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  1. Great news! Those castings look GREAT! I'm so glad to know that these will be available! Once again, your work amazes me!
  2. That points me in the right direction, thanks. I'll have to contact them. I didn't see it on their website.
  3. With the upcoming reissue of the AMT Cruiseliner kit, I would like to be able to build one of my Dad's old trucks. The AMT Mack is a Pre-1981. The truck I want to model is an '82 or '83 model with the square grille and integrated MACK lettering. Does anyone offer a conversion grille for the '82 or '83?
  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love these trucks! My Dad always had a thing for bump sides, as well, and black trucks in general... This definitely looks like something he'd have owned!
  5. I'm comparing your work to pictures of the real thing ... You're getting very close! It's looking really good. The brow looks right.
  6. August or September release... Sounds like that'll be a Birthday Present, from me, to me! I've wanted one of these for a LONG time..
  7. Looks great! It also answers my question about whether or not a Mercury sleeper will look right mounted behind the resin '69 F-700 cab I have...
  8. Chuck, that beast if Fugly, Funky and all together Messed Up. I LOVE IT! Great job, man!
  9. Your skill and craftsmanship never cease to amaze me, Charles! I've been watching this project evolve with GREAT interest and have to say that that cab is a thing of beauty! This is one of my favorite trucks, from this era. When I was on our local Fire Dept., back in the '90's, our township pumper was a '66 L-1800 built by Howe Fire apparatus, in Anderson, IN... (I live just up the road, in Summitville...) I've wanted to model that truck, for years! The truck still exists, now owned by one of our local firefighters, so I'll have access to it for pictures , measurements, etc... I do wish you the best, on this! I'd love to acquire one (or more) of these cabs, when you're ready to cast them! As for the windshield buck; If Renshape doesn't work for you (I think it will), have you considered shaping the form from a chunk of Bondo? I know a 1/72 aircraft modeler who uses this technique to make bucks for aircraft canopies... I think he uses an automotive wax on his bucks to help with adherence issues.
  10. I recently (just a few days ago...) discovered and subscribed to your YouTube channel. I was very impressed by your reviews and builds. I'm glad to know that you are on this Forum, as well! This AT-AT kit has been added to my 'wish-list' because of your review.
  11. I consider myself to have a pretty fertile imagination but I'd have never thought this one up! What an amazing concept! I really like how you used the hood and fender parts to extend the back end... That's one of those subtle-ish design elements that COULD look like a factory original, if you know what I mean... I look forward to watching your progress on this one!
  12. Excellent! Thank you, Bill!!! My mind has been so fuzzed-out, recently, I didn't even think of figuring the volume, myself... So, I am looking at around 3000 gallons for a straight truck built with half of the kit. Excellent! The Mack R-model that I recently purchased, is the perfect chassis for it, then! Thanks again, Ace!!!
  13. And I've had one or two kits where the tires are so warped, the wheel/tire assemblies were unbuildable... But, I've found that a really good investment for these kits is the Moebius Big Rig Wheel and Tire set. These are the same wheels and tires that are used in their Lonestar kit. And at around $18.00 a set, are a really good deal considering what you're getting.
  14. The DM series was designed for short-wheelbase straight trucks and urban-use tractors and had a shorter BBC (Bumper to back of cab) length than the R models, which caused the engine to intrude back into the cab so Mack offset the cab to allow for more room for the driver. With the offset cab, the engine hump protruded back into the passengers footwell but left the drivers position unobstructed.
  15. SWEET! That is looking really nice! I had completely forgotten that this kit even existed. Problem solved, though! I just ordered one, after finding and scrolling through this post. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Was this kit modeled after a specific 1:1 prototype? And what would the capacity be, in gallons? I'm currently building a straight truck milk tanker using the back-half of this kit and am wondering what the carrying capacity would be... I'm thinking somewhere around 2500 gallons, maybe 3000... I'd like some other, more knowledgeable opinions, please.
  17. You certainly did that kit justice. Looks great! I've been looking really hard at their T kits... After seeing this, I think I'll be picking them up.
  18. This one got me smiling! Awesome build! Very believable and a good looking combination, at that.
  19. Wishes DO come true!!! I mentioned bugging Moebius about producing a '65-'66 truck kit, just a short time back, on a Facebook modeling forum. Now, Boom! Man, I just can't quit giggling... After reading this thread, I even got my raggedy butt out of the recliner long enough to do a Happy Dance! I LOVE the Bump Sides that Moebius has issued and am looking forward to seeing a '67 and '68 to round out my collection... And the 4x4... Way too cool! I have one of each bumpside that has been issued, to date, and will be getting several more... NOW, I hear about the '65 and '66.... While I'm a big fan of the '67 to '72's, the '66 Ford is my Holy Grail of trucks! Great Googly Mooglies, but it is a great time to be a modeler AND an old-school Ford Truck Man! Thank you, Moebius! Keep up the great work!
  20. Very cool! This has helped me make up my mind about getting this kit. I'll be building one, in the near future!
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