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  1. Thanks guys. Some a the chrome trees are molded in the metallic blue from the convertible wheels are done front suspension is done.
  2. Engine now in its home. Lots of space up front for now.
  3. Wow that's really nice a clean. awesome engine detailing. great work all around .
  4. Test fit the engine and also did a panel line test using tamiya panel line offering. Turned out to be a very pretty panel line. I like this stuff
  5. Things just got real.
  6. Glass now installed. Pretty much snapped right into place. Did glue some sections just for security.
  7. Thank you Coronet all the glass now painted. Now major assembly can be started.
  8. Small update. More progress interior complete. Most of the body detail done. Minus panel lines and touch ups. Engine almost complete. Not to paint the glass trim and pillars. thanks.
  9. Great Build. nice paint. very clean. one day when I find this kit I will build it
  10. I agree some Monogram Kits deserve the re issue treatment Red is the worse to try top paint though
  11. Nice work. really like how the interior looks
  12. Nice work on your Falcon
  13. Looking good. you're way ahead of me. The wheels look good
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