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  1. astroracer added a post in a topic A little bit about "Two Door" stationwagons   

    This is my '56 two door Handyman 150 wagon. You just don't see the wagons as much as the coupes and hard tops. It's fairly unique and always draws comments when I drive it.
    I would really like one in the Pontiac venue. Very stylish.

  2. astroracer added a post in a topic 1/24th scale Pro-Touring Tires and Wheels. Gauging Interest   

    Probably not happening guys. I haven't received any real interest in these. Tires or wheels. I know a few of you have spoken up but, 5 or 6 "potential" buyers just don't make it worth while. Not only from the cost of the 3D CAD time and the printed parts but also the time and money spent in rubber and resin to reproduce them.
    I do have the Vector wheels on hand and they turned out beautiful, I haven't taken photos just because the interest isn't there. The guy that stiffed me on these really screwed up because the wheels and tires tuned out great!
    If anyone wants to pursue them further please PM me, I am open to suggestions but right now I am thinking these will be shelved.
    Mark Smakal
    3D In Scale
  3. astroracer added a post in a topic Why brass tubing?   

    Just to throw some what if's out there... Instead of brass why not use steel tubing? Steel hydraulic lines come in many sizes and can definetly be bought to replicate the 1 5/8, 1 3/4 (use 3/16th OD) and 2 inch (use .25 OD) sizes used in most race chassis. Mig or Tig welding the tubing would be far easier then soldering those large cross-sections presented by 1/4" diameter brass tubing. Doing this would eliminate any melt-back of other joints close to where the soldering is being done. Solid rod can be used for smaller "tubes".
    IF I was to build a large scale model, this is the way I would go.
  4. astroracer added a post in a topic Best paint for aluminum engine blocks   

    Get some CHROME look spray paint. Now wait... hear me out. Prep your parts and spray the paint. I will usually decant this stuff and use an airbrush as it comes out of the can very heavy. Once it sets up, (give it a day or two) shoot some clear on it. The clear mutes it down and what you end up with is a nice cast or brushed aluminum finish.
    Here are before and after pics of some cabinet handles I painted for a bench I built out of an old bathroom cabinet. The first one is the chrome paint and the second is after clearing.
    Of course you could always use the Alcad cast or brushed aluminum paint but that's too easy, right?

  5. astroracer added a post in a topic `56 Heavy Chevy   

    Looks to be in a major car show. Did you search for the actual show? The article should say where/when the pic was taken so searching the actual function may turn something up.
  6. astroracer added a post in a topic airbrush question   

    I use my 7.5hp 2 stage compressor for all of my painting needs. You will need a small regulator/Filter and the adapter fittings to get your airbrush hooked up to the big guy.
    I have a nice filter/regulaor I got at Harbor Freight. It works well with no issues.
    HF will also have the quick disconnects if you are using those in your current setup. They aren't the best but they work well for this application.
  7. astroracer added a post in a topic Chevy Astro Van   

    I'm building an '88...
    It has an engine too...

  8. astroracer added a post in a topic Cowl hood   

    Make one. A few pieces of .015 styrene would do the trick. You know what shape you like so cut the pieces out and glue them together. Smooth off with sandpaper and apply to the hood of your choice.
  9. astroracer added a post in a topic HELP!......"3D" Printing!   

    The problem with the smaller scales is getting the detail to show through the laminations the printer makes while "printing" the part. The smaller the scale the less detail you are going to see. I have been doing the 3D side for 30 years so it is easy. I can model up anything you have in mind. PM if you want to talk. Let me know what you want to do and we can go from there. All confidentiality applies.
    Mark Smakal
    3D In Scale
  10. astroracer added a post in a topic Anyone recognize these wheels?   

    No, they aren't Keystones, that's for sure. They look like some sort of early Boyd's style wheel.
  11. astroracer added a post in a topic My 1:1's....   

    The '39 is a nice looking car! It would take me about 5 minutes to make it "mine"! Clean up that engine, replace some funky looking radiator hoses, Put on a set of TT II's and drive it! You really do need to get rid of the generic 90's style aluminum wheels.
  12. astroracer added a post in a topic Is a non-styrene, non-resin version of this air cleaner still available anywhere?   

    Not as far as I know...
    Do you want one 3D printed? I have two 1:1 of these. It wouldn't take long to model one up and have it printed...
  13. astroracer added a post in a topic Scale Bolts, Nuts & Hardware   

    Most of your automotive bolt sizes are going to be 5/16th's and 3/8th's. most suspension applications will be 1/2" on cars and 9/16th's or 5/8th's on trucks.
    These convert down to:
    (5/16) .3125 / 25 = 0.013" in diameter
    (3/8) .375 / 25 = 0.015" in diameter
    (1/2) .5 / 25 = 0.020" in diameter
    (9/16) .56 / 25 = 0.022" in diameter
    (5/8) .625 / 25 = 0.025" in diameter
  14. astroracer added a post in a topic Is a non-styrene, non-resin version of this air cleaner still available anywhere?   

    And they are still available from most any hot rod parts supplier.
  15. astroracer added a post in a topic 1/16th scale 55 or 57 chevys   

    IF! You can talk Ron Andrews (RMR) into finishing up the '56 I mastered for him, a '56 post car will be available also...