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  1. 1/24 Hor Rod Bug for kids

    man...that is just totally bitchin!
  2. 1955 chevy wagon pr0 stock

    Awsome engine and chassis detailing......now finsh the body with some foil work and it will be perfect!
  3. If there is primer under the paint, and assuming that you don't want the paint shiny, I'd wet sand it with 1000# and in some places taking it barely down to the primer where you want it. Use discression here, small spots and in the right places. Now normally, fading works from the top down, so, look down from the roof and sand what you see. What you don't see...along the sides...shoot that with a light coat of satin clear. This should give you a pretty close approximation of a faded paint job without any shine. If you still want a little shine and not so flat, you might try a semi gloss clear...NOT satin. There's a difference, Im sure you know. The satin will make the paint look flat, like primer, the semi gloss with still leave it with a little almost shine, not flat.
  4. 72 Nova Lowrider

    very sweet little nova..I think a 3" top chop would give a wicked profile to an already wicked car
  5. 1966 Chevelle longroof grocery getter

    LOVE all the engine detail...nice color and paint job...but I'm not altogether crazy about the wheels. But then, I'm an old school old fart, so there ya go.
  6. 4 Engine Hydro Boat in water

    Wow....what I wouldn't give to walk through your home and look at all your models in person...you do incredible work John. Thanks for sharing
  7. VW 1300 4 Door

    Absolutely incredible work...the detail is just phenomenal!
  8. 70 Superbird

    My ex brother in law bought one of these new in '70...orange with a black vinyl top. First day, he drove the front end right into the ball hitch on the back of his pick-up because you can't see the front four feet of the front end. You don't want to know how much that front end cost the ins.company. Nice build Raoul, brought back some fun memories.
  9. VW Sandwinder Baja Bug

    Coupla sweet bugs there guys...keep em comin...I, for one, can't get enough vw's...someone should start a thread for just v-dubs and see what you guys have out there...I know there's some really cool ones hiding on your shelves...
  10. Wow, that's an incredible amount of detail for such a lil' rig. This is what modeling is all about. Id love to see more of this kind of thing...pit racers...bar stool racers...hot rod wagons...motorized bicycles...come on guys...lets get creative...this one rocks!
  11. Don Garlit`s "SideWinder" T/F Dragster

    John, if you ever put out a video showing exactly HOW you manage to build such incredibly gorgeous replica's ( they are too good to be just called "models" ) I want to be first in line to buy it!!!.....WOW.....
  12. Apoloniusz Musialek--Master of Gunk, Junk & Rust

    yes yes yes...the modeling world needs more vdub's...and that is one fine example. Personally, I think we need a separate section just for vw's..
  13. Vintage Flathead Rail

    Aww...this isn't fair...dude...get out of my head....I have that same combo on the bench as I see this...truck and dragster in primer, I want to run a chevy inline 6 in mine...but thanks for doing that cool build. Mine was stalled and I needed a kick to get me going...that did it!
  14. 1/16 Smirnoff Dragster

    IMO, any front engined dragster trips my lights. This one has an especially sweet look to it..I hope we see more to come..!.?.!
  15. "Cosma Ray" Corvette

    Wow John...another masterpiece! The level of detail in your builds is simply amazing and that engine bay is no exception. Can I be you when I grow up?...lol