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  1. GRiN

    sad times

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have not give up by any means. As you age stuff like this happen, eye issues run in the family. Being a diabetic does not help. Just have keep on going on. Gary
  2. First of all, I'm see that I am not alone with eye issues. Just got a diagnoses from the eye doctor that I have early stages of ghaucoma. With the sight reduction and the sensativity to bight light it is sad to say that my modelling days are numbered. I have tried all the tips that heard of and it is still very difficult to work at the hobby that has been a part of my life for over 50 years. While I have not posted any of my builds here, yours have been a delight to see. I have about 150 kits that will sold in the next few months. I'm not saying poor me, I'm saying it has been great watching everyones builds and learning from them. I have learnd a lot and my builds reflect this. In closing Thank you for everything and I will stalking the pages here even though I will no longer be building. Gary
  3. now that's cool. great color and the chrome looks very nice. Gary
  4. Hi, while the trucks would be great to have, old or new something in-between, I thick that there should be a few new trailers added as well. There is a lot of construction and earth moving stuff that has not been looked at. But we have to buy it so show those in the suppliers it will be bought and more than once or twice by a small number of people. Gary
  5. F100. But with a little or lot of attitude.
  6. Hi out there, I had the same idea but only in 1/16. I also would like to build the concept Mustang pickup in 1/16. That would look interesting on the contest table. So many ideas ,so little time to build. Gary
  7. Got my trade from Vettegasser. Thank you Jimmy for the Pete. I hope you like the mixer. Gary
  8. Jimmy, I need a couple of days to get things in order. With the holidays everything is a mess right now. Gary
  9. I checked it and it seems that I assembled the engine. Sorry about that. Gary
  10. Hi Jimmy, Would you be interested in the Paystar 5000 mixer? Gary
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Didn't get it today but ordered the two new Ford pickups from Moebius. Modelroundup had them both. Have get them in the que right after the service truck. Gary
  12. The chrome on mine was really rough. It was stripped away as well. Went through a lot oven cleaner. Then it was the sanding of the mold lines. Thank goodness that I was a machinist at the time or it would have been a small fortune in files. Did they have to use the hardest plastic known to man in the injection machines? Oh well, back to the Baja Bronco. Gary
  13. I like the single engine route. Mine has been sitting in the box half started for years. Maybe it's time has come. To much life getting the way. Gary
  14. Very cool. There is a lot of different ways to go with this one. Gary
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