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  1. Little updates. Painted the front dam and bottom side trim. and oh BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. Hope I still have some of this paint left.
  2. This poor thing was tossed back in its box because I was not happy with the trim. Well I have putty drying on my tank barrel. so lucky fiero got pulled back out. Here how she sits now
  3. Thanks Bob. I will gladly take it off your hands at the next meeting. Hopefully we will have them again regularly. With no lockdowns
  4. Bucket will be filled with salt. Added fire extinguisher. Now the plow. Looks bare. Does not look right. Missing hydrolic ram ? Chains. Going to have to find something to use for chains. That could take a while now since we are heading towards another lockdown. Pic as she sits now. thanks for looking all comments welcomed.
  5. Yes it is. Going to try to hit the road before it’s starts tomorrow morning
  6. Nice .. I like the weathering on the cab and box.
  7. Going to weather this license plate a bit. But it’s almost done
  8. thank you, it was a experiment that went well I think, I am also a sucker for green
  9. Decided to do the mirrors like Tom suggested also saw a few others that where done like this. Much easier less stress. sitting waiting for all the glue to dry. Plow attached
  10. Thanks that’s what I will do. yup nice big round injector mark
  11. Yes indeed. I was supposed to have this ready by winter... has all summer to prepare. ..
  12. Thanks guys. She’s and old plow blade that’s for sure. truck is a 3 dressed up as a nine. thanks for looking
  13. Been kinda in a slump. Back at it. Plow hardware getting installed. Plow looking rough. Will do some more weathering on it. Here’s how she sits now
  14. Nice . Great colour you created
  15. Thanks Mike Its been a little while. started on the dash. interior should be completed soon .
  16. Nice work. like the weathering. nicely done
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