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  1. Nice clean Cobra. great work
  2. Scalper

    53 Chevy

    Thanks guys. Next weather job ill do will be with the salt method. I was fun working on this while on vacation a few years ago.
  3. Just a few things left to do before the body is married to the chassis. Missing some parts going to have to find a master brake cylinder
  4. Check her shoes and makeup. she may have duplicates.
  5. Nice work. sweet looking Tower. 23 and half hours service eh? poor Firebird
  6. Scalper

    '69 Ponies

    nice work on both kits. super clean work
  7. Nice. I like the Yellow
  8. Nice start. I practically almost have this kit complete. By my decals went bad on me. Sitting in my drawer of shame for now
  9. Have not sealed the body.. going for that nice worn look to make it look it has not been painted since the 80's
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