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  1. Well I see two possibilities. Either fraud from from inside the bank you transferred the balances to or the bank from. Or hackers got into the banks system. If they do that to 100,000 accounts somebody ended up with 1.1 million. I find it interesting that you never got billed for those charges.
  2. I agree. If the company says it ships in 2 days they need to communicate if there is an issue , the customer should not have to chase down what's happening. Second don't charge the customer till product is going out the door. The clock for the time period for one to pay without charges when that charge occurs. The product has been sitting in limbo for a week now. Unfortunately this is the norm for how businesses are being run these days.
  3. As said there isn't a large enough staff to cross check everything in the magazine. Besides most of the staff have full time jobs besides helping with the magazine. You've been pointing out errors for the last couple of issues. How about offering some time to help with the proof reading for accuracy.
  4. I I agree. Have they billed your card already? I would call the company today. If they can not provide a tracking number today then I will investigate canceling the order. If they say 2 days then they need to contact you if they have a problem you shouldn't have to call them. I would also request a small discount on the product for this inconvenience. Finally if you do have to cancel I would post negative feedback for the company for poor communication and poor customer service.
  5. Don't think that you over detailed this project. Its the level of detail and the quality of work that makes this model so stunning. As to doing some things differently that's not a surprise. Sometimes when do do something we realize that there is a better way to do it. Looking forward to the next epic journey you take us on.
  6. Stunning. Nice job on the tow boom. Well executed. Great paint and clean execution.
  7. Not a surprise. It's what happens when you put someone in to run the operation that doesn't understand the needs of the operation.
  8. Can't believe that it would be practical. As said the return cost of shipping would be impractical for both the customer and the manufacturer. It would be more practical for the manufacturer to reduce the amount of sprue when a kit is manufactured and I'm not sure that the added labor cost would be worth the value of the plastic saved. Best solution is for the consumer to throw the plastic into their recycle bin,
  9. Impressive work on the interior. With a convertible there is no margin for error. Everything is in the open to be seen. Been enjoying the step by step on the interior work.
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