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  1. Man !!!!! that's a big AZZ DIME !!!! LOL !!! all jokes aside.. this is an amazing project you got going.. I can't wait to see whats next !!!
  2. Thanks for the comments guys.. I got some good time at the bench and I got the engine finished up and the engine bay is getting detailed. I'm in the home stretch.. still need to add the wipers, rear tail lights and add a few details before its done.. thanks for looking and comments welcome..
  3. I've painted the body and interior, I used decals from Keith Marks and they are awesome... A little on the thin side though..lol.. I decided to remove the pinstripes from the 1/4 panels, I think it looks better without them, I've foiled the body and detailed the interior, and added seatbelts, I used a Motlow pen for the chrome trim.. here's where it is now.. foiling is done, about to start on the engine..
  4. What's up guys.. This is one I've been messing around with, I love the convt. kit but I always wished it had an uptop with the kit.. I have a friend on facebook who makes a resin one so I picked up a couple of them.. I sanded the body and scribed all the panel lines deeper with the back of a hobby knife blade and primed the body before painting..
  5. What's up fellas.. this is a rebuild of a truck that I've had for years.. I soaked in the purple pond and wanted to go with a different powerplant, I remembered that I had a SSR truck, and the engine from that fits perfectly.. more updates soon.. Thanks for looking and comments welcome !!
  6. David.. I robbed the air cleaner from one of the Corvette Kits.. I did not like the 2 round breathers that came with the kit.. But the engine only has 2 carbs..
  7. Thanks for the kind words !!!!!! I'm glad you all like it !!!
  8. I guess I'm on a roll...lol.. I finished this one up today.. I went with wheels and tires from the 32 Ford kit.. I wanted a more beefy street car look. The color is willow green metallic, this was a fun build with no real issues.. I'm out of p.e .battery cables so I'll add those when they come in... Thanks for looking and comments welcome...
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