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  1. Did any of the big model companies make a '63 Corvette convertible? If not, is there a resin body available? Thanks, I want to replicate a friends car for him.
  2. Yes, that's the hood I want. I didn't know there was a version with it. Thanks
  3. No the Monogram kit # 2724 only has the base small block hood but has a big block engine. I was hoping someone knew of an aftermarket resin 65/66 hood.
  4. The 65 & 66 big block hood is very different than the 67 hood. Thanks I've heard there's a resin company that makes the hood I'm looking for but I've also heard they're very un-Reliable.
  5. Anybody know of a stock hood with the bulge for the big block engine? Thanks
  6. Where'd you get the resin convertible body from?
  7. On a related note, I'm looking for a hood with scoop for this kit. Does anyone have an extra or know of an aftermarket piece. Thanks
  8. I've been using DupliColor primers and paints for a few years and am very happy with the finished product.
  9. And it looks like this years show (2021) is cancelled also.
  10. I hit the nearest Ollie's last Saturday (70 miles away) while out on the bike to see what they had & couldn't find a model.
  11. Is there an aftermarket company selling these? I've been looking for a few for some upcoming projects.
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