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  1. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic My autistic nephew made this for me   

    Kudos to you for being willing to take the time to work with your nephew. Autistic children are a handful. I know from personal experience. They still need the love and attention that all children need. The challenge is dealing with their issues, because no two autistic children are the same. ( I probably don't need to tell you any of this.) It's very easy to let it be someone elses problem. Working with any child, teaching them to build models can be a challenge. You are to be commended for taking the time and effort to work with children with special needs. My hats off to you and to his parents. You both go above and beyond.
  2. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic his first model   

    I was suprised that he was interested, because his dad wasn't. It probably won't take long before he's beating me at the local contests
  3. runsw/scissors added a topic in General   

    his first model
    My grandson i s three, and has been bugging me to show him how to put a "car" togeather. So I bought a snap togeather camaro,and we spent about an hour putting it togeather today. He even put some of the parts togeather, with a little help of course.This was probably more fun for me than him, but does indicate that there may be hope for the future of our hobby. As long as he's interested we'll continue to do more togeather. besides it's great to be able to spend quality time with the grandkids.

    He thinks it's a " really really really cool car, and the bestest I've ever seen." :D
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  4. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic winter storm   

    How would you like to be the insurance adjuster on that one!?! :lol:
  5. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic Revell snap Impala   

    Nice work. It doesn't have enough dents in it to reprsent a taxi in my home town.
  6. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic What's up with screen names?   

    It's what I did as a kid, still do sometimes. Momma said I wasn't too bright. Always been able to use it no matter whereI go.
  7. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic Something for under the tree   

    You've got to entertain those with more money than common sense somehow. :rolleyes:
  8. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic 34 ford roadster (maybe) update 2/18   

    Run with it man! You have a unique and creative idea, we would love to see how this looks in your minds eye. The only way we'll find that out is for you to finish it.
  9. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic mid engine corvette Finished 9/28   

    Very creative. I like it.
  10. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic Revell Midget Racer   

    Looks good! This one's on my radar too. I need to get to my local LHS to get one.
  11. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic custom 40 chrsyler pickup   

    The Atlantic is one of my favorite subjects. I absolutly love what you have done to this one.
  12. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic '66 Dodge L700 Truck, And Long Flatbed Trailer   

    I biult this kit when it was first rereleased. Watch the fit on the doors. I had alot of problems with them closing properly. I never did get them to work right. Almost glued them shut. I've thought about getting another one, just to try to conquer this problem. The last one was already painted before I discovered the fit problem. Hopefully by addressing it before paint will make it easier to fix. I will be watching to see how your comes out.
  13. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic Motivation   

    I hadn't finished anything in almost two years. I was laid up due to surgery, and couldn't get to my room in the basement. So my wife brought up a Polar Lights Batmobile that my son bought me years ago. Finished it in a week. Didn't paint the body, just polished the plastic, now I'm working on two other stalled projects that should be done around the first of the year. Best thing I could have done to get me motivated was to just do a quick build straight out of the box. Even if its just a snap kit, put something togeather thats easy and quick every once in a while. It'll keep the juices flowing. That's what i intend to do from now on. We have to keep it fun, thats the point, right?
  14. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic What else do you collect   

    I used to collect Hot Wheels, Matchbox and the like, Too much money, and too little space. Now all I collect is dealer advertising plates.
  15. runsw/scissors added a post in a topic Industrial Photo-Op Base   

    Cranky, you build faster than I can read.

    This is a great project. Looking forward to seeing this one through to the end.