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  1. High octane added a post in a topic Dr Crankys Rat Rod   

    You're right about that. I had the battery moved from the front of the car to the trunk, and could feel the difference with that weight relocated.
  2. High octane added a post in a topic I'am depressed   

    I never went to any of my high school reunions. Once I graduated from high school I kept on going and never looked back. I don't care what happened to my classmates, or how they got through all these years, or who they married, or how many kids they have, or how big or small a house they have, etc.
  3. High octane added a post in a topic What do YOU like about the MoPars?   

    I've always liked Mopars as it seems as though there are way less Mopar enthusiasts than say Chevy or Ford guys. Mopars are very different in their own way and the cars are set apart from the Chevys & Fords. I've owned a couple of Mopars and the engines are very stout with a lot of power and the 727 automatics are almost "bulletproof," except when age catches up to them. The Mopar car bodies have their own look compared to the Ford & GM products, especially the cars from the 60's.
  4. High octane added a post in a topic Let's hear it ILLINOIS modelers   

    Here is a flyer for an upcoming show THIS Sunday.................................................

  5. High octane added a post in a topic Goodyear speedway blue streak tires   

    Hmmm, they look like these that I had back in the late 60's..............................................

  6. High octane added a post in a topic Anyone from Wisconsin?   

    Here's the flyer from the upcoming show THIS Sunday...................................

  7. High octane added a post in a topic DuPage IL show February 26th   

    Here's the flyer for the show THIS Sunday the 26th.....................................

  8. High octane added a post in a topic Slot Car Builders   

    There's a "slot car" column at the bottom of this page.
  9. High octane added a post in a topic 30 Ford   

    Very nice lookin' build on that Model A Coupe Neil, and great color choice also.
  10. High octane added a post in a topic What did you get rid off today?   

    I've been "thinnin' the herd" for the last few years and hopefully by next year I'll be where I want to be as far as unbuilt model kits go. Sometimes at least for me its been hard to choose which kits stay and which kits go, as I bought almost all of them with the intention of building them someday. As I get older and see that I'm not crankin' out built kits like I had hope to, I also see that my expectations shouldn't be so high as far as finishing X number of model kits in the future either.
  11. High octane added a post in a topic Mt Washington Cog Railway #9   

    Nice build on that engine. It's been since 1999 since I've been on a cog railway up to Pikes Peak.
  12. High octane added a post in a topic What Pleased You Today!   

    Hmmm, I've driven Chevy trucks for almost 40 years and they've been pretty reliable to me. I needed a change and last year bought an F-150, and so far I'm likin' the change. While GMC advertises their trucks as "professional grade" that's a joke as I've worked on many construction jobs and have seen hundreds of trucks belonging to the workers or contractors. Most all of them were either Ford or Chevy trucks.
  13. High octane added a post in a topic New To Me Kits From Model Show   

    I also have a swap meet comin' up this weekend, and while I don't really need anything, who knows? Maybe I'll even get rid of a couple of JoHan kits that day also.
  14. High octane added a post in a topic Shirley Shahan   

    Frustrated? When someone picks up the bill, it's their choice and not anyone else s. Nice job on that build John, as I just love dem Mopars!
  15. High octane added a post in a topic The 1/24 Scale History Story?   

    I'm with you Erik, as while I didn't really care for 1/24th scale several years ago, today it makes no difference to me. I have some Danbury and Franklin Mint cars that are in 1/24th scale and they are beautiful. I'm currently workin' on a 1/24 scale kit, and it looks like there'll be more of my builds in that scale in the future.