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  1. First off I see no value in bashing FSM , their forum or their staff. Second connection issues they are having to work with the 9rovider of the web site software to get the access problem. There's been times Dave has had to get help with a problem. Number of pages issue. Advertisers are what make a magazine work. With the Internet advertiser's have more options for advertising. In addition paper costs have gone up. The number of pages of a magazine are based on the number of advertisers. These factors have determined the number of pages for content in FSM. To maximize the content they have had to move the bulk of the reviews to online,. They are working to adapt to the changes caused by the internet. No matter how much you complain its not going to change the situation. We just have to deal with it,
  2. One how about keeping this thread about what the fsm automotive content. Create another thread to complain about sa going away and the online access complaint separate from this thread. I think fsm was kept because it had a larger readership. Second they are having to adapt to changing trends. Finally no matter what you want to believe print magazines are going away, The old print model for magazines is not viable. Things are changing and we aren't going to stop it.
  3. Interesting car. Shame its a one off. I saw some interesting cars in my search to find it. It took a while but I finally did. Thanks for the interesting quizzes they are enjoyable.
  4. Killer paint. First paint was nice but the second is stunning. One question how are you going to get the wheels to fit the tires better there is quite a gap between the tire and rim,
  5. Cool project. Very nice work. Going to be really nice when finished.
  6. What I think is interesting is that I yad the issue on my iphone and I block popups so I wonder how they didn't get blocked.
  7. Ah the joys of spell check and when it chooses your words for you. And to think people want to let computers drive their cars.
  8. I agree with the advice of not selling or giving away your stuff. Second box up the troublesome kit My suggestion would be to asking in modeling questions if others have had similar problems with that kit and how they dealt with the problems. Finally you just have to step away and take a deep breathe. You will come back when you're ready.
  9. A comment on the cell phone generation. Scientific studies have shown that cell phones alter how we thing. When you compound that with parents who give toddlers cell phones to keep them occupied its no surprise that they're going to be constantly fiddling with their phones.
  10. That is one part of it. But it isn't the whole story. But we also have the greedy corporate management that want to avoid paying people well and provide no benefits. The management mantra is how cheap can we do it for despite that isn't the cost effective means. You complain about poor customer service. Some of the bad service is that employees aren't provided adequate training or the resources to do the job. Customer service is a buzz word and nothing more. They want to say they do it but don't really mean. And regards to the vaccine issue. Given the rigid requirements doing batches in such large quantities has the risk of losing the whole batch if there is a problem. Besides given cooperate greed these days if the vaccine could have beemn pushed out somehow it would have been done.
  11. Its easy to blame the employees for all the problems. The mistakes and the don't care attitude is a product of the environment they work in. Henry Ford discovered that he had to pay his workers more because the constant turnover was costing more than it was saving. Unfortunately those running the businesses now don't understand that.
  12. I've seen these on my iphone but not my android tablet. Really annoying. I'll avoid any of those advertising in the adds. I don't care for these heavy handed tactics.
  13. Well done. Great concept. Definitely would be a fun ride. We love to see one full size.
  14. Love it. Nicely done. Restyling rather than over the top customizing. You definitely should do a stock one to put with it. Well executed.
  15. Dann Thanks again. Stunning work.
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