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  1. Well I got pictures and we move in Nov8 2013 YES 15X15 room the wife is spoiling me.I love it.
  2. Just got one of these myself that is the perfect way to lower that frontend. I see lots of guys going after market that is not my style.I personally am a build it not buy it like the real hot rods built not bought
  3. thanks Andy. this is the only way to start never have had this chance before!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for the ideas 15 X15 room.I need 4 benches 2 for my cars,1 for paint booth, and one for my other toys 10th scale Chris Craft 48ft Corvette RC boat.here a picture of the shop this is called Retirement home. Down size in house children are grown up
  5. What a week the deal is done.Nov15 moving Nov 16 set up shop.Well it is time to pack up shop buy new benches,paint shop 57 Corvette Teal.Then start building the dream shop central air,gets hot here in the summer,laminate flooring,walls dry walled and plastered, no paint. Will post pictures and share
  6. Nice totally forgot about this car started the 32 still waiting to get back at it MOVING new house with focus on my shop.
  7. Just doing some small things getting ready to move then set-up brand new shop new everything! So making up masters for the mirriors I was wanting the low mount style that chevy had back in the 70's so once we get into our new house I will have to learn how to cast stuff
  8. That is plain cool there also was a Chevy done up like that called Spaced Out and one of Ed's favorite a bullnose called Sqeeze box anyways right on looks color and 70's vibes. That fogged paint is pure custom van. Very nice my friend
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