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  1. Tony Willing added a topic in Under Glass   

    Finished tonight--A Lotus XI

    Built from a Keith Sorci resin re-pop of the Merit Lotus XI. Most of the parts are scratchbuilt, including the wheels and decals, plus the unseen interior. Tamiya British Racing Green and clear from the rattle can. Lots of fun, even though it fought me a bit, and doesn't take up much room in the display case. Thanks fer lookin'!
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  2. Tony Willing added a topic in General   

    Say Hi to the new guy and his latest build!
    Hi, everyone. I'm Tony Willing, owner of R&D Unique/MiniExotics, and sometimes builder of model cars. I saw Ismael's lastest C6 ZO6 in his "showroom" and decided I shouldn't be missing the fun in here, so I joined up. Herewith is my latest, a 61 TBird pulled back from the brink. The rear wheel wells were radiused up to the bottoms of the fender trim in some lame attempt to make a drag car. I think TBirds make better mild customs....

    Thanks for looking.

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