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  1. astroracer added a post in a topic Any sources for ribbed styrene like on this bus?   

    What scale? Just be aware you will have TON of work to do to smooth out the 3D printed panels. Very fine ribbing like that will be a pain...
    Think about making your own. Find a saw blade that has close to the correct spacing on the teeth. Mount it, lengthwise, to some sturdy blocks so you can push a sheet under it to scribe the panel lines. I can go into more detail if you are interested in the process.
  2. astroracer added a post in a topic Looking for 1/18th scale whitewall tires   

    How smooth are the sidewalls of the current tires?
    Could you cut a whitewall from stick-on vinyl sheet and apply to the tire?
    Would it be feasible to cut a mask from painter's tape and paint the stripe?
    Just throwing ideas out there...
  3. astroracer added a post in a topic Tamiya White Putty.. Dry Time?   

    I would dig it out and go with a 2 part as Tom said. I quit using the one part "model car" fillers many years ago. Too much shrinkage, even with thin applications. For very small spots I will use the automotive based spot putties (pin holes, small low spots, etc.) Anything bigger and I use a 2 part polyester filler for the fast set-up and to avoid the shrinkage.
  4. astroracer added a post in a topic Wire ferrules for distributors   

    Chris, take a scale to the auto parts store and measure a few. A regular style distributor cap is "about" 4" in diameter. That scales down to 0.16 inches or 4mm's in 1/25th scale. ANYHTING bigger then that will be grossly out of scale.
  5. astroracer added a post in a topic Pearl paint   

    In order to use a "hot" paint over styrene the plastic needs to be primed with an automotive type primer. DuPont's Sandable Grey and PlastiKote's Grey primers both work very well for this purpose. Wash the body in hot water with a little Dawn dish soap to cut the oils. Scrub the body with some medium ScotchBrite while washing to give the primer a "tooth" to stick to.
    As a side note, nail polish comes in a myriad of those flip/flop colors. As long as you are using the automotive primer the nail polish will spray over that beautifully. It is lacquer based and 2 or 3 bottles will do a model car. Find it at the dollar stores for a dollar a bottle...
  6. astroracer added a post in a topic Alclad Chrome and Box Stock Classes   

    My understanding of "box stock" is anything can be done as far as paint and body work goes. Sanding seams, filling, smoothing things out and painting. I don't know why painting the bumpers would be any different. if I am wrong or mislead I am sure I will be corrected.
  7. astroracer added a post in a topic Durand End Of Summer Cruise Model Car Show   

    Bumping this up. Just a week from this Saturday. Bring out some models to support the show!
  8. astroracer added a post in a topic Masking Tape Help   

    Bleed under is hard to control, especially in small tight areas like those scoops. You really have to take your time and get your masking to lay down perfectly. THEN, before spraying any color, shoot a couple of coats of CLEAR over the masking. If there is going to any bleed under the clear will bleed and seal the leak. Now spray your color. The clear should seal up the masking and it will disappear when you put the final clear coats on.
  9. astroracer added a post in a topic Found an alternative solution   

    No problem. There is a LOT of experience on this board. You are in the right spot to get all the help you need...
  10. astroracer added a post in a topic Found an alternative solution   

    eBay. 75 bucks...  (+ shipping...)
  11. astroracer added a post in a topic Found an alternative solution   

    You will not make a small block look like a big block. The valve covers and intake are too big to pull that off. You need to learn to be a kit basher if you want to do this correctly. Kit bashing is not a sin and you could always build the 'Vette with the Camaro's small block in place of the 427, There were more SBC Vettes built then there were BBC cars.
    You say you would like the parts to be 3D printed but you have to know there is a lot of finishing work to be done getting the 3D parts to look good. Especially in 1/12th scale. You seem to have limited experience with cars in general and using the kit engine will be much easier on the finishing and painting side.
  12. astroracer added a post in a topic Found an alternative solution   

    No the "1/8th scale engine will not fit in a 1/12th scale model... Unless you are building a Zinger. If I were you I would just locate the 1/12th scale 427 Vette model and use the powertrain from that.
  13. astroracer added a post in a topic Metal Glaze Putty Hardness   

    It's a 2 part polyester glazing putty, it should not get rock hard. It should remain sandable and easy to feather out.
  14. astroracer added a post in a topic Aloha Bobby & Rose Camaro Model Build Help   

    You are making this way to difficult. If there is no documentation to verify a detail, I.E., the engine, roll cage, rear end, etc. Simply use your best guess. If you can't see it in a photo no one can tell you it's wrong. If you make it look like it belongs then you will be good.
    For your body filler use a 2 part polyester filler. They do not shrink like the one part glazing putties do. I use USC's Icing but any 2 part in a tube or can will work well. The icing is very light and sands and feathers out well.
    For the color I see a lot of orange in there so look at Pontiacs' Carousel Red they used on the GTO's. Anything that is close will be fine.
    Like Snake said the whole back half of this car will be scratch built, you will not find it in a kit unless you get the resin piece.
  15. astroracer added a post in a topic K&S foil roll for PE?   

    Bead rolling is what race car fabricators do to strengthen thin sheet aluminum. A specialized tool is used to "roll the beads" into a flat panel to keep it from oil canning or flexing.
    Here are a bunch of pics of bead rolled panels.