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  1. Got the ghost rider ready for paint but just haven't gotten that done. 2019 just didn't start well for me. My insurance company decided they weren't going to renew my home owners policy which meant I had to scramble to find one that would. Then I realized I needed to get myself prepared for the virus impact. Been chipping away a some things that needed to be done around the house. Finally getting my head into getting some modeling done. Hopefully there will be a round 7. Have plenty of projects begging to be finished. In the mean time need to wrap up the vette.
  2. Don't understand the need for people to be so narrowed minded. If it's something that kids and adults like to do great. Beats mindless video games. And maybe that might get them to decide to try another modeling genre. Anything creative is good in my book.
  3. Hope they don't waste any resources on him. He deserves no help. Even now considering the current virus concerns.
  4. I am taking advantage of being house bound to get some neglected long term non modeling projects down. I have dusted off some stalled model projects which is next in the list. Pulled out my copy of Ground Hog Day and watched it last night. Started reading my compendium of all Sherlock Holmes. Its been sitting on the shelf for a long time. Every morning I make a todo list. Helps keep me motivated and I have a sense of accomplishment when I scratch an item from the list. Am working hard every day to avoid the groom and doom and being overwhelmed by it all. I take it one day at a time.
  5. No if they post that twaddle here they need to be given a time out. There are plenty of sites that they can comment with those of like mind. This isn't one of them.
  6. I agrre. We need to realize that the world is not that big. What happens in one part of the world can affect the world as whole. In addition the world now has a global economy and economic problems can also impact us us. We need to recognize that the things we do can severely impact others. As a fan of the of the red green show his famous quote "Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together!"
  7. Ambitious project. You are doing a great job creating the damage. Going to be a spectacular model when you're down.
  8. In my case its a recurring theme. Trying to meet my family and end up not being able to get. Then I either lose my phone or can't get it to work when I try to let them no. Had that dream last night.
  9. People who are asked nicely to cease potentially thread locking comments selfishly continue and get the thread locked.
  10. Cool concept. Very contemporary build for the time. Have fun and be safe.
  11. Glad to were able to respond. There are times when life takes precendence.
  12. I think it was an economic decision on the fenders. They made the choice to provide a channeled and highboy option. That required 2 sets of interior side panels, two different frames, and assorted other pieces to make those options work.
  13. bobthehobbyguy

    R & D unique

    Another option is the Revell 1937 Ford convertible. It has a front suspension very close to the R&D front end. Need to due some digging to get kit but I will post some pictures.
  14. I've been getting a bunch of things done around the house that I just wasn't finding the time to do(despite being retired). A whilr back I got a sponge pad for my mop. The handle had a nice metal fixture for clamping and squeezing the sponge. However the pins to attach the sponge where not as wide or quite big enough. A little time with a file and now in business. Another project was organizing some loose tires. Just a bunch of things I want to get done.
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