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  1. Well, I finally found this book on Amazon.ca. One seller wants $109.53 for it and the other wants $113.95 for it. Suddenly makes the shipping from the USA look good. 😆
  2. So going by Jim's original heading: If you could only build one kit for the rest of your life, what would it be? I took it like you're on a deserted island and a container of one kit washes up on shore. What kit would you build. That implied to me you can only work with what's in the box. In that case I don't think I could name any one kit that would do. But as I read the responses, I realized that everyone is thinking of a certain kit with many other kits available to rob parts from (as well as scratch building supplies and resin etc) to build what you want from your one chosen kit. If that is the case for me it would be the Revell Model A roadster and coupe kits but I would also want the older Revelll Model A kits too, Tudor, Woody, Pick-up and if possible the AMT Model A kits. That would keep me busy for a long time.
  3. Yes, I have the same problem, Ken. I keep checking Amazon.ca and no luck yet. Between shipping and currency conversion, it makes it an awfully expensive book to get from across the border.
  4. If you enjoy this check out Iron Trao Garage on YouTube. Matt does these videos as well.
  5. Knowing the quality of C1 models I will be in line for one!
  6. Here in Ontario, Canada they are slowly reopening but obviously barbers and hairdressers are way down the list. I was getting desperate so I finally consented to letting my wife have a go at it. She's never cut hair before but she did a great job. I feel about 10 lbs lighter. 😅 It certainly made me happy (and a lot cooler).
  7. Every time I go by Revell’s booth at a show, I stop and mark down 30/31 Model A closed cab pickup. I have best model parts conversion kit but I would love to have this in a regular plastic kit.
  8. Like some others have mentioned we're lucky enough to be retired and have a stable income so that is not an issue. And we're homebodies so except for the odd hobby related thing we would normally go to we seldom leave the house so staying home is not an issue. I'm the one designated to go shopping and while I don't mind it I am currently finding it stressful because people cannot follow the simplest of rules like following the lines marked on the supermarket floor that encourages flow and social distancing. Fortunately hobby shops are willing to ship so I have an order coming with some paint and the new Revell Land Rover.
  9. There was shipping to Canada but it was something like $25.90US. With the exchange the way it is at the moment I hesitated long enough that they are sold out. Decision made.
  10. And yet it still looks fake as anything. I just cannot get my mind around watching other people playing video games and others carrying on like it's real racing. Crash? No consequences. The driver can drink their coke and eat cheetos while they play. No G forces, no un bearable heat, no worry about injury (except maybe carpal tunnel) or worse death if they or someone else screws up. Last week Fox had a great race from 1989, this week this fake racing nonsense. Don't care if the ones doing the racing are the real drivers playing the game. I tried watching a bit of it on YouTube since my feed is full of it because Nascar is pushing it like real racing. I lasted about 2 minutes because it looked so fake. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Bruce ( and apparently many, many others) but it does not do a thing for me. Like watching your neighbour's kid playing Donkey Kong.
  11. Great to see Bob’s pullers again. Love the Wittle Wed Wagon.
  12. Scott, I think the book/books you are looking for are by Dennis Doty. It was originally just one book published by TAB publishing in 1981 and was called The Complete Book of Model Car Building. In 1989 it was separated into 2 books one called Model Car Building, Getting Started and the other Model Car Building Advanced Techniques.
  13. As a Model A owner, I can tell you it's under your feet. There is a metal panel that allows you access if you want to top up the fluid level but you have to take the floor board right out to get the battery out of there.
  14. As much as we like to blame the media, the difference between the SARS epidemic in 2003 and this Covid 19 affair is Social Media. Someone sees a picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc of an empty shelf where toilet paper used to be and the people viewing this go OMG we have to get tp right away! And then it keeps snowballing. I'm not excusing regular media but in 2003 social media was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today.
  15. Yes, it's true. Pics were taken at the NNL West.
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