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  1. Bassbison added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    MiniCon 2012 IPMS Ontario CA
    June 30,2012

    225 E. B ST. Ontario CA.

    Ontario Senior Center

    Kids under 12 free


    Registration 8am-12pm $7 includes 1 entry, $1 each added entry

    Judging 12-1pm

    Awards/Raffle 1:15-2pm Best of show and Presidents Choice Award

    21 Categories 1st,2en,3rd awards

    3 models by 3 modelers to open a category

    no sweeps, judges decision final

    Contact: ipms-ontario.org
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  2. Bassbison added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Valley Con 2012
    When: Sunday March 4,2012

    Where:Pasadena Civic Center,
    300 E. Green ST.
    Pasadena CA.

    Admission: $5, Model entry $1 per model;
    Children under 10 yrs. FREE

    Time: 9am-4pm

    29 Categories plus Special Awards including Out of Box

    Featuring Seminars by award winning modeler and owner of New World Miniatures Chris "PANZER" Mrosko

    Vender tables $45 contacts pasadenamodeler@aol.com for more information

    A portion of the proceeds will go to Cancer Support Community , Pasadena
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  3. Bassbison added a post in a topic Trumpeter 60 Pontiac Bonneville   

    I am working on this kit now, with the photo-etch kit also. The kit has 206 parts and the phot-etch has another 62 parts. I don't really care about the roof line, I feel it is the building of the model is the thing and what can be done to the kit.
  4. Bassbison added a post in a topic 3rd Annual Citrus Nationals Riverside, California   

    Have gone for the last three years have had a great time and have won a few awards
  5. Bassbison added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    MiniCon 2011
    Ontario California MiniCon 2011 flyer - see attachment.

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  6. Bassbison added a post in a topic Need some tips for my first attempt at P/E   

    One item I use to buy me time when working with PE is Future.Use guitar wire as in a hi 'E' works to dab small amounts and when it drys it pull the PE parts closer no build up or gap. Try this with any small parts also.
  7. Bassbison added a post in a topic Citrus Nationals March 20th 2010   

    I was there won two award had a great time talking to follow modelers ,raffle was big won a few models there also. Will go next year. MCBA
  8. Bassbison added a post in a topic How to use Future floor wax   

    I have been using Future on my builds.And how I do it is DIP the whole body that is and only the body. Just like the 1/1. I'll paint, apply the decales and even the chrome,then I dip it in the Future sit to dry on some paper towels and cover lit dry for 12-24 hrs.it work very wall this way it is clean and fast,pour the what is lift back in the bottle.
  9. Bassbison added a post in a topic Southern California   

    Yes there are you can check the IPMS site for starters.I also know of one that mets on the frist saterday of the mouth in Burbank at the VFW, you'll welcome to come to that.
  10. Bassbison added a post in a topic Clear Coat   

    Have you treid future?
  11. Bassbison added a post in a topic Another FUTURE question...   

    Greetings, how about doing like the big guys the 1/1 guys? Dipping the whole body into future after decaling? It has worked for me of couse before assembly. Clear class window are done this way. Try this and let me know how you do. By the way you must cover the item soon after being dipped. You know dust and stuff in the air.

  12. Bassbison added a post in a topic Another FUTURE question...