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  1. Wagoneer81 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Wanted. ISO: Rear Duals from AMT Fire Engine
    I am looking for the rear axle assembly or just a complete set of 10x20 dual wheels and tires from any of the AMT Fire Truck kits. I'm working on a project that needs a tandem rear suspension and I only have the one rear axle. The whole assembly would be great but if unavailable, I could build an unpowered tag axle using the dual wheels/tires.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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  2. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic 49 Merc Woody (Lowered a bit)   

    Very cool!  This has helped me make up my mind about getting this kit.  I'll be building one, in the near future!
  3. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Trucks that my Father drove back in the 80's and 90's...   

    That's the plan, Mark! I have a rebuildable TranstarII that's going to end up fleet white with Cates Trucking markings. dad said that that white International was the roughest riding truck he had EVER driven... I'll do the R models once Round2 reissues the R685 kit.... Give it a year or so, I think we'll see it. I have a K-123 that a WIP that I think will get stripped and repainted black to model the one I don't have any pictures of... I can see, eventually, building each of these trucks. My way of saying, "Thanks Dad, for everything."
  4. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Trucks that my Father drove back in the 80's and 90's...   

    That T-600 did have a nice interior in it. Quite a few driver amenities compared to his earlier trucks. The last truck he drove, before he retired, was about a '94 W-900L. Forest Green Metallic with the aerodyne bunk. I can't find any pictures of that one, either. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of the T600.
  5. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Trucks that my Father drove back in the 80's and 90's...   

    The T-600's were still a fairly new design when J-trans started leasing them...

    What I don't have any pictures of is the black K-123 that Dad drove after he left Cates and went to work for J-Trans... It won't be a difficult one to replicate, though... Black cab, black steel drive wheels and aluminum steers...
  6. Wagoneer81 added a topic in 1:1 Truck Reference Pictures   

  7. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Ford Convoy Cabovers... and a few other oddball auto transporters   

    SO THAT'S why I hung on to that spare F-1 cab... I've never seen these before, Chuck. Thanks for sharing them!
  8. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Any Future Truck Projects or Goals ?   

    Ok, fellers! Thanks to a little help from Dynomight and Kilrathy10, I am now able to post pictures again. It was as simple as 'flipping a switch...'

    I mentioned earlier that I wanted to build an R Model pulling a Pabst Blue Ribbon billboard trailer as a memorial for my Dad who passed away back in September.
    This is the Mack that I want to build. Dad drove it for several years, back in the '80's. He mostly ran the East Coast, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City and such...

    That's a young me hanging off the side of the truck...
    I also just noticed the black, electrical tape X's on the headlights... Evidently, it had been foggy when he was coming home. He would do that to cut the light beam and help it penetrate the fog better. I've actually used that trick and, believe it or not, it makes a noticeable difference!

    They're not pictured but I remember this truck having grey painted, two-hole steel drive wheels... I should remember that because every weekend that it was warm enough, I was washing this truck for Dad on Saturday morning...
  9. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic 1914 Stutz Bearcat   

    Very nice! I have one of these and a 1909 Thomas Flyer that I really need to build... I'm with you, I love the early 20th Century 'Brass Era' autos.
  10. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Tommy Ivo Dodge L-700   

    Perfect! Very well done!
  11. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Any Future Truck Projects or Goals ?   

    Mark, you have the basic idea!

    I'd post a picture of the truck but, for some reason, I can no longer copy and paste or upload photos in any fashion to this site. Evidently the old way no longer works. I click to 'paste' and nothing happens... nothing appears after the prompt... I've even tried using the photo icon in the tool bar... All that does is locks the page... I've tried Tinypic, I've tried Fotki... Even started a new Fotki account. No luck.... I've been trying different methods for an hour and a half now... Still can't post pics... Can someone help me out, here? I'm just about over it...

    Sean, yes, that one does scream, "BUILD ME!!!"
  12. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Any Future Truck Projects or Goals ?   

    I want to do a tribute build for my Dad, who passed away back on Sept. 1st... Back in the early '80's, when he started driving OTR again, he started out in a red R model Mack with a silver Mercury bunk. His beer of preference, back in the day, before he quit drinking was PBR, soo..... I want to build a red R685 with sleeper pulling a 40' PBR billboard trailer. What's stopping me, right now, is the cost of the R model kit. Being that the DM kit is being reissued, maybe we'll see the R reissued as well... Here's hoping.
  13. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Kenworth Cabover   

    Thanks for the answer! That would be a unique restoration project. I'd never seen or heard of this type of drive system...
  14. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Kenworth Cabover   

    "Belt-Drive rear ends"... That's a new one on me. Could someone explain that one for me, please?

    That is a cool looking old truck...
  15. Wagoneer81 added a post in a topic Regional research = Lawson's Big O   

    I remember that, when I was a kid, there was a Lawson's in Delaware, Ohio, Had the best French onion chip dip. EVER. And who could forget their "Chip-chopped" ham from the deli? After my sister moved to Indiana in '79, she'd have Mom and Dad bring 2 or 3 tubs of dip when we'd come to visit... Until she discovered Best Ever Dairy... I was just a little guy, 6, maybe 7 years old but I remember the store, very well. Sorry about rattling on but this just resurrected several pleasant old family memories...

    Now, as for the truck.... It looks like a blue and white Kenworth K-123 with 5-spoke steel wheels. AMT's K123 kit will work for a starting point. It's a good kit. You'd have to steal the 5-spoke cast steel wheels and tires from, say, the AMT Chevy Titan 90 kit or purchase a full set from a resin dealer, Maybe AITM Find a set of Salem Stripes from Model Truckin' or Jbots and that'll set you on the right path.

    I'm not sure of the make of the trailer... If It were me, I'd start with AMT's gasoline tanker trailer and modify it to represent the OJ tanker. Leave off the top rib and scratch build the single manhole... scratch up a couple of side mount ladders, etc... You'd have to make up your own decals but that can be done with an inexpensive graphics program like Print Shop, a printer and some good, blank decal sheet. Or, I'm sure there's a custom decal maker that'd do them for a fee.

    I'm sure (I hope) others will chime in on this with more information. Good luck! I hope you find the info you need. Keep us posted!