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  1. nice work. very clean
  2. nice. work.. super clean. the wheel work pretty good on this.
  3. nice work... like all the extra detail.
  4. cool pic.. I like how you did that .
  5. Scalper

    65' IMPALA

    Nice work.. sure does look mean. saved pic for work cpu.
  6. Nice work on that brick.. looks good to me.
  7. Nice Work.. engine looks great.
  8. That is a crazy amount of detail .. love the back end with the rads and fans. looks great
  9. Wow that looks great lots of detail. nice work.
  10. I just noticed I really need to clean that grill. I hope to get bench time soon.. this week has been crazy and draining.
  11. Tell me about. I get nervous all the time... ok model almost done all the detail stuff done. and . messed up the windows. back in the box she goes.
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