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  1. Great work. saw this on FB as well.
  2. nice . looks pretty cool with the fade paint
  3. Scalper

    73 Porsche RS

    Looks great to me.. when I built mine. I had to do a lot of work to get the stance right and the wheels tucked in the wheel wells. took lots of work. did not have a issue putting the body on.. you must have something interfering with it
  4. Great job on a old kit. Wheels look good.
  5. Love me a good Porsche. nice work
  6. Thanks. I used to do a lot of two tone painting like this by brush when I was a kid. Decide to try it again. This time with spray paint. Gives it hat 80’ feel.
  7. I now present one of my oldest wip’s 1984 Prost stock Thunderbird by Monogram This was one of my favorite builds. Was verr scared to ruin my paint job all comments welcomed
  8. Was able to mock up the front end. Very awkward fit at the moment
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