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  1. Same with the other monogram lotus. tired to build it as a teen watching the gulf war on CNN.. body to chassis fir impossible I got the kit again to try once more.
  2. Wow Dann you're fabrication work is fantastic .
  3. Nice build... looks very nice. I started this kit a while ago. .about 50% done its a nice old kit
  4. nice work. always loved the cab overs.
  5. Wow impressive.. looks perfect
  6. Very nice work.. very clean,
  7. Scalper


    Photobucket is at it again I stop using them a while ago. They have ruined all my old post with huge water marks and now they keep sending me stupid warning emails. When will they stop ? They have ruined a lot of old post attached to this furom hey have should of grandfathered all the old pics before the change
  8. Nice looking Stocker.. well done I like it
  9. Looks great cool little truck with the Cherry Bombs
  10. nice start... the details on the wheels look great
  11. I did get some bench time tonight. Worked on the some of the glass. Painted a few parts. Body now on chassis with chassis falling apart. Leaving body on so I will add the front and rear while attached.
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