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  1. And now people are sitting and yelling and cheering for some other people who are sitting in chairs playing video games professionally. They risk nothing but carpal tunnel syndrome as compared to regular athletes who risk serious injury to achieve greatness. But people think this is great. I don't get it. But we're the whack jobs for having a creative hobby.
  2. I'm still waiting for a decent kit of the current Mustang and it's been out for years. So far we only have no headlight snap togethers. So I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a C8. That said I certainly hope they do one and that it is of a decent detail level. Time will tell.
  3. Dude! The original poster said "this is what the Delorean should have been". My comments were directed towards that statement. If he said this Delorean is a great race car (never heard of time attack cars) I probably would have agreed. Don't call anyone haters because they are responding to the original statement in the original post.
  4. Very nice set of GTI's!
  5. That would never appeal to a mass market which the Delorean was originally supposed to do. As a one off custom interpretation it's sort of cool by today's esthetics. Looks good by Cyber truck standards.
  6. NNL East Internet Theme: Recently rereleased AMT 63 Chevy Impala kit.
  7. Really excited for the VW T2 as well as the T1 Camper.
  8. Wow, Alexandr, you had a very productive year. And they are all beautifully done as well.
  9. Sweet clean build of that little Honda. Love the different sheens of black in the interior.
  10. Great job bringing that old police car back to life!
  11. Very nice clean build of that Porsche, Dan.
  12. Received my copy here in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada. Too bad Canada Postal Service had to wreck it by folding it (not so) neatly in half just before it got to my community mailbox.
  13. Beautiful clean build of that Skyline. Cool to see something different like this.
  14. Sweet clean build of the GTR Nismo. Kudos!
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