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  1. Are We Completely Frustrated

    I understand the issues that Gregg has faced. The increase rates is understandable but I see it as a moot point. Sorry just don't see that many new subscriptions happening. What needs to happen is to reduce the number of issues to say four a year. It would take some stress off of Gregg and also be a more realistic expectation at this point. If that goal can be reached in this year then people will be more willing to subscribe. Charging for access to forum is a good idea however something has to be done for those who contribute. Those that contribute meaningful information are what is going to get users to subscribe.
  2. WW2 jeep

    Cool project. Love it.
  3. Are We Completely Frustrated

    Actually there were 2 issues in 2017 and one in 2018.
  4. Mad Max Gigahorse

    Cool glad to see continued progress. Nice work at getting the dash pad done.
  5. Monogram's 69 Camaro Series

    For the scoop why not modify the scoop to make it smaller.
  6. Bubbletop Shelby Cobra

    Cool. Nice work Ray. Definitely different.
  7. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Would there be a way to be able to switch between the two sets of wheels and tires.
  8. REVELL '39 Chevy Street Rod

    One problem I had with the kit was the fit of the rear fenders when the interior was installed. You should check the fit when the interior is installed That color is great..
  9. Nice work. Great save. Cool that you get to finish it for the contest. Its a beauty.
  10. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    Don't count on. Stupidity can always find a way to prevail.
  11. 32 Highboy

    Another beauty. Killer combination.
  12. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Amazing. Truly models in their own right. Impatiently waiting for final assembly.
  13. Zvezda Star Destroyer

    Nice work. Impressive detailing.
  14. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    No bounds to stupidity. If we could generate energy from it it it is definitely a renewable source.
  15. Meyers Manx - 70's Metalflake Beach Buggy

    Very sharp. Beautiful work.