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  1. Another thought is that this is a scam to get credit card info.
  2. Love it. Another subtle build , no need for gaudy graphics. Also like the suicide doors and belly pan.. Beautifully executed.
  3. The irony is the people that are complaining the loudest are the ones that are taking the least effort to mitigate the problem. I would love not to have to wear a mask as its not pleasant because of COPD but the alternative of not wearing a mask is not a reasonable option. I try to avoid people as much as possible when I do go out.
  4. Ouch that hurts. Nice to see you rebuilding them. The two red one just scream to be displayed as wrecks. It would be a waste not too and you would gets something positive from the incident.
  5. Nicely done. Enjoy the backround story with the model.
  6. The moral to the story is ask here about any vendors. If there are bad stories people will share. No excuse for such poor customer relations. Definitely a case of someone who shouldn't be in business.
  7. Hopefully builders of all philosophies can enjoy each others work. The modeling world is too small to be divided into us against them.
  8. Got notified that my area is officially off evacuation warning today 9/18. For danger from local fires. 9/8 at around 8pm we we put on evacuation warning. Then at 11pm we were told to evacute. Thursday the evacuation order was lifted around 2pm. We were then back on evacuation warning. Very unsettling to face the prospect of coming home to nothing. Although slightly better evacuation warning means you still have to be prepared to leave.
  9. As said none of the channels titles reflect their content. I got rid of paid tv over 4 years ago. Its not a surprise how all the rubes are happy to pay big bucks for all the drivel just look at the current state of the world and its not all that surprising,
  10. With the model companies have limited staff and production budgets doing some research will go a lot further than I want to see this as a kit. Your research needs to show how many varients can be made. Is there a tie in with nascar or drag racing? The more information the better.
  11. This explains why the model companies couldn't leverage off the tri fifties chevies.
  12. Seems to me that this might have a lot of potential. If it were able to be done to provide multiple variations it would fit the basic requirement for toolong kits these days. A well written proposal would go a long way to making it happen. Definitelyseems like something Mobieus might do.
  13. Definitely a lot of quality builds. From ultra nice box stock to over the top scratchbuilt projects. All these are a wealth of information and techniques. Coming onto the site is like going to the nnl everyday of the week. Being able to watch in progress builds allows me to learn a variety of techniques. Plus the tutorials provided in the tips and techniques. We are fortunate to have such a resource.
  14. Definitely you need to show all the parts. Grouping the parts would also help. I agree with the others all in a box is not going to get much. Properly presented on ebay is definitely the way yo go..
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