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  1. raildogg added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Help Finding Engine
    Yes I'm at again. I need to know if there is a four cylinder diesel engine model and who makes it?
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  2. raildogg added a post in a topic Things I Want don't exist   

    Ace you are correct, that's why I noted "don't exist" !. The link Fat Brian mentioned, is the closest I've come to loader tires and rims in all my searches.
    I have some skills in design and have made some 3d printed items. I have submitted track shoe designs in the past but I fail at the price point.
    Oh well I guess it's more of it don't exist. Thanks guys
  3. raildogg added a topic in General   

    Things I Want don't exist
    Yeah things I want. One, why is it that when a new tire is made, whether resin or rubber, a wheel rim is not also made to fit it.
    Too many new tires are made that don't recommend a corresponding rim that will fit.
    Two; Why are there no farm tractor tires made in resin?
    And I particularly would like to see crawler track shoes and earth mover tires and rims.
    Like the ones on loaders and excavators. I know these may be items not readily sold but at least they should be offered by casters, don't you think?
    I believe many scratch builders would buy them, but presently these thing aren't offered at all, anywhere.
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  4. raildogg added a post in a topic One More Craft Paint Question   

    I've never been good at math,L.O.L. So, it's still really trial and error to get the best results. Does the type or model of airbrush matter? I have a well used Badger Crescendo, not ratty but vintage, any thoughts on this. I haven't started my use of craft paint experience. Comments
  5. raildogg added a post in a topic Glad Hands?   

    Got the parts yesterday, I can't seem to get a good picture of them though. Must be my camera, not so good I guess, but. I will say they are extremely delicate and extremely detailed pieces.
    I may have trouble using them, they are so small !. Maybe they'll look good assembled and painted. I will try to post pics when I use them.
  6. raildogg added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    One More Craft Paint Question
    I've read enough information about craft paints to go ahead and try it out, but I have one question that I never saw an answer to.
    How much to make?. Do I just make it in single batches, like what fits in a single paint bottle, or can I mix up a whole bottle  for use anytime?
    If mixing a 50/50 batch and, my math is correct, if I mix a 2 oz. bottle of craft paint with 1 oz. of Pledge as thinner, I get a 3 oz. bottle of paint
    right?. Comments
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  7. raildogg added a post in a topic Glad Hands?   

    I will try, not great with a camera. Thanks
  8. raildogg added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    So, About Craft Store paint
    Thin with Pledge huh. Never thought of that. Those craft paint colors are in some wild, and different colors not available through regular channels, and perfect for a WIP I now have on the bench.
    I read that post, Paint Help, and it answered some of my questions accept this one. If I chose to use a metallic color such as Copper, do I have to use a colored undercoat like Alcad paints?
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  9. raildogg added a post in a topic Glad Hands?   

    Sent in an order for these 3d printed ones and also got some chain binders. Getting them in the mail in Feb., takes some time to print I guess.
  10. raildogg added a post in a topic Glad Hands?   

    I like the 3d printed stuff. Getting some soon. Thanks guys
  11. raildogg added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    Glad Hands?
    Who has glad hands? Either resin or metal in 1/25th scale
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  12. raildogg added a post in a topic Three Odd Questions   

    Thanks guy, the answers were, what I though,t simple and logical.
  13. raildogg added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Three Odd Questions
    Question One, Alternative scale to use for tractor tires? Want to scratch build a farm type tractor so what scale tires to use if primary scale is 1/25th?
    Two, Recently opened an old bottle of acrylic paint and it popped like a champagne bottle and a wisp of smoke appeared as I took of the bottle cap. Has this happened to anyone and what could have made it happen?
    Three, I have an old, approx. 20 yrs, can of Testors rattle can paint never used, will it still be good to use?
    Thanks I hope these are not too stupid??
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  14. raildogg added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Questions about Detatchable Trailer
    So you've got a load on the low boy and you're on the way to deliver it. You detach the goose neck and drop the deck, you get ready to pull away, how do you lift the goose neck assembly so you can drive away.
    I never see any hydraulic arms used to assist. Can you drive on the road with the goose neck attached to the tractor? or must you park it and hoof it? Just how does this work??
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  15. raildogg added a post in a topic Detachable Gooseneck Questions   

    Thanks I vivited there,Cozad site, many pics no particular details. If that is the case it is not shown on any of the drawing images I have found (There is a hydraulic arm that comes down on the rear cross member that holds up the neck.). More comments needed.