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  1. Having issues painting the hood scoop and rubbing out of paint. Decision decisions
  2. Small update. Still have not given up. Glass all installed. Tail lights on. Still need to do the Panel lines and chute rear wing. Paint the hood scoop and hood again. Thanks for looking
  3. Yup 💯 agree. Well decided to see what the decals would do. And for decals from 1991 did very well with just warm water. Best part of the kit 😝
  4. I am. I will touch it up before putting the seat in.
  5. She’s a hot mess but still going to complete this warped mess
  6. Thank you. Thanks for the feed back and support
  7. Thanks buddy. I don’t know how to post the link on my phone. Other wise we would be one click away.
  8. I painted it black. Model is done. It’s under glass section
  9. Thanks guys. Yes it’s flat black. For the panels it’s probabky because I did not use primer I just sprayed over the bare plastic. Supplies are limited at this time. About to jump in the interior and cage. Hope fully it lines up. I’ve seen some builds where the builders just gave up on the cage. Skill level 13
  10. First mock up. Not as crooked as feared hope after all
  11. Been a while since last update been having for issues with the front end. Nothing lines up all parts are brittle. She’s fighting me. Front wheels drying in place. She’s not going to the junk pile yet
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