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  1. hi,is there anyone making the torino and decal for the starsky and hutch torino?????iny info?..thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,jr
  2. im thinking about buying my 1rst rc car/truck,i like the offroad cars,any info on good brands,were to buy,aftermarket parts ect would be a great help,,,,,,,thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jr
  3. sorry for the delay guys,ive had shift change at work,been working 12 hrs a day 6-7 days a week,but everything is mailed,,,,,god bless,,,,,,,jr
  4. he got me to,ripped me off,i thought something happened to him,thanks for letting me know,,,,,god bless,,,,,jr
  5. what is the best way to strip chrome without damaging the parts,,,,,any help guys,,,,,,,thanks ,,,,,jr
  6. you and your little girl will be in our thoughts and prayers,,,,,,,,,,,god bless,,,,,,,,,,,jr
  7. i would like to apoligize to roy for taking so long to come through with my end of a trade we had,,,he held up his end in good faith,i had a family emergency out of town with a family member,im making no exuses,it is my fault,i dropped the ball,,,im sorry roy,,,,,,,,frank cole jr,,,,,,,,,,,,firethorn
  8. i agree,i think something has happened also,i have traded with him before and no problems,i hope everything is ok with him,i to wish him and his family well,,,,,,,,jr
  9. my sister is so fat,we had to rent a helicopter to take a family photo,,,,,,,
  10. a woman loved 2 country singers so much she told her husband she was going to get there faces tattoed on her thighs,on the left was waylen jennings,on the right was ricky skaggs,so she went to the tattoo parler and returned whith her new tattoos,she ran to her husband lifted her dress to show him the artwork,he boldly states that the tattoos dont look anything like waylin or ricky and said he could prove it,so they walked down stairs and a drunk man was walking along and he stopped him and ask if he would give his honest opinion of his wifes new tattoos,so his wife pulls up her skirt and her husband asked,now hwo do these tatoos look like,his reply was i dont no the 2 on the end but the one in the middle looks like willie nelson,,,,,
  11. i like to rebuild wrecked motorcycles,deer hunt,late model dirt racing,generaly anything to do with cars/trucks i enjoy,,,,,,jr
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