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  1. I just love dem B-body Mopars!
  2. i remember Ron Merkel very well as he was vice president of our model car club meeting The Old Town Escorts in Chicago. I also have been to his hobby shop in Franklin Park many times. May he R.I.P.
  3. Over the years whenever I had to mail a kit or parts, I packed and shipped them so they would be received in good condition JUST like I would want to receive them. Makes perfect sense to me.
  4. Sounds good and I hope her recovery continues to go well.
  5. I have got quality parts and great service from Harts Parts, and have parts made by him on a couple of my builds already
  6. I though that I had heard somewhere that 91% isoprophyl (sp) alcohol removes Tamiya paint?
  7. Poor packaging is a shame as we get a number of items delivered here from Amazon and they're always shipped in a box and never damaged.
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