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  1. astroracer added a post in a topic Thinning ratio for car paint.   

    As far as I know "most" touch-up style paints are acrylic lacquer. I would suggest experimenting a bit but, you can probably start with a 2:1 ratio, thinner to paint. try to find a mid-temp thinner that shoots best between 65 and 85 degrees
  2. astroracer added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Back To The Bricks- CHROME & ICE Indoor Car Show
    You need to put this show on your schedule for next year. The show was excellent! I was there most of the day Friday and all day Saturday. Lots of spectators and the vendors were great! I hooked up with Flint Auto Upholstery to have them install a new headliner in the wagon and talked to a bunch of people about their cars. Had a good time and I expect next year will be even better!
     The Flint Area Auto Modelers had a nice display also with three tables of models for people to look at. We are trying to turn the "display" into a contest. The Flint area has been lacking in the way of model car contests for quite a while. This would be a good venue to start up a new one.
     Here are a few pics from the big & small car shows.
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  3. astroracer added a post in a topic Black braided hose question   

    Look for "dial cord" at your local electronics or radio/TV repair. I've used that stuff for many years. Pull out the inner thread and it is very flexible. The fishing line is great stuff also. It will be for fly fishing or spin casting.
  4. astroracer added a post in a topic Plastic Putty   

    You'll find it at any autobody/paint shop. It comes in a big tube and is a LOT more then you will ever need for model car work. I have it because I work on the big stuff also. Go to your autobody store and ask them for a 2 part polyester filler in a smaller tube or can. Evercoat and a few others also make similar products but I have no idea how they are packaged, quantity wise. Do not let them sell you a 1 part "glazing" or "spot" putty. These are usually lacquer based and will shrink dramatically when used in thicker amounts.
  5. astroracer added a post in a topic 3D printing   

    Right, that doesn't look that great, huh?
    Like Daniel was saying above you will need to have the hubcap modeled in 3D before it can be printed. I can model it for you AND have it printed. Any of the small desk top printers out there are not going to have the resolution needed to print that hubcap with any detail or smoothness. I send all of my stuff to Shapeways. they have the equipment to do a nice job with your part. if you want to pursue this PM me.
  6. astroracer added a post in a topic 3d printed body question ?????   

    Clean it with hot water and a bit of Dawn dish soap. Don't soak it, just scrub it with the hot water and ScotchBrite.
    Once it's clean and scuffed a bit, shoot on a couple of medium wet coats of DuPont sandable grey primer/surfacer. let that set up then start wet sanding with 220 grit paper. Take that to a point where most of the primer is gone then re-prime and finish out with 320 and 400 grit. That should get you to a pretty smooth surface, ready for paint.
  7. astroracer added a post in a topic 3D printing   

    If you have the kit wheel covers you can just set them in a bigger wheel and get the "look". There are a lot of  bigger rims out there or you could have some custom rims turned out of aluminum to fit the stock hubcap.
  8. astroracer added a post in a topic Plastic Putty   

    Hi drew, I would be hesitant to use it on resin. I tried using Testor's one part putty back in the day when I was doing master work for R&R and it would simply peel out with any sanding. A good 2 part polyester putty like USC's Icing is my go to filler for everything now-a-days. It sets up quick, is very easy to sand and does not shrink and takes any type of paint you want to throw on it. It works especially well with resin.
  9. astroracer added a post in a topic Plastic Putty   

    Just be careful with heavy layers. It's a one part so, as it cures, it is going to shrink. Small scratches, pinholes, etc. will probably see good results but anything more then that will shrink and create ghost images under the paint.
    As mentioned, if you use the DuPont or PlastiKote lacquer primers, test it first.
  10. astroracer added a post in a topic Curving styrene sheet with a heat gun   

    I've been using this soldering station for a number of years. It has this heat gun as part of the station. It goes up to 480 degrees and makes real quick work of bending and forming 1/8th inch ABS panels. I used it to bend parts for some cup holders I added to a shifter console in my '56. it is fully adjustable from 0 to all out and works well on thinner material also. Just sneak up on the temp. Once you've used it a while you will know what the plastic likes and doesn't like.

  11. astroracer added a post in a topic Curving styrene sheet with a heat gun   

    Hi Tom,
    What thickness are you using? Most anything up to .020 can be bent by hand over a 1/2" radius. I have bent .010 and .020 thou sheet with just the heat of friction from rubbing the material.
    A heat gun would work fine for larger panels such as you are working with. Go slow and increase the heat until the panel starts to droop. Remove the heat and roll the sheet to the angle you need and hold it there for a bit until it cools. Should keep the shape just fine.
  12. astroracer added a post in a topic Design Exercise   

    What you are changing, in your photo shopped pic, are the "proportions" of the car. It's not that it's bad or your idea isn't valid but it throws off the proportions and makes the car look "funny". Stretching the front is similar to the mid 30's Mercedes-Benz 500K. If you compare that car to your rendering you will notice the cross-section is much lower which helps lengthen the car and draw your eye away from the tall grill and short top that grabs all of your attention in your pic.
    90% of a good design is getting the proportions correct. If you take the grille and top down 6 or 8 inches it will look better.
  13. astroracer added a post in a topic Cadillac Painting   

    Looks to me like you nailed it! Excellent work!
  14. astroracer added a post in a topic Damaged parts   

    You can replace the kit glass with clear sheet plastic. Readily available at any good hobby shop. Many times the clear sheet will look much better then the molded kit parts because it doesn't have the waves in it.
  15. astroracer added a post in a topic Supercharger   

    What KIND of supercharger are you looking for? Post a picture of what you are thinking and we can help you. There are a dozen different styles of superchargers out there. We need to know what you want..