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  1. I would probably say yes to most of your list but a big definite YES on the Volvos. I have the BTCC wagon but I would love to get the sedan for a reasonable price and the Turbo Estate as well.
  2. Lots of Volkswageny goodness there. Eagerly anticipating the T2 and T2 Camper. And some cool reissues of other early VW Transporters. Cool!
  3. I received my copy yesterday. Enjoying it so far. Thanks, Gregg, Larry and company.
  4. Thanks, Jerry. Hopefully I’ll be seeing mine in the next week or two.
  5. So, just curious, anyone in Canada get their subscription copy yet?
  6. Actually, I did mention bio hacking and trans humanism. There are already people out there that have implanted chips themselves or have had chips implanted into them for just such a purpose. Watched an hour documentary about this practice recently. To me it's downright scary that people are willing to do this to themselves and many are impatient to be able to do more of this type of thing.
  7. More like we’ll end up looking like the Borg. Check out bio hacking and transhumanism.
  8. Wow! I can't believe the camper is gone already. I was looking forward to that one. But I was waiting for it to make it to this side of the ocean. Hopefully there is only some type of glitch and some more show up soon. Revell and others could take a page from Aoshima and continue to do spot runs of really popular selling kits to keep them in the supply chain until demand really dies down.
  9. Hey Marcos! Welcome to the MCM Forums. You can pick up a lot good info here and enjoy sharing your work in progress as well as completed models. Enjoy!
  10. Have not seen mine yet but stuff like magazines rate low priority these days when it comes to getting things over the border. My wife waited almost 2 months for a magazine she ordered.
  11. Looks good to my eyes (which usually can’t see the faults people mention). Love the silver/red combo.
  12. Believe it or not, there were a number of Town Car and Town Car Delivery vehicles built on the Model A Ford chassis. They are highly prized due to rarity by collectors today.
  13. Well, I finally found this book on Amazon.ca. One seller wants $109.53 for it and the other wants $113.95 for it. Suddenly makes the shipping from the USA look good. 😆
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