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  1. Nice save, it looks good. Are you sure there are tires on that thing, it looks like someone wrapped rubberbands around the wheels Talk about low profile...
  2. It looks good, I bet your daughter really likes it
  3. Its lookin good, and I especially likes the color. I have a couple of these on the shelves waiting to be built
  4. Here are the Stinger, a model from Monogram. I added spark plug wires, and the string from the shutes. Paint is Motip automotive spary bombs, and the driver is detail painted using Humbrol enamel paints. Hope you like it
  5. Nice model and I especially like the colors. Maybe because they remind me of a chewing gum package we had here in Denmark, in the 60 ties and 70 ties Great job.
  6. It looks really cool just the way it is. Its nice to see this fairly rare kit built OOB, the way it is supposed to be. I love these early 70 ties style rods, and I really like the look the wheels/tires give to this model. Great job
  7. I love the ´53 Studebaker, and I love this model. Beautiful
  8. Great Dragon Wagon. I am not looking foreward to painting mine, but you did a great job
  9. Soon its new years eve, and it is time to look back at this years built models. Not as many as I would have wanted, but a threesome that I am happy with. I hope to finish one of the Revell 1:12 choppers before new years eve, but... Well, here are the 3 finished ones: Monogram´s Hangman MPC`s Street Beast ´26 Modified Monkees Mobile .
  10. Hi guys Here are one of my recent finished models, the Monogram Hangman show rod. It is painted black (not polished plastic), usin Motip automotive spray cans. The wheels and tires are replaced by wheels from a couple of toy choppers, other than that, it is box stock. Comments are welcome
  11. Tijuanataxi

    32 Ford's

    Wow LOTS of great deuces.... Well, here are some pics of mine... Yes, I know some of the pics are a little dark Inspired by Cole´s black and yellow deuce... AMT´s old 5 window, my favorite deuce model.... Another AMT 5 window, this having cheater slicks from MPC...
  12. That looks just great, and it is a show rod I never had in my stash, even though it is very big - my stash that is... Well, I gotta get one of these now
  13. That looks really great, a sweet lil´truck. Great job
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