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  1. Great job bringing that old police car back to life!
  2. Very nice clean build of that Porsche, Dan.
  3. Received my copy here in Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada. Too bad Canada Postal Service had to wreck it by folding it (not so) neatly in half just before it got to my community mailbox.
  4. Beautiful clean build of that Skyline. Cool to see something different like this.
  5. Sweet clean build of the GTR Nismo. Kudos!
  6. Very sharp, cleanly built Corolla!
  7. Yep, just as the Aztec made the Edsel look good, this new Tesla truck makes the Aztec look good. 😏
  8. Cool, Dan! I look forward to hearing of your experiences if you do get one.
  9. Oh, we're not the target demographic, that's for sure. It's for all the Tesla-ites who drank the Kool-Aid and think Musk can do no wrong and if an auto reviewer says the least little thing against the car, they call them old and stupid and how dare they etc, etc, etc. After seeing this thing, I'm definitely cheering for Rivian.
  10. The gentleman selling the Cord bodies is Bob Shelton. He is Bill Coulter's co-writer of the price guides. Just saw Bob at Motor City NNL this past weekend and he had Cord bodies and price guides as well as Bill's book/magazine ATS for sale.
  11. Very nice build of the Nissan GT-R Kure car.
  12. A squarebird does seem appropriate for Elvira. Very cool build.
  13. Sweet IMSA Mustang! Love seeing these kits built up.
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