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  1. Nice work. super clean. great paint
  2. Have not been at the bench much at all. Got back into H.O. Scale slot cars again. Still clearing out my n-scale train stuff decide to glue some foil on the inside of the bed to give the taillights a more reflective look
  3. Great looking interior. very nice so far
  4. Not much. Body now glued to the chassis. will take a pic on my lunch. been playing with my slot cars lately, but will work on her some more tonight. thanks for the nudge,
  5. Nice and clean. great paint.
  6. Wow that's sharp and clean. great paint. great work. very nice model all around
  7. Great Work . Great 57 Chevy, Im a sucker for nicely built 57 Chevy's
  8. Thanks Carl. Mannaged to get the interior glued in. The best I could.
  9. Wow great build. nice paint and colours
  10. Scalper

    1968 roadrunner

    Nice . Beep Beep
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