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  1. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic 1955 BMW 507 Coupé   

    Lovely job... it is one of the most beautiful cars I know, and one of Revell's finest kits.
    I just wish I could have found a kit with the real hardtop rather than having to convert the soft hood... 
    BTW -- it looks like you have the fuel filler on the rear deck as in the original kit. The John Surtees car has it in the right rear fender, just above the wheel arch. Is that a one-off, or did BMW move it at some point, do you know?
  2. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The slippery slope of banning donk wheels   

    You want to try the E-Type Challenge or even HRDC Academy, never mind assorted small Lotuses... They aren't the only thing you'd want on the bill at a race day meeting, but it is fantastically competitive racing where driving skills make the difference between podium and tail-ender...
    By far the most "pure fun" historic racing I've watched is the pre-66 <2litre class, which is essentially a bunch of Minis vs a bunch of Lotus Cortinas, with the occasional Alfa GTA and BMW2002 thrown in to liven things up... The great thing is that the Minis and Cortina are driven in completely different styles, with the Cortinas going away down the straights, and the Minis getting it all back in the corners. A BMW  has won it the last couple of times I've watched, but it did have Jackie Oliver behind the wheel, and he's got form...
  3. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The slippery slope of banning donk wheels   

    Yeah, but they ain't. They're trying to pass a law that doesn't allow street cars to be modified into race cars. Unless I'm missing something, donks (new word for me today, so bear with me) aren't race cars, they're street (show-off) cars, because as you point out, they'd never perform well enough on track to beat anything, never mind a car dedicated to on-track performance.
    Implication the first ==> The OP should be called out on the fact that the EPA's proposed legislation has nothing whatever to do with donks, and even if their interest may have been triggered by modified cars, the legislation they are proposing will have no effect on big wheel cars on the street one way or another.
    Implication the second ==> the entire foundation of auto racing that's not the top rank of specially-built dedicated racing cars on racing-only chassis originally constructed for the track  is under threat. THAT'S a rather bigger deal, I'd venture, than whether or not a few self-taught auto stylists are free to mess up the safety and performance of their vehicles with inappropriate wheels and suspensions. 
    Frankly, I could care less whether I never see another big-wheel conversion on the road (actually, I've never seen one. They don't seem very common over here). However, I do care if ill-drafted legislation starts the slippery slope of expecting cars that spend the majority or all of their time on the track to meet the same emissions regs as standard street cars or be banned. It may start in the US, but if it becomes law, before too long some EU bureaucrat will be saying "Hey, that's a neat idea..."
  4. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The slippery slope of banning donk wheels   

    That was what I was wondering above...
    Bill... are you saying that somehow the EPA noticed big wheels and air-jack suspensions and as a result decided to legislate against street cars modified into dedicated racing cars ? Surely cars that fall over in corners on regular roads are more the NTSB's problem?
    Whatever started it, the EPA proposal is going to affect a bunch of people who like to prep race cars, isn't it? That can't be good...
    I would have thought that the SCCA would have had at least as much to say about this than SEMA, but what do I know? If it were happening over here, there'd be a number of one-make series that would be in big trouble. Today, anyone who wants to can buy a Ginetta G40R (which is a road car, albeit one that's mostly intended for "run what you brung" track days), and upgrade it into a track only weapon, for example. At the margins there are quite a few examples of only-just-road-legal cars that you can mod in your garage into dedicated track only specials. And beyond that, there are a bunch of people who will take a more or less standard saloon and turn it into a rally stage or touring car contender.
    So if you buy one of these:
    that has only ever been a pure racing car, you're OK. But if you buy a fast-road Evora and upgrade it in your own garage to the same spec, the EPA wants to ban it?
    What does the EPA expect people building race cars to start with? A blank sheet of paper, some steel tubes, and a set of welding gear? And anyway, surely it's the engines and their state of tune that are the issue in terms of emissions, not the car that they are in? I doubt ANYONE is going to build a racing engine completely from scratch...
  5. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic The slippery slope of banning donk wheels   

    Err... which part of that press release says anything about wheels? My reading is that the EPA is trying to stop people modding the engines of their street cars, which have to meet emissions regulations, to create a "race-car" instead, which will be exempt from the Clean Air Act, and then driving it around daily on the roads as well as occasionally racing. You may well think that's a step too far, but it is legitimately in the EPA's area of activity. It's not the people who sell big wheels and daft suspensions who need to worry... it's an entire industry dedicated to after market tuning, remapping, blowing etc etc. I don't know whether a 900+ BHP Nissan GT-R meets current emissions regs, but I kinda doubt it...
  6. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Heller Jaguar E Type cabriolet/coupe kits   

    Aint this a beaut...?
    [who wishes we hadn't lost the option to "preview" a post to see whether the hit-or-miss picture embedding function is playing nice this time or not...]
  7. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Heller Jaguar E Type cabriolet/coupe kits   

    It's bigger. That's almost literally the only difference, in that the parts breakdown, and what they offer, are pretty much the same...
  8. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Heller Jaguar E Type cabriolet/coupe kits   

    Because they are? (though I'd be prepared to include the words "mass produced" in that sentence).  YMMV, clearly, looking at the dreadful heap in your avatar ;-P
  9. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Delage D8 SS   

    I t pops up on eBay in the old box pretty regularly... but it's also been reissued by Heller now: you should be able to find it easily.
  10. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Fitting front windshield   

    Set the cold tap running. Hold the end of the screen just above the spout of a boiling kettle for a few seconds (by holding the other end), take it out of the steam, switch grip to hold it firmly near the hot end, where the screen is the right shape, and then gently push the "point" of the window outwards. It should just flex out. If it resists, put it back in the steam for a few more seconds. When you've bent it so the point is that 1/16th inch wider, keep hold and stick the whole lot in the running cold water to set it. Do it carefully. More sophisticated techniques include clamping it firmly with a Wolf grip at the point where the windscreen's OK and holding it in the steam (that gives a really solid "fix" to the portion you don't want to bend), or using a tile with a smooth flat surface, dipping the rogue end of the windscreen in just off-the-boil water for 10-20 seconds, pressing the main screen onto the tile and "rolling" the point  outwards.
    Basically, you want to make sure that the main bulk of the screen isn't moving anywhere, and the "unbending" of the softened plastic starts exactly where you want it, without flexing the middle of the screen backwards.
    I had to do exactly the same to the rear U-shaped window in my Dino 246.
    You can repeat the process until you get it unwound exactly as far as you need...
  11. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Delage D8 SS   

    Great job, Bruce. It's certainly a sturdy looking beast, isn't it? Like a "cut'n'shut" with the front end of a Rolls-Royce and the back end of a Mercedes 500K...
    Are those front wings/fenders well-located, or are they like the ones on the Delahaye, which were a nightmare to fix in place?
    I do like this series of Heller kits, too... I'd like the Talbot Lago Record and Hispano-Suiza, myself.
    All the best,
  12. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Auto ID #192 Finished   

    Why? ;-P
  13. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic AMT Hippie Hemi   

    Thanks, guys!
    I don't think this one ever really existed. The kit apart from the body is the same as the Garlits Wynns Jammer and Hemi-sphere kits, and can obviously used with various body styles. To me, this body shape looks a little like the Pink Panther car in terms of styling...
  14. Matt Bacon added a topic in Under Glass   

    AMT Hippie Hemi
    Well, it seems that you don't see many of these built... now I know why!

    ...and I think the "Mini-Me" box is a great idea:

    This one fought me all the way to the end. The biggest problem is that the chassis frame is weak, badly fitting and flexible, and the majority of things that mount onto it have very small, vague, attachment points. Still, it was a present from my "Secret Santa" on another forum, intended to take me out of my comfort zone. Which it did. Now, where did I leave that Cobra 427 S/C...?
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  15. Matt Bacon added a post in a topic Dieselpunk Alternate Reality Turbine Hybrid II, sneak peek   

    Concept looks great, Bill... though it'll be a real labour of love to rework that plastic/balsa/putty hybrid. But I guess that's "sympathetic restoration" rather than a "replica" ;-P
    Was your name Saoutchik in a previous life?

    Some of the best looking automobiles ever created, IMHO... you're in great company!