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  1. I don't see that not casting or machining the parts as disqualifying. The builder must do the final finishing and assembly. He could buy the parts for the engine but bot just a complete finished and assembled engine. However if someone does does cast and machine their own parts that should give them the edge over the one who doesn't.
  2. Several thoughts. I do believe there is the potential for cars such as the corvette shown here to be built. However its going to take a broad skill set to achieve and it takes time to develop those skills. Second builds such as this are going to span years. In addition is the cost to build. Not everyone has $30k or more to build something like this. Limited venues to enter. Next year is the last GSL. There are few contests with the prestige of say GSL. IPMS is the only other venue I can think of. Both of these shows only trophies there are no monetary awards. That's a lot of work for what amount to bragging rights.
  3. I concur. It is simply not the kit to choose as a first kit. Due to limitations in molding technology the body was made in sections. It will definitely take some finessing to build. I think the m8nogram 59 is a good choice also.
  4. The point about the work accomplished on larger scale builds by the builder only has to be addressed so the competition is fair. If the builder has the skills and time to build a actually car as the Corvette they deserve the awards. The key is providing a venue for all builders. If I choose to build box stock I shouldn't have to compete against some one using aftermarket parts. That's why the box stock class was created so that contestants could compete based on basic skills only. With the popularity of subscription kits some contest my want to add a class. In the end contests need to provide a venue for different build styles. If you let a contest be dominated by large scale anything goes build you are going to alienate those who feel why compete I'm not going to win. Its not that they should expect win a trophy rather they feel they have a chance. A contest will not thrive if enough people don't participate.
  5. A well done model painted, detailed, and built should handily beat a subscription kit that is simply screwed together. There have been some who have repainted a subscription kit and that should be taken into consideration. I would thing it would make more sense to create a class for subscription kits if enough were being entered. That would allow a level playing field in my opinion and allow those who do subscrption kits to compete against one another, The same case existed when some of the model companies offer pre decorated kits. The catch was that parting lines and other prepaint prep was not being done. A builder who made the effort paint to do a great paint job will be a factory painted model.
  6. I agree that building a large scale model is not cheating. Being able to build in a larger scale has its advantages and disadvantages as does building smaller scales. My point on the gas engine still stands. There simply is no way to add an oprerating gas motor in a smaller scale. In my opinion that should be the threshold. If one can make prototypical hood hinges in say 25th scale in my opinion that is a lot harder to achieve than doing the same in a much larger scale. If you look at the following project this is a 25th scale project that could challenge a larger scale. The degree of difficulty is immense.
  7. I never said he didn't all I'm saying is to be entered it in most contest the are certain aspects of the build that have to be done by that builder alone. It is basically an honor system. In my opinion if you have to cheat to win you are admitting you aren't able to win on merit alone. If getting a trophy is so important then buy a trophy and make up a story to go with it. It will have as much meaning as cheating to win one.
  8. There is no difference. Where the raw parts come from is unimportant. What can't be done is contracting out of painting and assembly. I can not buy a complete fully detailed and finished engine and install in my model.
  9. That's why contest have dc a box stock class. Builders compete on just their ability to paint and assembly a model.
  10. First off I think there has to be defined cutoff point of say a 1/4 scale to end the possibliry of saying there model is a one one scale model. My previous comments stand. I don't have any issue with larger scales. If larger and smaller scales are competing for best of show and other awards then it needs to be based on degree of difficulty. Some things are harder to in small scale and some are harder to do well in larger scale. Second most contest say that only the builder can do finishing and final assembler. You can't contract someone to paint your car. However it doesn't matter if a part is 3d printed or machined by someone else as long as the finishing is done by the builder.
  11. Round2 also has a monoply and a coke licence. So they could do Superfly,, Sweathogs, a momoply version the little millionaire character, jamess bond, and of course a coke version. All with just new box art and decals.
  12. Its a stunning model. However there needs to be a large scale class. The gas engine feature is impressive but there is absolutely no way that a smaller scale can duplicate the feature. We have several projects in 1/25th scale that could be competitive if the gas engine is taken out of the picture. But the playing field is uneven if you're going to include the gas engine.
  13. My vote is the superfly. Won't take much to do the happy days version. Also I think there was another version for the warthogs fron welcome back carter tv series.
  14. Nicely done. I like it without the decals but it's you want to do.
  15. Boring. Surely you jest. Its great builds and techniques that is the reason I come to this board. Its amazing how many great projects and skilled builders there are on the board. A great chance to learn from the best.
  16. I think that the most important aspect of successful dieting is allowing yourself to have whatever you want occasionally as long as it is in moderation. You can have something in 3 bite portions. After three bites you are just filling up on that food. Three bites satisfies the craving. You have the pleasure of that food by doing that there are never any foods that need deny yourself of. Overall behavior modification also an important component of weight loss. If not you will revert back to one's bad habits.
  17. I agree that sometimes there can be a need for meds to be healthy. My primary doctor says I can give you pills that will say help lower your blood sugar but if you can lose weight and make dietary changes its better for you. Talking pills can have a negative impact on your health. After my heart attack I was put on liptor to lower my cholesterol. After several years I was having joint issues and had to stop. That was when I made the commitment to lose weight and change my diet to reduce my cholesterol. My most recent cholesterol results have been my best numbers ever. Some think I can eat whatever and my pills will be all I need.
  18. I agree. I'm 6ft 2 and at my heaviest was around 360. I managed to get down to 300 lbs. In 2014 I had a heart attacked and managed to get down to 250 but gained it back. After lots of effort I a mm now down to 243. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to being overweight. However unlike getting rid of a bad habit of smoking you can not just quit eating. You have to work hard at behavior modification to achieve your goals.
  19. Besides the issues of little exercise, poor discipline, and unhealthy food there is another factor. I remember reading an article that certain foods disrupt normal eating patterns. High fructose corn syrup does not trigger a full sensation causing the person to continue eating. In addition to sodas and other over sugared foods I seen it in things such as mayonnaise and tomato sauce. High fructose is a cheap filler to foods to pad out the volume. You gotta read the labels on everything to avoid it besides watching out for excessive amounts of salt and fat. Salt, fat, and sugar are the cheapest ways to flavor foods and in excess they are very unhealthy.
  20. This story really was heart warming. Nice to see some good news these days. https://www.newsweek.com/instagram-cats-kittens-stray-ambushed-bathes-video-update-1714668
  21. I have to agree that telling people about problems after they have run into them isn't very useful. I had never heard about the engine height issue. It would have been more useful info if the op was warned earlier. Some of the other issues had already been discovered. The point of sharing info is to help others deal with it.
  22. I can image the chaos this was. Suprised it didn't turn into a riot. https://news.yahoo.com/gas-station-california-turned-circus-155126416.html
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