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  1. The Rampage is a Chrysler product. Capri is a Ford. I don't think they share anything. Never seen an Anglia done up this way. Different.
  2. Very sharp! Farmer Pierre did a nice job of converting a sedan into a useful pick up.
  3. Cool interpretation of the 34 Ford. Kudos!
  4. Wow! That is great model building! Turned out beautifully, Roger.
  5. 3D hubs and hand laced wheels really stand out on this beautiful classic. Beautiful work, Pico!
  6. Sitting on the deck on a beautiful holiday Monday enjoying the heat and watching the birds, flickers, robins including mutant ninja robin, mourning doves, and other assorted feathered creatures playing in the birdbath and clearing the yard of bugs.
  7. Very cool and classy hot rod! Well done!
  8. And it keeps going. Next in line is the AMT (ex Lindberg) 53 Ford Victoria for the Coke treatment.
  9. Very cool build of the Rocket Bunny kit, Jonathan. Love the 40th anniversary theme.
  10. peter31a

    2020 Corvette

    My God! That looks claustrophobic! Where do you put your arms? Looks like they would be pinned to your sides. I mean, it looks cool but how long could a person stand being pinned in there?
  11. Yes, we're all different. Love summer, heat and all even if I don't tolerate as well as I used to. Winter is 10 months, I'll happily take the little 2 months of summer heat we get.
  12. Always a big job organizing printed material. And there's the poor wee Comet buried. Nice kit haul from the meeting (in What I got today).
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