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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #220   

    Who got it right? Only one...
    Well done, Dave... maybe the rest of you were distracted by Real or Model... ;-P
  2. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic My worst fears realized   

    I'm so sorry to hear that, Harry. My thoughts are with you, and you know we're all here for you.
    I don't know whether there's an equivalent in the US, but these people:
    were fantastically helpful to my brother-in-law, his wife, and child when she was diagnosed and treated. There are a lot of support materials generally, and good advice on how to to talk to your children about it here:
    With very best wishes.
    All the best,
  3. Matt Bacon added a topic in Real or Model? / Auto ID Quiz   

    Auto ID #220
    Guest presenting, at Ken's invitation. You know the rules: year, make and model by PM to me before end of day Friday. No reverse image search...

    And that would be a 1994-1999 Caterham 21. Similar underneath to your more familiar-looking Lotus 7-alike Caterhams but with a nice curvy body on top. Sadly, also a heavier body, which did nothing for performance...
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  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    This showed up today:

    I've wanted one for years, and now it's been paid for by money for a car modelling magazine article, so I can justify it!
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic McLaren P1   

    Just be aware that the Airfix kit isn't exactly 1/24, so your interior will need some adjustment to fit. Thanks to the type of construction, which is designed to be plug-compatible (see what I did there?) with a well-known make of construction bricks, it's 1/26 in one direction and 1/22.5 in the other (I can't remember which one is which). That said, it's by far the best plastic construction kit of the P1 that there is...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #214 Finished   

    Makes me wonder... did anyone EVER successfully pull off the "Classic European styling with bulletprood American reliability?" Facel Vega, Iso Grifo or Jensen Interceptor, maybe...? The Cobra and GT40 are the ur-beasts in this respect, but the Cobra lost the European styling somewhere along the way, and the GT40 was never really homologated as a road car.
    I suspect there's a philosophical mis-match between American engines and European chassis, which no amount of curvy bodywork can smooth over...
  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Porsche 911 Big Boy with a difference...   

    ...I think you're missing the point, slightly... ;-P

    ..and there are only four pieces that didn't already exist in Lego...
  8. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    Porsche 911 Big Boy with a difference...
    Keep your Pochers... this has 2,700 parts and is "only" £250...
    I want!
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  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Oops...self-driving cars perhaps not quite ready for prime time yet.   

    I'm sure there were Ike Asimov stories where people were prosecuted for driving cars on "manual"...
    Surely the only way this works (for at least a few decades) is if the human "driver" is always responsible for the behaviour of "their" car? It's gonna be a while before cars are smarter than horses, given that the current state of AI is about at ant level, if that...
    The biggest factor is going to be communication, not intelligence. As Tom says, it's the ability of one vehicle to tell all the others around it if there's a problem developing. And the ability of a "cloud" computer somewhere to learn from the behaviour of all cars in the same place over months and years.
    To take a specific example: cruise control. In the 50s/60s, you had a cruise control that held a specific speed. By the 80s you had one that had a "default" speed that it returned to even when you speeded up or slowed down with the pedals. In the 90s my Mondeo accelerated when you pressed the gas pedal, and slowed down when you braked, and held whatever speed you ended up at. Nowadays, they use the front parking sensors (and maybe radar) to lock onto the speed of the car in front and track it. Tomorrow they'll get a feed of "I'm thinking this...." from the cars in front, and those behind, and adapt their driving style accordingly. It's still a smart robot, though...
    ...when they start to think "I think this guy's a bit timid, I'll overtake him, but I'm not going to be tempted into a drag race with this idiot over here..." THAT'LL be AI...
  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Tamiya Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA   

    Great build, Curtis. This is one of those great kits that not enough people build. Super-cool original, and a fabulous build of a beautifully engineered kit as well...
    Alfaholics would be proud!
    (though I don't know how you resisted the big snake for the bonnet/hood!)
  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Mercedes AMG GT-R   

    I dunno, I think they've got this look down pat:

    I like it...
    At least, if someone makes the transkit, there's an obvious "retro" livery to go for!
  12. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    Mercedes AMG GT-R
    I really hope someone will do a transkit for the upcoming Revell AMG-GT:

    ... and that Zero and Scale Finishes will do the green...
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  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Led Zeppelin found not guilty.   

    but some of the defense was that you can hear the same chords and the same sequence in classical and folk guitar music going back centuries. The verdict wasn't about whether they sounded the same, it was about whether Paige and Plant had infringed copyright on _published_ music. 
  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Mythbuster--Red "Bleed"   

    That's dye chemistry. The chemical in the stripper is (probably) oxidising something in the paint. Same reason white paint can yellow with age (not just absorbing horribles from the air...) 
    And does it matter if the red is a separate _pigment_ coming through the base coat, or "molten" plastic? It's still red stuff surfacing in the clear coat.
    BTW, polystyrene is inherently transparent. As you'll have noticed when cutting clear parts off the trees, it's also rather brittle. To make it more tractable, it is "filled" with inert material (like talc), and coloured with dyes.
    I'm doing a little experiment...
  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Mythbuster--Red "Bleed"   

    This is what I think is happening in the case of the two I've experienced:
     Both were painted the same way -- Tamiya white fine surface primer, then the Zero Paints 2K system. The primer, being a primer, is designed to provide a "key" for paint layers above, and the base coat paint goes one quite rough, and matt, again by design, to give a base for the clear coat that allows it to spread and level without running. I think that means that both the primer and the basecoat are, at the microscopic level, porous. I think that the thinner in the 2K clearcoat mix "soaks into" the basecoat and primer layer. If you've ever done "chromatography" in science, you'll have put a drop of ink onto a solvent soaked piece of filter paper, and watched capillary action separate the ink into its component colours as it diffuses and spreads across the paper. I think that the same is happening here -- the red dye from the plastic is diffusing through the thinner soaked basecoat layer, and into the clear, and then settling with clear as it slumps into the nooks and crannies...