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  1. First off I received a notice from Mark Gustavson that Greg Nichols had passed. Gregg was a former GSL best of show winner and recently has been a judge for the event. I also heard the Steve Hinson had passed. Steve was a great modeler and also part of the staff for running the Nnlwest. Also Stan Pinnick has recently passed. He also was part of the staff for the Nnlwest. He was another great model builder. Finally Randy Waugh another bay area modeler has passed. A long time participant in the Bay Area modeling community.
  2. Its pure and simple that Kalmbach had to trim back its magazine. Scale auto readership was about half its peak(35k recently). I think they realize that they need to augment the automotive segment. Doing the special issues is one way to do that. Just remember that if we don't support the special issues then they will go away. However the special issues need to be new content. I will support the special issues if the content interests me. To me its silly to boycott Kalmbach because that had to make business decisions because of an economic downturn
  3. I think the term casual modeler would be more descriptive. Don't think much can be observed in the stores because hobby shops are nearly gone. And hobby lobby is closest to a true hobby shop. The last time I was in micheals that had gotten rid of their kits,
  4. You've made a great point here. How many threads have gone down this path.
  5. Right on the money. And by the way screwing the SA readers would be no refunds. There was an option to cancel. Yes they hoped you won't becuase it cost them money to process the refunds. And as far as this new special issue if it has content I'm interested in I will buy one. Has been my criterion for buying magazines for a long time.
  6. Technology is just a tool. It can be a positive or a negative depending on it use. The safety enhancements to cars is great if used properly. The hazard with the collison avoidence and other aids is that they can make someone think they don't have to pay attention while driving and fiddle with their phone. The other downside to technology is being too dependent on it. How many can use a paper map? How many can do simple math? Technology can cause people to lose important skills.
  7. Of course it couldn't be a possibility that the driver was on the end of a long day and OMG made a mistake. Or given that they are pushed to get it done at an unreasonable time table. Or then again the driver wasn't paying attention. However I try to avoid jumping to conclusions when I don't know all the facts. And yes there is incompetence in the world but that doesn't mean that the reason for all mistakes. .
  8. Wow. What a stunning project. Very nice fabrication work.
  9. Rodney please post this wonderful model in under glass. Please give us some details on the parts you used.
  10. Definitely makes sense. Rather than a mistake this is a compromise to make this project possible given the volumes and price point. We've had this occur in the past on various kits. Without this compromise this kit would not exist.
  11. All methods have tradeoffs. If you do a show you have to consider table cost, if its a model show and vendor event you will be spending most of the time at your table.
  12. Exactly. Not all errors are bad measurements some are shape errors which need to be tweaked. Those errors are caused by interpretation of photos and not necessarily measurement errors. Second there is no way to know what caused the error on the windshield for the jaguar. An incorrect original measurement is one possibility.
  13. First off the kits that have been done with scanning have come out spot on. Second not all older kits were 100 percent correct.some were better than others. I seriously doubt that the wooden masters were perfect and a fair amount of wood filler was used to get it right. I see it as a fine tuning to get the product right. There is simply not the budget to afford the fine tuning in the past. Every process has its shortcomings. Its not necessarily that someone is not doing their job. I'm just saying you have to look at the whole picture. Its not just a case that someone isn't doing their job in all cases.
  14. We can agree that a majority of the buyers don't care or notice the defects. My first question is there money in the development budget to fix the issue. Is the money spent going to make an significant impact on sales? Every project has a budget which has to be meet to make a product viable. If that budget is exceeded money will be lost. Lower kit volumes mean that there is less money to be spent. It also means we are going to get good enough. We have to decide if that is something we would buy.
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