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  1. Rustycab added a post in a topic All Roads Lead To The "old Pot Belly Gangs Model Show And Contest"   

    New Stanton Fire hall right on Main street
    Check it out on Google

    Real easy to get too Take the New stanton exit off of Interstate 70 Cant miss it

    You can call Brian if you like
  2. Rustycab added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    All Roads Lead To The "old Pot Belly Gangs Model Show And Contest"
    ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE "Old Pot Belly Gangs Model Show and Contest"
    November 4, 2007 9am to 5 pm
    New Stanton, Pa.

    30 miles from Pittsburgh
    75 miles from Morgantown WV
    75 miles from Wheeling WV
    Vendors Tables are all sold

    Model Contest will be Peoples Choice and Best of Show

    IF any additional Info is needed call Brian Corcoran 724-887-8255
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  3. Rustycab added a post in a topic MY CHEVROLET/ GMC/ APPROVED RESCUE.completed pics.   

    Very Impressive
    I have looked at your projects and you certainly are not afraid to Tackle some tough projects.
    I admire your efforts and most importantly your completed builds

  4. Rustycab added a post in a topic Ford LN 8000 Stakebody   

    Excellent Build
    I looked at your site- Your have some very impressive trucks
  5. Rustycab added a post in a topic My Ext Hood 359   

    oooooooooooooop's Forgot to add the link
  6. Rustycab added a post in a topic My Ext Hood 359   

    Check out this web site- life as you know it building models will change with this link

    Craig (aka"Rustycab")
  7. Rustycab added a post in a topic My Ext Hood 359   

    Cant wait to see this one done!!!!
  8. Rustycab added a post in a topic AMT Cattle Trailer   

    Hey that is awesome~ i am still sick over those Pipes- Thats what I call a set of "BULL HORNS"
  9. Rustycab added a post in a topic Quick Build: Orange 359 - More pics 4/29/07   

    Casey~ I see your from Elizibeth, Pa.
    You have three great model clubs within 30 miles of you in each direction
    3 River Automodelers meet in West Mifflin @ Neals Resturaunt 2 nd monday of each month
    Old Pot belly Gang in Scotdale, Pa. Meets every other month
    Hobby town in Monroeville meets thrid week of every month
    We got a lot of truck builders hanging around

    Not sure if you know about these clubs or if you have ever attended
    if you are interested in more info drop me a PM
  10. Rustycab added a post in a topic Kenworth w925   

    Absolutely Right on the mark- Very Nice~
    Welcome back to the hobby- Looks like you didnt miss a beat!!
    I really like those CANNONS-- I can hear it now breakin over the hill-hittin the JAKE
    Really nice-!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rustycab added a post in a topic 53 Ford F-800 Big Job   

    TWIST, This is my kinda Build I have one of these started and never finished it. But now you just re kindled my spirit for this.
    Attached are a few pictures of my cab.
    I am not a scholar when it comes to FORD but it is my MY # 1 Favorite Truck brand and Model Choice.
    Looking through all my Ford reference material I can not find anything indicating the 317 was available in 1953,
    I do find where the 317 was offered in 1954. I think the engine in the Ford C-cab will work and would not be considered unreasonable for your truck.
    However, 1953 offered many different wheel and tire options for this truck- 22 x 7.5 inch wheels cast spoke or disc-- 20 x 7.5 inch rims and a two speed rear axle
    10,000 pound max capacity, air brakes, overdrive tranny
    Hey, Its a model so I dont like getting caught up in the details, I generally build to what I think looks good. but I do appreciate and respect your desire to be period correct.
    I dabble in resin casting tires and wheels and have a few on ebay now.
    My new wheel mastered for this truck is a period correct five bolt 10:00 20 soon to be cast in resin.

    I have a 64 Ford F750 started ( resin ) and a 60 Ford 1/2 tow truck that I need to finish before I can get back to this one-
    What type of body will you be putting on this truck?
    I am not sure yet what to do with mine

    It looks great- cant wait to see it finished
  12. Rustycab added a post in a topic Michigan L-190 W.I.P.   

  13. Rustycab added a post in a topic MAN F8 41.440 VFS 8x4   

    I could really enjoy getting my hands on one of those loaders
  14. Rustycab added a post in a topic R Model Mack Rolloff Truck   

    As you requested - Camera not good enough to get any closer

    Thanks for all the compliments
  15. Rustycab added a post in a topic R Model Mack Rolloff Truck   

    Not one to cause a stir, I did as I was asked without question, But not without looking at the way others were signing thier posts.
    I did see that others are using thier proper name in thier postings
    I trust all is well at this point