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  1. My two cents. Hold off on doing the charger concept until you've gotten a few simpler customizing projects under your belt. Since you've already have the srt kit how about doing the following concept. Do it as a curbside and don't worry about an engine work on getting the customizing process down. Also work on doing more surface preperation for painting. Paint will not hide flaws. 90 percentage of painting is prep and 10 percent is application. Your application is free of drips and runs. My advice as have others have given is to plan out what you want to do. As the carpenters adage goes measure twice and cut once. Loooking forward to seeing what projects you do in future.
  2. And the same people who gave us spell check want to give us self driving cars. Now that's scary!
  3. To me craftsmanship means taking pride in what you do. Doing things to the best of your ability. In my opinion tht includes building a model out of the doing clean work. There are those who take things to the next level by making their own parts. They are great aerists.
  4. A good backdrop helps presentation. You can ut yo6r artwork on the walk with thumb tacks b6t it looks better in a frame.
  5. Nicely done. Well executed.
  6. I was looking for some tips on using foam core board on youtube. Found these videos by a product designer(Eric Strebel). They are well made videos that are about 15 minutes in length. On a wide range of subjects including sketch to product, casting,. Here is one link on basic brass shapes. Here is one on wire modeling.
  7. Hey its somebodies pride and joy. Also they took the time to finish a few years ago this would have a rat rod.
  8. Thanks for some great ideas. I use foam but I think I will try the cardboard idea.
  9. The magazines really took a slide downhill when source interlink took over the magazine. All of a sudden magazine jumped from $4 to $6. Then they started cramming as many ads in as possible. Besides the ads Rod and Custom started doing howto articles that were ads for project. What was also disappointing was they dropped the monthly sketch pad. The only decent source for magazines is Barnes and Noble in Chico a 30 mile one way drive. When the local walmart moved into the new superstore the magazines were cut back and virtually no car books.
  10. I think its time for everybody to chill out. At this point everyone needs to understand their actions can have a severe consequences for others. The fact is wearing a mask reduces the spread from those that have the disease to those that don't. Lets all be greatfull that things are not as bad as they could be and hope that covid 19 doesn't mutate and become worse. We are in uncharted territory at this point. Let all be healthy and safe.
  11. Impressive work. Cool that its survived all these years.
  12. Congrats Tim. A Well deserved wins. An amazing model.
  13. Nicely done. Great color choice.
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