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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #208   

    And the successful searchers are:
    Harry P.
    Richard Bartrop
    Well done, all. Apologies for not answering individual messages -- I was travelling all week and for some reason I can't log into the forum on my laptop.
  2. Matt Bacon added a topic in Real or Model? / Auto ID Quiz   

    Auto ID #208
    Usual rules apply. PM me with make, year and model... results will be posted AFTER close of play Friday (ie Saturday morning in my timezone), As always, please don't use reverse image search!

    The answer is 1980-83 Matra (or Talbot Matra) Murena.
    Who got it right below...
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  3. Matt Bacon added a topic in General   

    Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio...
    ...well, now I want one. Really, really want one...
    Engine by Ferrari, developed at Alfa by the guy who did the California T engine...
    Chassis and suspension by the guy who did the 458 Speciale... (also now working for Alfa)
    Now all they need to do is put the same engine in the 4C and have the same guy redo the suspension set-up. Can anyone say "Dino...?" Very quietly, of course.
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  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GTO - Fujimi or Revell Germany?   

    This is the Gunze (built from the Airfix box):

  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GTO - Fujimi or Revell Germany?   

    Though it does have squared off rear wheel arches which don't appear on any of the real things. I really don't think there's anything wrong with the Fujimi kit's shape, compared to photos and plans. The Gunze is a great kit, too -- it just looks slightly "beefier" than the Fujimi. Having got up close and personal with Nick Mason's GTO, my overwhelming impression was that it was smaller and more svelte than I expected, so for me the Fujimi probably gives the more accurate impression of the real car...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GTO - Fujimi or Revell Germany?   

    As far as I know, there have never been different releases of the Fujimi GTO. Whatever they're called, they all have the same contents.
    There are some of the original "Enthusiast Model" series that are now available in regular boxes, with all the same insane detail parts as when they were EM-series kits. There's a 288 GTO, a Dino 246 and at least one of the 911s that's available in something like a "Circuit Wolf" box at a VERY reasonable price. Confusingly, there are also kits which contain the "simplified" versions of the same kits in boxes that look remarkably similar. The best way to check is to go to HobbySearch ( and look at the full instructions for each box, until you find the one that you want.
    Anyway, I'd also recommend the Fujimi kit highly. You really don't NEED any aftermarket for it. Just wire up the engine and you're good to go. The Revell is half the price, and certainly easier to find on this side of the pond. The Revell kit is the Protar original, with opening doors; the Italeri is also available in a Testors box, and has a body with closed doors but with an opening bonnet. Both have engines.
    People have differing views on the wheels in the Fujimi kit. Personally, I think that if you strip the chrome, spend a bit of time cleaning them up, respray with chrome and wash them with a detailing wash, they look pretty darn good. Of course, you could buy one of the dedicated etch Borrani wire wheel sets from say, Renaissance, but they'll cost you as much as the original kit...
    The Gunze/Airfix "Hi-Tech" has fantastic wire wheels in it, and may be cheaper (especially in an Airfix box) then a set of wheels.
  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Wonder who has the molds for this ?   

    Just goes to show how important a few subtle differences are...

  8. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic What are the differences in decal solvents?   

    It's complicated... ;-P
    Most decal solvents are more or less strong solutions of acetic acid (that's why they smell of vinegar). Micro Set and Micro Sol were originally part of the "Microscale Decal System", intended to work with Microscale decals specifically. Set is relatively gentle, and is good for moving decals around and getting them to settle down on a smooth surface. Sol chemically "melts" the decal carrier film and ink, so that it shrinks into all the underlying detail. Sol can be scary -- you're decals will wrinkle and look crumpled, before they eventually dry, magically shrink-wrapped onto the plastic below. You can move decals floated on Set; they should be exactly where they need to be before you hit them with Sol. Sol will render most decals very stretchy, and you can stuff them up permanently if you try to manipulate them while they are "part-melted".
    Things are a bit different with decal paper. It's not ink, it's the carrier film that's white. I'm a bit surprised, because if there's one thing wrong with the white decal paper I have, it's that it's TOO flexible. Try and lay down a stripe, and the "paper" will stretch and narrow, like an elastic band, as I try to lay it down.
    Sol and Set are part of the same system. You might try buying some Microscale Decal Film, which is a liquid you coat fragile decals with, applying it, and then using Micro Set to apply your stripes.
    Alternatively, get a different sheet of decal paper... I'm sure folks will recommend good ones in the US...
    All the best,
  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Looking for some deep dish alloy wheels...   

    Thanks, Joseph...
    I think the first big decision is whether to use the kit tyres. The width is probably OK for the rears. I think, looking at the tyres, that with some deft scalpel work, I can probably take out one tread zig-zag circumferentially and glue them back together with soft vinyl glue, resulting in a front tyre that's narrower by (conveniently!) 1/16".
    The alternative is 3D-ing solid tyres as well. That could get expensive, I reckon...
    I'll have a quick look to see if there are any R/C tyres that might be a viable alternative.
    So, if we go for the kit tyres, that means that we have to stick with the slightly larger wheel diameter.
    I'll need to dig a little more closely to see why the front wheels in the kit are so narrow. Looking at the placing in the arches, I think the outside edge is in the correct plane, so I guess it must be that the inner rim doesn't go far enough inboard of the suspension pivot. It's kinda "nailed" to the upright, so there's gonna have to be some thinking about alternative mountings.
    Thus far, then, I think the external envelope of the replacement REAR wheels needs to be a "plug and play" copy of the kit part, and for the FRONT, it needs to be the front wheel with an additional 2.5mm width inboard, retaining the same mounting point to external rim geometry.
  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Looking for some deep dish alloy wheels...   

    That would be fantastic! On closer inspection, it's a little more complicated than it seems at first ;-P
    The real things are 13" rims, 8" wide at the front and 9" at the rear.
    The kit wheels are made of outside (chromed) and inside halves. All four outside halves are identical.
    The outside pieces are 24.5mm in diameter, which by my reckoning is 15.4", meaning that the kit wheel size is more like a 14" than 13".
    Things get weirder when you add the inside halves. The front wheel width is 9mm, which corresponds to a bit under 6". The rear wheel width is 13.5mm, which is the equivalent of 8.5".
    And finally, the tyres. All four tyres are identical with a width of 15mm across the tread and 10mm across the interior bead. The groove on the rear wheel for the bead is indeed a tad under 10mm. But the front one is under 6mm, so the tyres on the front are simply pinched in by the wheel, and look rather weird.
    There's also the fact that the attachment for the wheels to the wheel carriers and suspension are different front and back, and the instructions would have you build up the chassis with the inside wheel halves attached, and then put on the tyres and outer halves toward the end of assembly.
    I'm happy to take some photos of the various bits and measure them up, but I think there's a bit more design involved than I first assumed...
  11. Matt Bacon added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Looking for some deep dish alloy wheels...
    I just acquired one of my "Grail" kits -- the Fujimi 1/16 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale. It's one of my top 3 car designs ever:

    The only issue with the kits is those distinctive wheels. Probably because the wheels are moulded in inside and outside halves, the "dish" is nothing like deep enough. These are 13" Campagnolo alloys. Does anyone know of anything that looks like these in the aftermarket? At 13" in 1/16 scale, a set of 19/20" wheels in 1/24 would work as well.
    Alternatively, does anyone with 3D design skills fancy a quick project to make a CAD file that I could get printed by Shapeways? ;-P
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  12. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    Seriously? A couple of mentions in passing and that's IT? The single greatest rock and roll band that the UK has ever produced? Mick and Keef are OK, but...
    And 40 years later:
    The Beatles were the best band the world has ever seen; the Stones were/are the longest lived band at the top, but The Who go on working, like ZZ Top but with a better back catalogue...
    Costello has better song-writing, always, The Clash had the energy and commitment in their hey-day, and personally The Stranglers were my favourites, but no one has ever done guitars and drums so well...
    Apart from this teenager:
    And this art student did a pretty good job, considering...
    And a couple yo may have missed:
    I could go on, but I wont...
  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #205   

    Who got it right (accepting Z102 or Z103, since references differ:
    Badluck 13
    CorvairJim (welcome back!)
    and an honorable mention to landman, who got halfway there ;-P
  14. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1960 Ferrari 250GT California   

    Another lovely job, as always, Jurgen. Looks like some kind of "Rosso Brunello Metallizzato" to me....
    If anyone reading is inspired by this inspirational build, you just need to search an auction site for "Academy Classic European Sports Car" and buy one from Korea for about $25. The prancing horse is still on the grille, but there are no Ferrari emblems among the decals.
  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    Someone a little more recent... ;-P