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  1. I'm a sucker for big scale, but display is an issue. I build paper models, too, and the Alan Rose ones can be 4' or larger. At least the Empire State Building is vertical! I also have the Hindenburg and Titanic. All three are 1/200, and around the 4' mark. I haven't tackled the Hindenburg yet, but can hang that from the ceiling. The huge one is the front half of a DC-3. It ends about mid wing, so height isn't too bad. It has a 6'-4" wingspan, and is designed to be hung from the wall. I do have a spot between two windows up near the ceiling where it will fit. That scales to about 1/14 or so. Should be interesting to build.
  2. I'd like to build the 1/32 B-17, but don't have the display room, even with the vertical wall mount provided. The P-38 has a 19.5" wingspan at that scale. I built it for a WW2 vet friend, who sadly passed this past November. A B_7 has almost exactly double the wingspan, so about 39". Big.
  3. REALLY nice! I have the 1/43 version, but have to think about building it in this scale. The wheels were worth the effort.
  4. Well, got the flyer for the '35 Ford today, and they are indeed ending the diecast car program. Too bad.
  5. I saw that same statement on the '35 Ford, yet they claim the Mustang is all new. I guess because of the websites I visit, and cookies, etc., I keep seeing Danbury Mint ads on sites (including here,) that picture the '35 Ford and the new '65 Mustang. I see that the Mustang has already sold out, so DM might consider them again. We shall see.
  6. Thanks, folks. Spring is almost here, and I can paint soon. I will be doing a trade to get a rechromed grille/bumper part, as there's some wear on the chrome on this. This was a builder that was stripped, etc., but all the parts are there, including the wheelcovers. I had a love/hate relationship with the 1:1, but it was a fun car. There was nothing like crusing with the top down on a summer's evening in the Hudson Valley and Catskills. I took it to see "More American Grafitti" at a drive in with a friend, and everyone already parked flashed their lights and beeped horns when I pulled in with it.
  7. I also love civilian aircraft of this era. I've used cheap dollar type store aluminum foil and Microscale Foil Adhesive as a much cheaper alternative to BMF. This is a 1/32 Revell P-38J I built for a friend that way.
  8. Wow, this one is a blast from the past. I built this back in the late '60s. I even painted the hunter and dead puma. Very cool.
  9. One of the other projects ready for paint, is an original AMT '59 Buick convertible. This one is going to eat up a lot of Bare Metal Foil. Fortunately, it's an Invicta, and not an Electra 225, which would need even more foil. I still haven't finalized the color, but leaning towards black with a red interior. That was the scheme of my aunt's '48 Buick Roadmaster convertible.
  10. Now you have to find one of the 1/24 resin transporter models. I have the CMC in 1/18 scale that I display my #722 300SLR on. Superb model, by the way.
  11. I'll finally have a model to match my avatar. I'm building this to match the 1:1 version I had over 30 years ago, in the same color scheme. The parting lines, etc., are sanded, and it's about ready for paint. It's an original kit, so painting the three tone black/red/white interior will be a bit tricky with the original tub design. It'll be fun, though, and hope to have it done this spring.
  12. Looking forward to following this when you come back to it.
  13. Very nice! I had a 1:1 '69 Camaro in the late '70s; Daytona Yellow with a black vinyl roof, 327. I wish the model manufacturers would make a more basic coupe with a standard hood someday.
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