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  1. Mike, I know the flyer is correct but the date is Saturday, September 29, 2018. Always great to get out and see friends at this show.
  2. Mid-Engine Corvette

    It seems to me that if they had introduced a mid engined Corvette in the late 60's/early 70's when the car had less than 20 years of history it would have made more sense. Now after 65 years of front engined Corvettes and their legacy it seems strange to go away from that to a mid engined car. Keep the front engined Corvette and call this car the ZR1 or something like that. In the end, unless I win a lottery, it doesn't make much difference to me. They'll have an electric engine in it in a couple of years anyway (probably at the rate things are going...).
  3. Hasegawa Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO MR 1971

    Love the mini-Mustang styling of this similar to the Toyota Celica. Thanks for showing us what's in the box.
  4. Nissan Skyline GT-R 2000 "Hakosuka"

    Very nicely done, Janne. Cool Japanese muscle car.
  5. Okey Spaulding - Mr. Johan

    He still vends at some shows like NNL East and Toledo and Detroit so he is still out there. I don't have contact info though.
  6. Wow! Beautiful job on the Chevy. All your hard work shows. Kudos!

    O.K. some creative pricing going on in that ad. The Star Trek Spaceships are $2.95 each or buy both for $6.95? What a deal!
  8. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    "and the molds they sold off." I wonder what that means? New company going to produce what was Revell USA kits? Time will tell I guess.
  9. Auctual "Barn Find" Hubley Ford.

    The Model A clubs do a lot of Hubley racing. They use a Pinewood Derby style downhill track. Some even use automatic race winning counters.
  10. How many kits do you buy in one day

    Yep, what Bill said since we're partners in crime when it comes to kit buying especially at NNL East or Motor City NNL.
  11. Happy Triskaidekaphobia day🤣😨

    Well, my mother died on Friday the 13th and I was involved in a traffic accident (that was not of my doing) on Friday the 13 th so I am a little apprehensive on this day. I was fine today until the lady at the grocery store mentioned it. Happy to get home in one piece.😏😉🙂
  12. Tesla 3 and Tesla 5 dash

    Talk about distracted driving! The law makers have their noses in all aspects of automotive design and yet they let Tesla get away with this type of control system where you have to take your eyes off the road to accomplish any type of adjustment. And it's not just Tesla. A lot of others, especially high end cars, you have to take your eyes off the road just to turn the fan speed up or down or adjust the temp a couple of degrees.
  13. Hello from Windsor Ontario

    Welcome to the forum, Ed! Enjoy your time here at MCM Forums.
  14. What happened to Cato?

    You're welcome. I don't know if it will work any better but some people never visit the General section.
  15. What happened to Cato?

    Would this work better in the Where's Waldo section designed just for this type of question?