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  1. The most important thing is vote. We are fortunate that others have sacrificed their lives for us to have that right. You can't complain if you haven't made your voice heard. I vote in march because that's when California has it primary. Also if you do have a political discussion keep it civil and agree to disagree. Keep the nastiness out of the conversation.
  2. Have you tried since Dave posted. If not you need to pm him with the requested info.
  3. Test to see if picture copied from forum will post.
  4. Wow those valve covers are absolutely amazing.
  5. I believe the issue is engine development. A lot of the teams buy yheir motors rather than have their own in house development. NHRA had mountain motor prostocks at some of the races and those seemed to be chevys, fords, and dodges. NHRA has even lifted the engine requirement so you could run a chevy engine in a ford or dodge. What a joke. Pro stock used to be cool when they were closer to what you could get from a dealer. They in essence are just slower funny cars that run a lot slower.
  6. Nicely done. Like the concept of shiny version vs rat rod. Great color choices. Very clean.
  7. I am using a Samsung tab 2 tablet. Its android. And I am using chrome with standard settings. I am only seeing one ad at the bottom of page. For those seeing more aggressive adding what is your os and browser.
  8. At least it just locks out the user and doesn't lock the user out and access has to be restored. I think the lockout is done becuase constant attempts might be able to create a denial of service attack. Hopefully the security rules can be toned down without ooening the sire up to attac km s,
  9. Love it. Interesting twist to the mystery machine. Nice fab work and clean execution.
  10. Ace just keep plugging away. Do what works for you.This, the vette, and 32 ford are really cool builds. Its a pleasure to see their progress and your build techniques.
  11. Hopefully these will sell well. For all who complain about round 2 only selling reissues its a chance to vote with our wallet. If its a success maybe we might see some new things.
  12. I like the first version with the bubble top. Not sure if It's the lighting but the restored version looks gray. Definitely don't car for the gold panels on side or the orange tires. Just too gaudy.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Will be trying them out.
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