... best, M
  2. You NEED this book!

    Just got my copy today in the UK... it's fantastic. Even though the subject matter isn't one of my main interests, good books about car modelling and model cars are hard to find, and great ones even fewer and further between. This is a great one. It's jumped straight up there on my "shelf of fame" alongside Mat Irvine's volume on space models, Arthur Ward's on Airfix, JC Carbonel's book on Heller, and Thomas Graham's Monogram Models and Remembering Revell... I'm sure that by the time I've finished, a few more of the beauties in the pages will have made it onto my wish list. Now, where am I going to find a Donohue AMX Javelin that won't break the bank...? Thanks, Tim... outstanding job! best, M.
  3. Isn't it time....

    Plus for a lot of desirable cars, the 3D scan already exists... quite a few owners are doing it in case their vehicle is damaged, so it can be returned to pristine condition; restorers are doing it to match their re-build to a known-good existing vehicle; and Jaguar, for example, has built up definitive 3D models of D-Type, XKSS and E-Type by combining data from scans of multiple cars, averaging and making them symmetric and evenly panel-gapped. If only Tamiya (or even Airfix) would license those models and give us the definitive 1/24 E-Type... best, M.
  4. Liberty Walk - NSX

    Great project and great execution! But, eeurgh... in 1:1, why does anyone pay Liberty Walk to stuff up great cars so horrendously...? best, M
  5. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    I’m pretty sure there are only two: the Fujimi kit and the other one, reboxed by at least Italeri, Revell and Testors. What is the back-end like in that one? I still get the shakes thinking about building the Fujimi Enthusiast one, with its accurate but fragile frames, multi-part exhausts and turbos, and nothing that really “jigs” the wheels into the right place. Amazing that it sits on all four wheels on my display shelf at all, even though one of the rears has a bit more camber and toe out than it should! best, M.
  6. Hi, Bernard... Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland certainly did a set.Contact Norm at: Replicas & Miniatures Co. of Md. <replmincomd@aol.com> If you're stuck, let me know... I think I have a used set from the Airfix re-release of the Gunze E-type as a racer, and certainly I have a surplus set from the Lindberg D-Type, which will be built on a mostly Revell XK-SS kit... best, M.
  7. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    It’s possible that Beemax or Belkits might do one... they had great rally/racing records back in the day, and they are still very popular on the Historic Racing scene. Some (well, two..) iconic racing liveries as well... best, M.
  8. Ferrari 250 GTO sold for BIIIIIIG Bucks!

    ...but then you'd have a curvy 280Z.... ;-P That said, there's a place over here which does fantastic-looking "Dino"s on a Toyota MR2 MkII chassis and running gear... best, M.
  9. Isn't it time....

    It's the same here, just the opposite way round. US Revell boxings of regular kits are usually in the £25-£30 range, whereas Revell Germany kits are more like £17-£23, depending how new they are... And Round 2/Moebius/AMT kits are more like £30-40... best, M.
  10. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    The real thing is a very compact quad cam 3.5L 90 degree V8 that's unique to Lotus, as far as I can see... I' ve been wracking my brains and eyeing the stash to see if I have anything vaguely similar but to no avail so far. I actually wonder if a V6 with some reworking of the manifold might be the way to go, it's so small, but the choices of 90 degree V6s are pretty limited! best, M.
  11. Re-engineering Monograms Lotus Esprit to a V8

    Very interesting, Dann! Could you give a bit of commentary on how you fixed the ride height? I hear that's a bit of a bear... Thanks! best, M.
  12. 1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

    Errr... what have I found? ;-P One of my "Grail" kits for a long time, but acquired for a great deal less than the numbers quoted above! The only flaw is that the wheels in the kit bear very little relationship to the deep dish alloy originals. They are engineered as two halves, inner and outer, that trap the tyre between them, which means that the dish depth is limited by the thickness of the outer half. Since they are so characteristic of the look of the real thing, I really wish I could find a replacement, but so far no luck. If anyone want to make some and put them on Shapeways, I'm in... best, M.
  13. Unusual 'vette

    I'd say 250SWB meets 275 GTB except for the fact it doesn't have any "hips" and both of those do... Something of the Lotus Elan Plus 2 in that waistline... best, M.
  14. Sport car thing

    I agree, although it's easy to see where the Thomassima II found its inspiration: best, M.
  15. Unusual 'vette

    I'd not seen one of these before browsing through the UltimateCarPage's Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza report, but while we're on the subject of beautiful sporty cars: It looks like a cross kit with a Ferrari 275GTB might work out... ;-P best, M.