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  1. astroracer added a post in a topic Rags   

    If you mix a bit of red food coloring into the glue you can make the "rags" red. Use different mixes, NON of these rags are the same shade. Blue is also a popular color, I have both in my collection.
  2. astroracer added a post in a topic Pinholes In My Resin Parts-HELP   

    Be careful using super glue to fix this problem. The issue is the glue is MUCH harder then the resin and it will not sand consistantly. This is bad, especially on a body, as the surface will have waves in it. My best method is to sand out the part then put on a couple of wet primer coats. I use Dupont sandable grey. Let this set up and then sand it again. Re-prime as necessary, trying to keep from breaking through the primer to the resin.
    I will not recommend spraying these parts with a "hot" paint, such as laquer. It WILL raise the pinholes through the primer. Use an acrylic or model car type enamel.
  3. astroracer added a post in a topic MJ Engines   

    Scrub the resin parts with hot water with a bit of Dawn dishwashing soap in it. Use a stiff bristle brush or a toothbrush. Rinse in hot water then dry very well, keep your oily fingers off the parts.
     Mist a couple of light coats of Dupont Sandable grey primer and let dry. Put on a couple of heavier coats, don't go crazy though. If you want aluminum looking blocks and heads spray with a ceramic Brake Caliper Paint. It looks just like cast aluminum.
  4. astroracer added a post in a topic Cal-Trac Traction Bars   

    Make 'em! Some aluminum tubing and sheet plastic. Call them your own!
  5. astroracer added a post in a topic UPDATE 02/09 What to use in place of lacquer thinner   

    Do you still have any "good" o-rings? If you do you can measure them up and go to McMaster Carr and order better ones that will work with laquer thinner. If you can't measure them accurately enough get the size from your airbrush guy.
  6. astroracer added a post in a topic 3D printed parts?   

    Reproducing the detail in scale is the issue. A high resolution printer is required to acheive a good looking 3D Printed part, especially in the smaller scales. You are not going to get there with a cheap, desktop style machine. That high resolution print also translates into higher cost per piece.
    I have printed some very nice looking 1/24th scale Vector style wheels thru Shapeways using their Extreme Frosted Detail. I got pics of them, I can post some if you want to see what is possible with this material. Modeling a carburater is easy, reproducing the fine detail is the hard part.
  7. astroracer added a post in a topic Anything Good at Harbor Freight?   

    File sets, miniature plier sets, glue, sanding and grinding supplies, etc. You have to go look, there is a TON of stuff you can use. I have one of their miniature cut-off saws. Works very well for brass and stainless tubing. Wood and plastic cuts slick with the small 3" saw blade. I also have a small hand held grinder/Dremel style tool that works well. 10 bucks for it and a bunch of collets and attachments. As mentioned, they have quite an assortment of clamps and small tools that work well for our hobby.
  8. astroracer added a post in a topic Gas prices... how low will they go?   

    $1.36 yesterday morning in Byron on my way to work. $1.80 on my way home... WTH? What justified an increase of .44 cents in one day?
  9. astroracer added a post in a topic finnegan's 55 chevy   

    Ahhh, I see it now. Thanks Eric!

  10. astroracer added a post in a topic Paint a red body to white?   

    It looks like the kit is molded in red, right? Covering red/burgundy plastic is tough. Like Richard said you need to get the "red" buried under multi coats of primer. I use strictly automotive based primers for this. Dupont grey sandable would be my choice. I would even suggest using a sealer over the primer once you have it ready for paint. This will help keep the red from bleeding through.
  11. astroracer added a post in a topic Quick Change rearend   

    All of Monogram's Sprint car kits have nicely detailed QC's in them.
  12. astroracer added a post in a topic Chassis for 59 Chrysler Imperial (Model King)   

    Yup! My bad. I saw "soaking" and the immediate knee jerk was resin body... Sorry about the mis-direction...
  13. astroracer added a post in a topic Chassis for 59 Chrysler Imperial (Model King)   

    I don't know Steve. Like I said, it's an old wifes tale and I have no clue WHERE or WHY it became necessary to do this with a resin part. I did a LOT of paint work for Ray of R&R and never once soaked any parts , bodies or otherwise, in anything. Cleaning it with hot water and Dawn was usually enough to get it ready for paint.
    The injection molded bodies come covered in mold release also but you don't hear of anyone requiring those to be soaked in a "cleaner" for 24 hrs prior to painting... Same difference and the same cleaning process for those works just as well on resin.
    Like I tell everybody else, I will tell you to try it and see for yourself.
  14. astroracer added a post in a topic Chassis for 59 Chrysler Imperial (Model King)   

    And AGAIN... Frank, just letting you know there is absolutely NO reason to soak resin parts in ANYTHING overnight. This is an old wifes tale that got started years ago and has absolutely no basis. All that is needed is a good washing and scrubbing with TSP and hot water. I don't like to use the "cleaners" because there are other additives that are not needed to clean a model car body for painting...
    Use a ScotchBrite pad to scrub the model while cleaning. And keep it oil free while painting. Once there is a coat of primer I use automotive wax and grease removers to clean prior to spraying paint.
  15. astroracer added a post in a topic finnegan's 55 chevy   

    Hmm, photo explains nothing to me.... looks like a glue bomb with a lot of rotary tool damage to me... Sorry.