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  1. astroracer added a post in a topic cutting resin question??   

    Use the #11 blade as suggested. It will cut the resin easily.
    Make a template of the door opening out of a file card. Cut it so the "door" is missing, leaving the outside shape to trace along. Start with a new blade and very lightly scribe the opening, tracing the template as you go. Once you get a decent  groove going switch over to an old blade. I will break the tip off to create a sharp edge to drag through the cut. The sharp edge should peel the resin out very quickly.
    Once the door is cut out you can reduce the gap, which is a scale 1/2 inch now, by gluing .010 strip stock to the edge of the door and sanding it flush to the outside and inside.
    Also think about creating the door jamb and relieving the door so it shuts against the jamb.
  2. astroracer added a post in a topic Resin roll pan?   

    I made one for a truck I was working on MANY years ago. I used the rear panel and lights from a Corvette kit. I can get pics if you like.
  3. astroracer added a post in a topic 1/12th scale parts   

    If you don't have the money to buy parts you need to develop your scratch building skills...
  4. astroracer added a post in a topic Supernatural Impala license plates   

    You've got a nice picture of the plate, right? Just print it out with a scale factor until you get the size needed.
  5. astroracer added a post in a topic PE headlight grills for '53 Corvette   

     I would be hesitant to put any heat to them if they are N/S. If they are they already fairly "soft". Good luck with the project. Shoot some pics, before and after, just to document the knowledge gained.
  6. astroracer added a post in a topic PE headlight grills for '53 Corvette   

    Forming the PE parts will depend on what they are made from. I usually used 1/2 hard stainless for most of my product line and that stuff will not bend smoothly in a compound application. If it is nickel/silver you may have a chance but I don't know what you have. Trying to form those small "wires" that make up the grille will probably just buckle them as there is no place for them to "shrink" or "stretch" to as you are forming them.
    The other issue is, if the parts were not "designed" to be formed, you may have parts that are to small or just don't look right after they are formed. Not knowing how they were designed I am only mentioning this so you are aware of the issue.
  7. astroracer added a post in a topic Hello, from Mid-Michigan   

    Welcome to the forum Art! Where in Mid-Mich are you? I am west of Flint about 25 miles.
  8. astroracer added a post in a topic Dumb question re. fittings   

    1/16th dia aluminum tubing, a file and a hex shaped pin vise. Clamp the tubing in the pin vise and file off one side. Roll the pin vise to the next flat and file that side. keep going until you have filed off all 6 sides and made the tubing hex shaped. Cut off individual pieces with a hobby knife. paint with Testor's Candy blue and stoplight red. Use soft hobby wire to make the Els.
     That is how I did all of these fittings for my GN in 1989... Cost me about 3 bucks for the tubing and paint.

  9. astroracer added a post in a topic 1/16th scale question   

    I have some 1/16th stuff out of a funny car kit you can use. PM me.
  10. astroracer added a post in a topic 1/16th scale question   

    Starting with any 1/16th scale hard top, '57, '55 or the Corvette you will have to fab up your own straight axle and ladder bars. I would suggest looking at the full size aftermarket suppliers. Speedway has a few of these "gasser style" front suspensions sold as kits and, looking at the pics you should be able to whip a good looking replica in 1/16th scale.
     OR... use one of the 1/25th scale kits as a guide. just measure everything and scale it up accordingly
    Check out this thread... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/122253-my-112-scale-57-chevy-gasser/
  11. astroracer added a post in a topic q about wheel studs and "T" fittings   

    The scale part is easy. Most normal lug studs, mid-size cars are 7/16th's of an inch in diameter. That's .44 in decimal, or nearly a half inch (.50). using .50 as a starting point is okay, it will look "correct" in 1/25th scale. Divide that .50 by 25. .5 / 25 = 0.02 (or 20 thousandths). That is the required diameter for your new lug stud and nut. A #0000-160 screw is as close as you will get. Google that size. Amazon may have a source. This is one I found. And be aware these are not cheap or free...
    There are a number of miniature hardware providers out there. Just Google Micro-miniature screws. I used to sell packs of small screws and detailing stuff when I was running Machined Aluminum Specialties.
    Another option would be to go Metric in your search. 0.5mm's is the same as .020. so you could use a metric screw if you can find those easier then imperial.
  12. astroracer added a post in a topic Aftermarket Woes   

    Good looking seat belts can be made with medical or athletic tape. use black for black and the white can be painted any color you desire. I included the tape in all of my seat belt kits when I was still in the business...
  13. astroracer added a post in a topic casting process   

    Like Rocky said. You and the caster in question need to agree on a reimbursement that you are comfortable with. When I was doing master work for R&R we worked out numerous ways to cover my time. Cash and parts was one way and he did some one-off stuff for me as well. Just depends on what you need/want.
    And, like Rocky also said, if the "master" needs a lot of work the caster will be less likely to offer a lot. I fixed a lot of stuff Ray got in from other folks that was "casting ready" in their minds...
  14. astroracer added a post in a topic Plowed snow   

    Yes it does. if you have a shop vac handy that helps. I ended up doing all of the foam outside when I was a kid. Mom wasn't real happy and shop vacs were not an option back then.
  15. astroracer added a post in a topic Plowed snow   

    Building up a foam base shouldn't be that hard. using foam and trimming it with an electric carving knife is how a lot of rock and snow formations are created on model car and train layouts.
     Look for the spray on "popcorn" textured ceiling paint at the big box stores.
    That would make the bank look very realistic with all of the small chunks and pieces left after the plow blows it off the road.