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  1. Typical Tyrone, nothing short of awesome. Excellent work!
  2. Yeah, capacitors can range in size depending on the setup.
  3. Hey Frank, this is what a capacitor is. http://www.caraudiohelp.com/car_audio_capacitors.html The picture that I included looks pretty similar also.
  4. Both look like stereo parts. Part 84 resembles an amplifier and part 82 looks like a capacitor.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has used this particular paint and could give me some insight on the best way to apply it.
  6. Morgan Automotive Detail makes a set Niko. Here is a link to them. http://www.madmodeling.com/store/ccp0-prodshow/Drag+Lites.html
  7. You could download and install Mozilla Firefox. Upon installing Firefox you are given the option to transfer all of your history, bookmarks, etc. to the Firefox browser. I don't use Google Chrome much unless Mozilla Firefox's updates have issues with the software that I use. I'm sure Chrome has that option.
  8. How would you tell the 1968 to 1970 383 ho heads date code? How to decode the dates would be even better.
  9. I was wondering if someone could tell me what color of paint this car is and the color code? Also, I was wondering what kind of black they use on the 1968/1969 Roadrunner 440 6 pack hoods.
  10. What are you trying to put adobe flash player on? Also, are you downloading the correct version?
  11. Have you read this? http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31697
  12. Yep, what Tom said. Not to mention, a lot less work and hassle involved with stripping.
  13. Hey Gary, You could make a post in the wanted section looking for the rest of the parts to finish that 440. Just a suggestion.
  14. Lee is right. It is the 440 from AMT's mopar kits. This engine also shares a few parts with the hemi that came in these kits, which is why a few of the parts may be missing.
  15. Hi Ron, maybe reaching out to Gary would be your best bet. His phone number and email is included in the article. I am sure he would give you exactly what you're looking for.
  16. I watch Roadkill also when they release the new episodes. I loved this episode and the muscle truck episode. The muscle truck had a killer exhaust note.
  17. Here is a link to Jerome's ad on Ebay for the dart chassis. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-1-25-68-69-Dodge-Dart-Resin-Drag-Race-Chassis-/231131293952?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item35d07fa900
  18. Is it me or are the headers on the wrong sides? Overall it is a sharp looking resto!
  19. Hi Ben, You've got to start somewhere. I am sure it will be a stellar build!
  20. I wasn't after anything special ordered or marked down. I wanted to use my coupon and purchase some paint, but apparently not.
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