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  1. Excellent work, love the panel lines. How do you do to make them look so good?
  2. Love the panel line work, something I've always looked at when seeing a really well and built model.
  3. I respect everyone's opinions but Facebook does have a lot of great model car groups to join and you see a lot of posted WIP stuff as well as finished models. You may have your opinions about Facebook but you can't deny that it's yet another tool to make us better builders and get to know a lot more people.
  4. I just purchased the Nikon D7000 for just under 700.00 at Best Buy with two different lenses. I like it a lot.
  5. This is such cool work. Love the panel lines, how did you get them to look so clean? Also, what did you use for carpeting?
  6. By the look of the first picture, looks like a nice and thick issue for this one. Can't wait to have it. Beautiful picture of that 'Cuda too!
  7. I haven't seen any mags at Barnes and Noble anymore. Are they still selling them there?
  8. The black Cuda looks a lot like the Phantasm Cuda.
  9. Didn't know you had built the Sox and Martin 'Cuda, turned out absolutely beautiful. That Mustang is also gorgeous, don't see too many of those built. I enjoyed the flat bed build in the truck section of the forum, you did an amazing job on it. That Sox and Martin 'Cuda should be in the cover of the magazine though. What shade of red did you use on the Mustang and what paint?
  10. Turned out awesome, thought it was yours Cruz!
  11. I want to start on the new Revell 1970 Sox and Martin. Does anybody know if they ran with a full interior that year or at least the back seat?
  12. Cruz showed me a few pictures of the one he is currently doing but told me he can't share it here for now. You guys are gonna love it!
  13. Absolutely love what you did with this build, everything from the rims/tires you chose to the vinyl top looks impressive and so real. It's true that Revell missed the mark again with this one but your build stimulates the brain to think otherwise. Congrats on yet another mag article, I thoroughly enjoy every one of them.
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