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  1. Glad to see this one finished. Great color choice and concept. Nice job of scratchbuilding and kitbashing.
  2. One thing that might be helpful is when you have this problem would be to indicate the device type mobile or laptop/desktop, mac or windows, and what browser is being used. This might help Dave with getting help from the site provider.
  3. There are several issues. First not all browsers behave exactly the same. Second is not only are standard computers being supported but also mobile devices. The result is a one size fits all solution that doesn't always behave. Another factor is when changes are also introduced another layer of problems can creep in. Definitely an annoying situation.
  4. Another great project in the works. Great step by step tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Amazing work. Cutting up a rare body can be scary. But your process really takes a lot of the drama away. Just the way its done for full size cars. Thanks for showing the step by step process. Definitely why I enjoy this site so much.
  6. Love the step photos. Nice work on the frame and noise.
  7. Thanks Dave. I'm willing to tolerate the standard ads. However I won't tolerate the uncensored click bait ads nor some of the medicinal ads for men, its unfortunate you have waste time filtering the ads which google needs to do a better job of.
  8. Nice work. Those drawings are great work. Nothing wrong with old school. Should still be taught becuase it gives one a better understanding of the process. Besides you know how to do it if the computer won't work.
  9. Funny thing about the ads. I reported an ad to Dave that was totally inappropriate to site. I quoted the heading and the filter blah blahed it out.
  10. Nice work. A great group. Quantity is not important its a hobby and there is no quota to meet. Besides you spent time refuberishing models to sell and that is also bench time.
  11. Nicely done. Those flames are great.
  12. For me my goal is to break out of the building slump I've been in. First off I have 5 kits painted and mostly assembled. 1) Revell 1929 Roadster channel version basicalpy box stock 2) revell 1941 wiklys street rod vox stock 3) Revell- monogram pro modeler 48 ford convertble 4) Amt 1965 Chevelle El Camino with camper roof with a twist 5) Amt 1970 dodge cornet pro street modified interior removed back seat will be mostly box stock Next up I will be going through my stalled projects for some more projects to finish. None of these are painted but have most of the fab work done. Will be listing those projects once I identify them. In addition I will be organizing my stash. Never can seem to be able to find anything easily. Goin g to try to avoid any new projects until I finish a few old projects.
  13. Yup I agree. You have to cross check the information from a reliable source. Just becuase its been repeated doesn't make it valid information.
  14. I came across a video by Adam Savage of mythbusters. He was talking about a device that is put an electric drill for mixing spray cans. He said he had a stash of plasticote primer that he couldn't use becuase the cans would clog easy. No matter how much shaking b6 hand helped. However with this device he was able to revive the cans. He showcased the tool. Here is the video.
  15. There are always good and bad aspects to everything. The Internet allows a platform for information to be shared. Unfortunately that is both good and bad information. One needs to sort the chaff from the wheat and cross check the information, and as Bill said some people don't bother to do that.
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