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  1. raildogg added a post in a topic Detachable Gooseneck Questions   

    Thanks I vivited there,Cozad site, many pics no particular details. If that is the case it is not shown on any of the drawing images I have found (There is a hydraulic arm that comes down on the rear cross member that holds up the neck.). More comments needed.
  2. raildogg added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Detachable Gooseneck Questions
    Once the goosneck is on the tractors fifth wheel plate, how is it tilted to recieve the trailer?
    Is there a hydraulic arm that is part of the 5th wheel, is it on the gooseneck assembly itself ?.
    I have searched far and wide for a detailed drawing of same, no luck.
    Plenty of the gooseneck with the lifting cylinders but nothing on how it is tilted or positioned to revieve the trailer.
    HELP ! I'm tring to build a convincing model of a Cozad style reciever, so far so good.
    I'm in the drawing stages and need info on this issue.Please help, anybody know where a drawings can be found??.
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  3. raildogg added a post in a topic Scale Comparison   

    Thanks again, I had the parts I badly needed all the time, right in my junk parts box. I will need to replicate 12 track shoes but,
    they will be the ones on the ground and won't need super detailing. I may just get one for kicks anyways. Thanks guys.
  4. raildogg added a post in a topic Scale Comparison   

    Thanks I will have a look.
  5. raildogg added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Scale Comparison
    How much difference is there in 1/32 and 1/25 scales. I want to have a trailer load of an excavator but, a 1/25 scale model is way tooo expensive to just sit there. I have even drawn up 3d models of track shoes, got 3d print prices and for a full set of tracks it could cost about 125 bucks! So I looked at Bruder toys and they offer some good looking 1/32 items that I could scavenge tracks from but I'm not sure of the difference in scale sizes. Any comments, even diecast 1/32nd look pretty good.
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  6. raildogg added a post in a topic When do you open your kits?   

    I also open and inspect as soon as I recieve it. I got burned once when I waited some time before I built and found no body in one box and no tires in the other. I only takes once to fool me.
  7. raildogg added a post in a topic Question about Goosenecks   

    Thank you, this answers all my questions about this. Thanks for the pics, KUDOS
  8. raildogg added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Question about Goosenecks
    My question is, how do they work?.Well more to the point, when they are on the tractor and before it is ready to lift the trailer section, how is it lowered to the level of the trailers lifting pins? I know, hydraulically but, how in general. This has always bugged me. I am getting ready to build a Rodgers style lowboy and I'm curious. Comments
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  9. raildogg added a post in a topic 1/24 Kobelco underground wheel loader   

    Grzegorz, where did you get the tires/wheels for it. That's the only thing that is stopping me from my own scratch builds of heavy equipment. How about a link thingy
  10. raildogg added a post in a topic Outlaw trucking   

    The Skull. It screams BAD.
  11. raildogg added a post in a topic Cabover Kits- What's Available and Which One's the Best?   

    It's still not exactly clear but, I think I'll go with the White C.O.E. It has the best classic straight up profile to me. Thanks guys.
  12. raildogg added a post in a topic Cabover Kits- What's Available and Which One's the Best?   

    So, I want to get a cab over truck kit, and, I want to know which model kit is the best with a one piece body, or one with a few pieces. I have seen horror stories concerning a mufti-piece bodied kit. Thoughts on this before I buy a mistake. Thanks guys.
  13. raildogg added a post in a topic New toy at work   

    Is that a filament type, if so only non model types look appropriate for this kind of printer. Too much surface quality to contend with.
  14. raildogg added a topic in General   

    The Why's Of Scale Modelling My Opinion on Stuff
    Yes, we all want stuff to be made, but. IMHO, It will never be done. We keep buying the same old kits over and over and over, and they never stop re issuing them, right. Just how many Mustangs do you really need. Does one in every color satisfy you? Aren't there enough 57' Chevy's out, or Jr's NASCAR edition, what about a "new" General Lee, It's much less expensive to do this for the manufacturers, but they don't even update or upgrade the molds, I mean really. I am of the opinion that this is why we don't get interesting kits. Printed kits or parts aren't the answer either, have you noticed the surface quality!! I myself have got a filament printer almost ready to go that I intend to use for prototyping of model parts.
    Resin cottage makers address some of this but still they're just 32'Fords or 36' Chevy's. I want to see more modern and correct tire and wheel sets, better trucks, both pickups and big rigs. More odd items, construction equipment, front end loaders, road graders, dump trucks. Why won't they re issue those kits, they sold once they'll sell again. I know, it's just my rant but, many of us have echoed these issues before and we still go out and buy another Ford Model T or Chevy Sedan.
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  15. raildogg added a post in a topic Slag Pot Transporters ?   

    Almost. On that sheet, in the upper right hand corner, is one pictured very close to the one I want to build. A " U " frame tractor type. I have an image from the patent application I found on Google Images. The necessary information I seek is the very large rear tire. What are the dimensions, i.e size, width, height, rim configurations, that sort of thing. If I knew the outer diameter alone, I could scale my cad drawings and get the size very close to the real thing. I think this will make a fine trailer load, real big stuff!.