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  1. Love the color. With the stripe looks great.
  2. Nice pictures wish I had been able to go. FYI if you have trouble posting contact Dave Ambrose via pm. You'll get a quicker rrsponse than a chance that he might see your post.
  3. I agree with BilI that let the investigation determine what caused this tragedy. Unfounded speculation only makes things harder on the families involved. At this point all possible information from eyewitnesses , the wreckage itself need to be gathered and analyzed without preconceptions.
  4. Cool. Nicely done. What was the source for the chassis?
  5. My recommendation would be to pick the least intrusive way to fix the problem. You are so close to finishing.
  6. Something else that can cause is when you can recoat. On the can it sometimes says you can recoat the same paint . in a certain amount of time. For example you can recoat within 2 hours or after 24. Another reason against you different manufactuer or different paint types from the same manufactuer. Makes testing even more important.
  7. My hat is off to you making things right. Didn't want your actions to go unnoticed. It too bad that all who so willing to pile on having nothing to say when someone has done something positive.
  8. I'm using my Samsung tab 2 tablet with google chrome. I simply not having this issue either with the ads or the videos. My tablet is android.
  9. Really clean work. Love the variety.
  10. Hey not something I'd do to a car but it wasn't my money spent to do it. And hay if the owner is happy with thats who has to be happy with it. I've seen some pretty atroicious things done to cars that pretty much destroyed the car and would be difficult or impossible to reverse. Besides how many 69 chargers were destroyed to do the DOH. And last if Round2 can make money selling them great.
  11. It should be noted that the Revell owned by Hobbico is no longer in existence. Those employees were terminated. In that time there was no product development. Also from previous threads on the subject Ed Sexton was hired to suggest possible products for the US market since it different for the European market. Not sure how big the US group actually is. We will just have to give it time is see what new products are coming.
  12. Love it. Great idea to use the paint issue to your advantage for patina.
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