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  1. peter31a added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    Sorry, Brett, in Canada current kits are now going for around $35 CDN. Low dollar sucks.  I guess it's just me but metal axle screams $10 toy to me not a 2017 scale kit. And why go to all the trouble of going to all the trouble of scanning every thing to get body proportions right and then throw it all away with a clunky metal axle through the engine when there are far better ways of doing it?
  2. peter31a added a post in a topic Will be in Canada this Sep.   

    If you find yourself in Toronto check out Wheels and Wings Hobby store and Hornet Hobbies. If you go further east to Whitby there is Dailey's Hobbies. There is a contest on September 30th put on by Group 25 model car builders called the Toronto Model Car Show.
  3. peter31a added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    I guess I'll be the one who has the cow about the metal axle through the engine. I cannot believe that in a day and age where we are now paying almost $35 for a kit that Revell's thinks it's appropriate to go back to sixties and run a metal axle through the engine. How hard would it have been to use the metal pins for mounting the front wheels like they've been doing for the past few years? Revell is trying to appeal to what market with this kit? Not the adult model builder. Obviously they are designing toys to be played with. No, I don't need a 27 pieces front suspension but I do feel 60's technology in a brand new 2017 kit is inappropriate. If that makes me a hater, I apologize but the pin type mounting system cannot be that much more expensive to produce and would have made a more acceptable product. I appreciate Revell bringing new product to market such as this truck and the upcoming Cadillac. The kit, I believe is no cheaper to buy due to Revell cheaping out on the wheel mounting system. I cannot see other genre model builders (planes,  armor, etc) tolerating the model companies going back to sixties technology for their planes or tanks but we seem to think it's all right? I don't get it. O.K. frustrated rant over. Flame away and again I apologize for those that may be upset by this opinion.
  4. peter31a added a post in a topic Ford Focus WRC (crashed) - Rally Cyprus 2002   

    Well done, sir! Beautiful build of a wrecked WRC car. Great attention to detail.
  5. peter31a added a post in a topic CLOUD MIST GRAY 40   

    Beautiful build. Love the colour.
  6. peter31a added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    The Model Car Museum is an active living entity whether the website is updated or not. It would be a most suitable place for some models and perhaps a copy of his book. But undoubtedly someplace like the Gilmore Museum or other car museum would also be appreciative of some of Harry's models that could represent the history of the automobile done in miniature. Whatever you and your brother and sister decide to do with your father's collection, Amy, I'm sure the community here will support and try to assist you with your decision.
  7. peter31a added a post in a topic NNL East roll call.   

    So, what you're saying, Tom, is that there will be a bunch of hooligans at Houlihans. 
  8. peter31a added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine, The Future   

    I have no experience with this so I can only offer a suggestion. Perhaps as far as the forum is concerned check with someone like Flory models in the U.K. and see how their system works. They're mainly plane/armour group but maybe they can offer input.
  9. peter31a added a post in a topic Quick Build-Lindberg 1/32 1949 Ford   

    Cool build, Ken. The rear end had me thinking Kaiser/Fraser. That front is pretty wild too. What did the kids think about it?
  10. peter31a added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Thanks, Gregg. I guess the post office ate my copy. Keep hoping it will show up. I will definitely re-up at the show. Wait, doesn't Jairus have a vintage wagon? There should be plenty of room in the back of that thing to lay down. 
  11. peter31a added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Thanks for the update, Gregg. I look forward to getting the renewal postcard. Thought I was good for another few issues but 203 has not shown up. So maybe I'm expired, maybe it went missing. I'll check the card when it gets here. Hope to see you in Salt Lake. You're not flying United are you? 
  12. peter31a added a post in a topic Bob Peeples cobras at GSL   

    Thanks Danno for the additional information about Bob's Cobras and how they got to the museum. I look forward to seeing them in person in a couple of weeks.
  13. peter31a added a post in a topic Revell Q2/Q3 Flyer   

    As far as the Mustang is concerned it would be nice if they changed it enough to tool up proper headlights for the thing.
  14. peter31a added a post in a topic Harry - our friend's struggle   

    Tom, go to the General section. Harry has already passed away. More info there.
  15. peter31a added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    Very sad news indeed. Harry did so much for our hobby. He will truly be missed. Condolences to his family and friends.