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  1. g1grim13 added a post in a topic Noobie Airbrush question   

    the airbrush is a good starter and the conection hose is the same as a iwata i have both and use the compressor everyday i dont use the airbrush as much sence i have 2 iwatas and a badger but it does do fine when i do so yes for a beginer it would be great to learn with
  2. g1grim13 added a post in a topic Using Acrylic Fingernail filler for bodywork   

    the acetone wont work out well it will eat the plastic i use alot of nail polish to airbrush my cars with custum colours and i use non acetone nail polish remover to thin it because of such thing and i loe the acrylic i have always wondered if it would work just never tried it but thanks and great tutorial
  3. g1grim13 added a post in a topic 1959 Caddy aka The Undertaker   

    i love this anyone know where i can get a hurse
  4. g1grim13 added a post in a topic Mint T is done - Two New Photos   

    thats really nice i love it i just got my lil stogie in the mail but where did you get that shifter
  5. g1grim13 added a post in a topic Traditional 50's style T bucket   

    just wondering how you did the back axle or maybe a pic from the back