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  1. Actually Jenn does have airbrush experience , she has had her fingernails airbrushed numerous time and is an expert.
  2. Although scale auto is gone Kalmbach is still in business. If someone publishes the contents of the scale auto dvd there is going to be legal consequences. Better to petition kalmbach to put the dvd back on sale.
  3. I predict the next thing we are going to hear is either Paasche is trash or maybe he got a knockoff Paasche.
  4. You can use 91 percent alcohol to strip testors and other hobby paints. It will not damage the plastic. To be safe you can always test first. If you try to sand you will lose detail and you will also fill the door lines. As to decanting paint be careful. Given your challenges I would avoid is method that requires punturing the can. You may injure yourself and no doubt make a huge mess. Finally painting does not fix flaws it magnifies them. The secret to a quality paint job is surface prep. Your foundation for a good paint job is a good smooth defect free surface. There are no shortcuts.
  5. Truly don't understand why someone would ask for advice and then ignore. Why waste your time and others.
  6. Love it. Truly turning a lemon into lemonade. Outstanding scratchbuilding.
  7. You really need to ask questions like this before you try them. You were lucky you did not redecorate the kitchen when you put tge can in scalding water. The hot water for warming cans should be no hotter than what you can put your hand it.
  8. One thing in modeling is when you find something that worjs then stick with that method. The only caveat is with painting. Testing is necessary. Paint formulas change and plastics change and so there are no guarantees that something that worked before will work tomorrow. Testing paint on kit sprue is the best way to test compatibility.
  9. Lots of good info here. In this thread by peopke who know what they are talking about. Painting is an art. Rattle cans are the best way to start. Then move on to an airbrush if you want to do more advanced techniques. With airbryshes there is so nu c h mire to master. Paint to thinner ratios, which size nozzle to use depending on, what psi to use. Rattle allow you to focus on just getting the paint applied evenly and without runs. As others have said its all practice, , practice,practice.
  10. Wow. Nice work. Super clean execution. Great photos documenting the work.
  11. The rocket is another meaningless metric like our new like button. Everyone has a rocket. Part of the everyone is a winner mentaility. Wish they would spend the time improving the edit feature.
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