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  1. Thanks Snake as this hobby shop is 'bout 10 miles from home. I have another 'bout 40 miles and one about 50+ miles. I have plenty to build so I'm not really buying anything for myself and right now I'm in a building slump and have been since mid April. Sighhh.
  2. That is a beautiful build on that El Camino Bob.
  3. Don't feel bad as I wish I could get my stash down to 'bout 50 kits. Sighhh.
  4. Dan, your products look great as always and sometimes I wish that I had more room so I could build & display big rigs. I did build a couple in the 70/80's but they're long gone. Wish I still had the day cab conversion I had done following the article in Phil Jensen's book. Sighhh. Nick
  5. While I'm really a FED man, your dragster model you built came out awesome Jerry. A beautiful job and it shows the effort you put into it.
  6. Our newspaper gave Midway only one star in their review. Waiting to see the new Ford VS Ferrari movie due out next week.
  7. Yes I've used Harts Parts before as he has good quality parts and great service.
  8. Taking my grandson to the LHS to pick out another snap kit, and yes he had his eyes on other kits that he's not ready for including big rigs.
  9. That's a great book as I have one in my reference library.
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