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  1. TSK added a post in a topic Chrome Finish Methods?   

    I like Spaz Stix spoon painted with it.
  2. TSK added a post in a topic Anybody have this problem?   

    Glue the hood shut, black out the windows make it a slammer and move on. It will look good on the shelf and won't be another unfinished project.

  3. TSK added a post in a topic Let's see your AMT '67 Mustangs   

    Done as a street gasser.

  4. TSK added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave long roof(wagon)   

    I'll add a Modelhaus 60 Dodge.

  5. TSK added a topic in Under Glass   

    32 Ford 5 Window
    Other than the Modelhaus hubcaps, whitewall tires and the Evergreen V-Groove siding right out of the box.

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  6. TSK added a post in a topic electric buffing?   

    I use one of those battery operated tooth brush instead of the proverbial "old tooth brush". I found it makes quick work of cleaning model parts prior to painting.
  7. TSK added a post in a topic does anybody have any help on this?   

    Go to the site select the state you want , the year you want enter the plate number or vanity text. Select make plate then right click on plate picture and save picture to your hard drive.

    Load picture into an editing program infranview (free from http://www.infranview.com/ )will work. Resize picture to the right size and print on photo paper.

    I usually print the plate on plain paper to make sure it's the right size first.
  8. TSK added a post in a topic Turning parts   

    I also use a cordless drill to turn Evergreen plastic. Also red acrylic tooth brushes can be turned into bullet tailights.
  9. TSK added a post in a topic on the bench-1957 Ford Fairlane 500 to Ranchero conversion   

    We need that done in resin.
  10. TSK added a topic in Under Glass   

    37 Ford Sedan
    Scratch built fender skirts, 56 Ford hubcaps with bullets, 36 Ford continetal kit, lowered 1/8" front and rear.

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  11. TSK added a post in a topic Finishing supplies   

    Fine sandpaper sanding pads and sanding sticks (handi-files) look here

  12. TSK added a post in a topic Revell Chopper Frame question   

    Who wants to try this?

    Remove the section of triple tree that fits into the frame.

    Drill small holes or shallow depressions in the triple tree.

    Insert a watch band spring pin into the frame depress the little spring loaded nibs and slide the triple tree in place.

    This just might work.
  13. TSK added a post in a topic polishing troubles   

    I use 4000 grit sanding pad to remove the orange peel. Then I use 3M Rubbing Compound Professional Formula followed up with 3M Finish restorer. Both of these are a liquid and come in 8 oz bottles. I got them from Walmart but most Auto store should carry them.

    My paint finishes are not Show winning quality but I think they look great on my shelf.

  14. TSK added a post in a topic my 31 ford model A sedan 2 n 1   

    Need ideas for builds go here:

  15. TSK added a post in a topic Cables for 1/12th scale Chopper...   

    I found some hook up wire in the model railroading section of the hobby shop. It's about .040" which is about a scale half inch a little large but doesn't look to bad.