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  1. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    My favorite of the year. Thanks
  2. Test fit the bodie. Crazy tight. Broke a turbo pipe and snapped off the right rear. Will fix in wrap up.
  3. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    Thank you all. Looks like the Zero is leading in the likes. Thanks. I’ll have to revise and investigate the emblems.
  4. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    Forgot to add this one 55 chevy dragster
  5. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    85 Vette 66 Chevy Pick up Zero
  6. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    87 T-Bird pros tock 64 GTO T-Bird Nascar
  7. Scalper

    Class of 2020

    My completed builds for this year. Enjoy. all comments welcomed 53 Chevy 57 Chevy
  8. Plus -2 Celsius wind chill, you have to take your chances, its a long cold winter. but many guys up here will do the same,
  9. Nice work. like the green and the details
  10. Sweet work. love the colours and the wicked flames.
  11. Thanks it’s model master smoke grey pearl it I’ll take a few days to gas out. Played with danger spraying outside on a windy day
  12. Could not resist. Plus 2 outside. Had to spray. Here she is fresh out of my paint yard.
  13. Thanks Dan. Love this stuff. Just a few dabs and details just start popping.
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